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  1. Open NHL'94

    Momentum stopped (possibly temporarily) because the leagues kept catering to the slackers. Even after the Plabax League, the community still came up with leagues primarily designed for slackers, and guys who would show dedication to the game were constantly brushed to the side. The slacking here is at an extreme. Go anywhere else and you will see that people will find the time to do something if they really want to do it. Here, we constantly have to listen to excuses and wait 25-30 days to finish a season due to guys who claim they are "busy" and have no time to play NHL '94. Despite the fact that these guys are so damn busy.. they keep signing up, and whenever you boot them / suggest they don't play, you are the bad guy! It gets silly, especially when you look at another community with similar demographics such as the Tecmo Community and see that they have no issues there. No tolerance for bullshit, less coach turnover, quicker seasons, more seasons, more fun. They are still going strong, and they get 100% completion regularly. I've been around for six years, and I've never played in a league with 100% completion. There is definitely still an interest in the game. The game is too fun for people to stop playing. What really drives the interest level (in my opinion) is the quality of the online experience, which is primarily measured through leagues. I think the community could be active with the right league setup. I find the game fun, but I don't like waiting 30 days to play minpind, and I don't like waiting 25 days for AJ to play a playoff series.
  2. Open NHL'94

    The reason NHL '94 is good is because it is the way it is. Tinker too much with the game and you will end up with a NHL '95 type thing. For example, if you edit the goalies too much you may mess up the near-perfect manual goalie system. The ROM hacks we have available are almost enough to make the optimal version of NHL '94. Some things are missing such as the ability to quit the game, aim your one-timers manually or the ability to poke check at will on goalie control (not during a penalty shot). Besides that, the only problems are the minor bugs such as the penalty shot bug.
  3. I treat it as if it matters. This way, you can't lose: If it does make a difference, then you are playing on your desired setting. If not, then it doesn't really matter.
  4. Making offline solo play challenging

    To me, Boston is the best team. Out of the players who are not handicapped, Boston has the best forward (Juneau), the three best defenders (Sweeney, Wesley, Murphy) and the fourth** best goalie (Moog). They are also tied for the strongest home/road advantages in the game which makes them even harder to beat. Even if nobody was handicapped, I think it would still be possible to win an online league with this team depending on the rules.
  5. The BS factor of 94

    The tilt may be appealing to you, but it's not to most. It's in every single EA Sports game in existence (at least after 1993), and I've heard numerous complaints about it. CoachMac is the first person among many I have come across who enjoys it. The feature brings results that are SIMILAR to real life, but there is no true real life comparison. In real life, things can be controlled and they are not pre-determined. In EA Sports video games, certain games are scripted/pre-determined and out of the control of the players. Say you want to dial 911. If you manage to press the right combination of buttons, you will input 911. It's possible your finger slips and you input 912 by accident.... that is bad luck. However, the BS Factor equivalent would be something forcing you to dial 912 even if you are inputting 911 perfectly.
  6. brilliance of NHLPA '93 ratings

    NHL '94 has better ratings and is more fun.
  7. The most impressive part is that the wedding ring is still on the finger!!! ..We know the fate of some people here in marriages
  8. Blowout Win

    Reminds me of how I used to beat kingraph back in the day!
  9. I agree with the matchups being fine for noobs.
  10. Surviving Summer Redux

    You would think this stuff was done on purpose We know how to prevent this issue.. yet the same bullshit leagues built for slackers keep coming back! When is it going to stop?
  11. RIP Jacques Ysaye, composer of "Brass Bonanza"

    Why not a thread about something that's actually important to the community... such as "How we can fix online leagues"?
  12. Meet the DCB99

    I think online play is fun too. I just don't think it's worth anyone's time to play in the leagues until the commissioners can get their act together. Every league has no champion and never finishes.
  13. Meet the DCB99

    Stick to the ROM hack roster updates, and don't bother wasting your time with online leagues
  14. My Greatest Strength

    Will take the bait and go off topic, but humility is not a bad thing. It's better to be arrogant than it is to be humble, but society wants you to think like a peasant instead of a king (like me)
  15. My Greatest Strength

    What do you think my greatest strength was as an NHL '94 player?