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  1. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Where does the idea of me not sharing it for a full season come from? Here is the timeline: 1) GDL 11 Starts on February 23, 2014 2) Plabax discovers CB check on February 24, 2014 3) Plabax shares knowledge of CB check on Feburary 25, 2014 4) Raph discovers CB check works in Blitz on April 23, 2014 4) Plabax wins GDL 11 on June 14, 2014 5) Blitz 09 draft starts on June 25, 2014 5) CB check FIX is created on July 6, 2014 6) CB check is voted OUT of Blitz 09 before the season starts, but Freydey agrees to keep it in because the draft had already happened, and some coaches were thought to have drafted for CB check purposes 7) Plabax wins Blitz 09 (with only ONE CB check) on December 14, 2014 ------------------ Also, I was arguably the best player in the community even before the CB check was discovered.
  2. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    You have subscribed to the Lupz and AJ school of "Stories and Lies about Plabax" The CB check was public knowledge for nearly four months before I won GDL 11. Anyway, asterisk all you want Again, more lies. We had lag, but the lag spike thing never happened. Obviously you are joking/exaggerating, but I don't understand what some of the guys here get out of lying about me. I feel bad sometimes for guys like Lupz who come up with all sorts of wild scenarios and stories about me and then try to pass them off as fact.. lol! Here are the facts about Plabax - Plabax won more than half of the major draft leagues in his time playing (as a non-C player) despite sitting out multiple times. Was around for thirteen leagues, qualified for the playoffs in eleven, made the finals in nine (consecutively), won seven championships.. Greatness!
  3. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    I know this is a comedy post, but still. Here is the truth. I beat everyone down with skill. A champion like myself would never resort to dirty play . Take a look at my performance against my peers who live right next to me such as FPB, Zalex and Freydey... Won 80% of the time! Lost one time to Freydey in GDL12 because I handicapped myself and lost one time to Zalex in Classic because of home/away advantages, which is a bigger advantage than a "lag switch" Brutus' claim that I used the CB check without sharing it for over a full season is false. I found the CB check during GDL 11 on February 24, 2014, and I revealed it to the public on February 25, 2014. GDL 11 started on February 23, 2014 and ended June 14, 2014... so clearly not a full season. In fact, everyone played more than 90% of their season knowing what the CB check was! Also, Brutus even commented in the thread, confirming that he knew about the CB check. How many games did I play with the CB check before sharing it? I played three regular season games. Brutus' story of me using it to my advantage against Freydey in the playoffs is also false... Freydey didn't even play in the playoffs that season, lol! I did beat Freydey multiple times without the CB check though.. As for me using all the edges to win, remember that I purposely watered down a lot of my teams to challenge myself. If you look, you'll see that I have never drafted and played with any of the elite superstar players in GDL. I never drafted and played with a fast forward or a player with 5 shot power outside from Wendel Clark. Outside of GDL 10, Blitz 09 and Blitz 10, my teams were purposely built to be worse than what they could have been.
  4. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    I wasn't joking. What do you suggest I say instead?
  5. Online Etiquette Guide

    I don't understand why you guys just don't disable penalties. They mostly are just random stoppages in play, and they result in goals more than 50% of the time. So many goals are scored only because it was on a power play. Not only that, but people feel the need to change their lines every single time they get a penalty. It's just a waste of time.
  6. Online Etiquette Guide

    Pausing after a goal is usually not to kill momentum though. From my experiences.. pausing after a goal is to: 1) Display frustration 2) Signal a nice play 3) Stop annoying music from playing When it's done right after a goal is scored, the music still plays, but the crowd won't cheer.
  7. Online Etiquette Guide

    If someone swapped the keys on your keyboard, it would take you a while to adjust to it. You would hit the wrong key many times before finally getting used to it. Now imagine the trouble if you constantly went back and forth between the original keyboard and the modified one.
  8. Online Etiquette Guide

    People will make excuses to make themselves feel better about losing to someone they think is worse. The problem here is that not everyone is familiar with the real-life numbers. I never knew that Bourque was #7, and I never knew that Dino wore #20. Changing the numbers to other numbers they wore isn't bad in itself, but it may cause confusion if you change it to a number that another notable NHL '94 player wears in the game, or if you change it to a number that some aren't familiar with. I will admit I may have been guilty of this once in the past, as I think I agreed to Pavel Bure being #96. I think everyone is used to the rule where the best players keep their numbers. If numbers conflict, change the number of the WORSE player by swapping the digits, adding a zero, changing to another number they wore, etc... but don't change it to another notable number. For example, I may think Brian Bradley #44 is Stephane Richer, but if I see a right-handed #29 or #91, I will think Brian Bradley. There is no reason for Dino to be #20 because there are no other notable players in the game who wear #22. Making Dino change his number instead of Christan Ruutuu is confusing within the realm of NHL '94. Playing thousands of hours of original '94 deals with the players on different teams because you identify players by their classic jersey numbers and not the team they play for.
  9. Online Etiquette Guide

    This is not etiquette because it's not considered rude or annoying to skip the splash screens or player cards. I disagree here. Knowing the ORIGINAL player numbers and being able to associate them with players is crucial. If I saw a left-handed defenseman skating up the ice, I would think of Svoboda before Bourque. Even if I knew it was Bourque, there would be a split-second instance of me thinking it was Svoboda because that's what I'm used to. When the play is moving fast, this can make a difference. There was a season of GDL in which LABS set Brian Bradley to #44, and I always thought of Stephane Richer.
  10. 2000 GOAL CLUB

    Yeah, I didn't think there was much question of that. There are clear advantages and handicaps for the home/away teams depending on the settings. The main thing is that the advantages can boost the AWARENESS and the AGILITY stats, which enhances the ability to position, race to loose pucks, intercept loose pucks, skate quicker and receive passes without bobbling them. My guess is that the handicaps do the opposite.
  11. 2000 GOAL CLUB

    I think people prefer to attack going UP as opposed to DOWN. The home team spends two thirds of the game going UP.
  12. 100 Wins

    I have the best win% of anyone in the 100 win club Raph and I are also members of the 100 playoff win club!
  13. Premium Retro League 2

    @kingraph should try to get all of the bobbles!
  14. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    username: pristine password: nhl94 Link to FightCade 2
  15. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    I have an account that works. I'll post the account details some time tonight (if I remember) so you guys can test. 1. The set-up is easier than GENS. You need to have the NHL '94 ROM in the ROMs folder. When you launch FightCade, just select NHL '94, and it will put you into a lobby. 2. I think the emulator is good. 3. For me, the netplay has always been smooth, and there's even in-game chat enabled. 4. I think the tracking of wins/losses is only for the (popular) fighting games. ----------------------------------------------------- **FightCade automatically uploads replays of past games to their website. You can also spectate any game you want.