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  1. Angulo

    NHL 95 forever!

    Yep, and I don't have enough skills to try such editing. I guess I'll have to come up with something else to spice up our next season
  2. Angulo

    NHL 95 forever!

    Dos version. I guess it didn't really work because like I said in the standings page teams were at their new divisions but when the playoffs started they played against teams in their old division as if nothing had changed. I also did this with nhl9395.exe with same results. So I'm thinking it really didn't change anything in the game itself, just on that standings screen. I'm trying to do this because me and two of my friend play full seasons with every team on human control (that makes about thousand games to play in the regular season). We all have our own teams (I'm Rangers, others are Penguins and Kings) which we use exclusively. Those games where there are no-ones favourite team playing we take turns choosing game-by-game. Anyhow, as you can see, the Rangers and the Penguins are two best teams in the league and it would be pretty nice to have that matchup at the stanley cup final someday instead of division final.
  3. Angulo

    NHL 95 forever!

    Thanks! "NHL hockey" is my game and I'm trying to change the original divisions so that it also affects the playoffs. With older nhlinfo I got to the point where the standings page shows teams in their new divisions but come playoff time and they are back at their old divisions.
  4. Angulo

    NHL 95 forever!

    Hi! Does anyone have newest version of wnhlinfo? Kiba's link doesn't work anymore and the one on sticked post is older.