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  1. Quick Film Update and Question

    When is the release date?
  2. I wrote the editor in Powerbuilder, I know it's a much older language so I'm not sure if there are commands to read/write binary files but I will look into it. Yes, I've read over that tutorial a few times and it definitely helps, just going to take me some time figuring out how to read everything since I know nothing about Assembler. Do you think it's possible to eventually get those passing windows removed? Or do you think it's not even possible?
  3. I wrote a very basic editor for Madden and was wondering how to go about automatically updating the rom file. Right now the user has to select the text and paste it into the rom file manually. Not a big deal but would like to get it done automatically. I will take a look at the links you provided and see what I can come up with, thank you. Also....I know this is an NHL forum but I was trying to figure out a way to remove the passing windows in Madden 93. I know someone who was able to remove the 'defensive catch up' within the game so I would think this would be possible too. Just not sure on where to start to try and find where this is stored. Any ideas on that? I assume most people here are familiar with Madden but you press A to hike the ball for a pass play then you press A again to bring up the passing windows and then A, B or C to throw to that receiver. Just wondering how difficult it would be to bypass the 2nd button press of A or just to prevent the passing windows from popping up with the 2nd press of A, I'd be ecstatic with that!
  4. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how programs like NOSE update the hex file to change player attributes and so forth. Is it all done in the code behind the scenes or is there some tool that is used? Was considering creating an editor for a different game and was hoping someone could possibly explain how the updating of the hex file is actually done....
  5. Hey guys, I know this is an NHL forum but was hoping someone could help. The original Madden 93 has 30 regular season teams, in process of doing a roster update but wanted to add the Panthers and Jaguars to the "Regular Season" teams. One of the guys in the Madden forum was able to do this but when you select "New Playoff" I can actually play the first round and then at the end of the game when you hit START to exit and go back to the playoff bracket, game freezes every time. I read that this was possibly an issue in the early NHL games (adding expansion teams) and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to correct this. I guess I basically need a way to edit the rom and make it think there are 32 regular season teams, not 30. Was hoping to be able to play a "playoff" and continue past round one without the rom crashing. Thanks for any help......