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  1. The one from before was against my buddy on manual goalie, but this one was against the computer. The goalie's save motion is what seems to allow it to go through. Of course it doesn't always go in, but it gets by way more than such a slow shot should. Not pushing buttons as the goalie stops it from what we've found.
  2. Here is a clearer look at the eephus shot. This was on one of Mack's NHL95 ROMs (2009 maybe?) against the computer. Regular and reverse angle. eephus2.mp4 eephus2reverseangle.mp4
  3. smozoma and segathon, thanks for your help in getting this posted properly. Tech savvy I am not.
  4. 2nd attempt... eephus.mp4
  5. I apologize for the crappy video, but here is the eephus. If this doesn't work I will try to post it a different way. eephus.wlmp
  6. Segathon, thanks for the reply. I agree, the cross crease shot will go in way more than the B shot, but at least you can defend it by hitting the guy or using the goalie (unless you are stuck on the dreaded dead man). We'll try to get the eephus on video... Thx!
  7. Great stuff fellas! We have a small group of guys playing 95 and we don't really understand all the hate. It's a blast, and I grew up playing 94 way more. Anyways, something has come up with us recently and this seems to be the perfect place to float it out to see what others know. We outlawed the 'B shot' because it goes in way too often (especially in the south end) and there seems to be no way to defend it with any consistency. Recently on a breakaway going south, I tapped C and tried a VERY slow shot in hopes of putting home a rebound. My opponent on manual goalie hit C and it went through him clean at like 2 mph. The same thing happened several times with very few saves until he stopped pressing C and just let it hit the goalie. Have you guys had this happen? Not that it should matter, but all of this took place in 2 on 2 practice mode, which we play a lot. We might outlaw this move too, but it does seem that you can stop it if you don't hit C as the goalie. Crazy that after 20+ years you can still run into new things. We have messed around with it and it happens a lot more often with bad goalies and only seems to work going south. Thoughts? Has anybody tried/seen this? Thanks! JJ