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  1. Premium

    Official Summer Rom

    Look at the difference between hot/cold in GDL and Blitz. In GDL, the players seem to always be consistent, but in Blitz there is a clear difference in the stats. In Blitz, players with 4 stickhandle toddle when HOT, but this is not the case in GDL. I think this has to do with the home/away advantages because it happens with the strong advantaged teams in Classic.
  2. Premium

    Official Summer Rom

    I don't think you get guys "WAY COLD" or "WAY HOT" in GDL or Summer League though. I'm pretty sure the home/away advantages don't allow that to happen.
  3. Premium

    Official Summer Rom

    That makes sense.
  4. Premium

    Official Summer Rom

    Maybe. We played yesterday (I was on the road), and I toddled with Jari Kurri, who has 4 stickhandling. So, there is a difference.
  5. Premium

    Official Summer Rom

    I disagree. This will mess up the skating because agility and speed are two different stats. You probably want those two stats to be in sync with each other. Also, the hot/cold seems to depend on what the home/away advantages are. I think the advantages have to be set to average (like in GDL), and you will almost never see anyone extremely hot or cold. If you do want the hot/cold, I think Blitz did it best. Every home team gets a strong advantage, and every road team has an average one. Currently, it's set for the home team to be weak and the road team to be strong.
  6. Premium

    Anyone tried RetroArch?

    It worked fine for me, but the states are different from GENS, so stat extractors would have to be modified.
  7. Premium

    Draft Team Ranking(s)

    I like zeppelin's team the most, but I think the best teams are Dallas and NYR.
  8. Premium

    Checking Success and Weight

    Raph's is more effective. You need to take into account the weight of both the checker and the receiver. Sometimes it's better for light players to CB check and vice versa. What if you have a 5 weighter and you come across a 3 weighter? You would want to B check or CB check instead of C check.
  9. Premium

    Checking Success and Weight

    Agility determines how fast you can go from a standstill. It doesn't affect anything else. Like Raph said, it's just hard to hit a player with high agility because they are so quick.
  10. Premium

    Checking Success and Weight

    Maybe I went too in-depth. We'll sum it up like this: Body checks work 99% of the time if the checker is two points lighter than the receiver. Anyone can check anyone, but if the general rule doesn't apply, I'd say it's about a 15% chance.
  11. Premium

    Checking Success and Weight

    I think @kingraph is correct. The checking rating seems to make a difference.
  12. Premium

    Checking Success and Weight

    Body checks work 99% of the time if the checker is two points lighter than the receiver. The exceptions to this are when the receiver has high stick handling (5 or 6), when the receiver has a strong enough home advantage and >=4 stick handling. Sometimes a check just won't have any effect at all. I'm not sure what causes this, but it's a lot more common when you play against the CPU. That is what I consider to be the remaining 1%. Anyone can check anyone, but if the general rule doesn't apply, I'd say it's about a 15% chance. Also, body checks should be done with enough distance between the players. If you are too close when you start your check, you will just brush up against your opponent. When you are very close to someone you want to check, watch the legs of your player, and start your body check when you are on your back leg so you can get enough momentum. This doesn't apply to ALL situations, but usually you can tell when you are too close to body check. Raph summed up the rest.
  13. Premium

    Blitz 09 "A" Vegas Odds

    @kingraph did you ever get your 10,000 bitcoin???
  14. There are tons of pale Portuguese people. A lot of people from Portugal look like the typical Caucasian