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  1. Jlnhlsegafan

    NHL94 Pc

    But still.
  2. Jlnhlsegafan

    More rosters to NHL95PC

    I might need someone to do this for me...
  3. Jlnhlsegafan

    NHL94 Pc

    That's the game I'm talking about. NHL Hockey for PC = NHL 94.
  4. Jlnhlsegafan

    Genesis 94 Banner TrueType Font

    This font disappoints me BECAUSE NOTHING SHOWS UP.
  5. Jlnhlsegafan

    REFERENCE: NHL'95 34 Team ROM Offsets

    Whenever I try this tool, I get random pixels, with the only things legible being the font.
  6. Jlnhlsegafan


    I thought that the only way to get custom rosters into the PC version of NHL 94 was to copy them from another game. I did that, but certain actions, such as setting who to control and selecting teams, cause the game to crash. What could have happened?
  7. Jlnhlsegafan


    Does NOSE have a SNES counterpart? If so, what is it called?
  8. Jlnhlsegafan

    Game Stats online

    How would I put these into the game once I edit them?
  9. Jlnhlsegafan

    NHL 96 PC

    Here is a custom roster I did in NHL 96 for the PC.
  10. Jlnhlsegafan

    Old EA NHL Games on PC (2002 and older)

    @Ziggy Stardust I edited the `81 North Stars in 2K5 to make an alternate version of the team.
  11. Jlnhlsegafan

    KingRaph playing NHL'94 on the jumbotron!

    That was pretty neat, @kingraph!
  12. Jlnhlsegafan

    NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    Problem is, I don't even have the time most days.
  13. Jlnhlsegafan

    NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    "Empty" is the only option.
  14. Jlnhlsegafan

    NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    These are my options when trying to select a virtual hard drive.