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  1. Premium Retro League 3

    Thought you were making those up, but did a Wikipedia search of Dave Keon, and sure enough, it says his nickname was "Primetime Neon". He got the nickname due to his love of Times Square at night back in the 60's. Guy was voted to the top 100 players recently, but apparently is more known for his love of "pretty lights". Fascinating.
  2. Premium Retro League 3

    Seals: C Roenick LW Howe RW Oates LD Smith RD Wesley XX Gagner G Potvin 2nd Line - C Oates LW Oates RW Gagner LD Macoun RD Macoun I have no jersey number duplicates so all good there. Thanks Coach!
  3. Premium Retro League 3

    Ill keep Oates and Wesley
  4. Premium Retro League 3

    "We do not accept wimps/whiners" - I feel like this is directed towards me, lol. I shall return.
  5. VHL5 Line Combos

    WINNIPEG JETS First Line: LW - (19) Nicklas Backstrom C - (8) Joe Pavelski RW - (87) Sidney Crosby LD - (00) Zach Werenski RD - (88) Brent Burns G - (31) Carey Price X - (26) Blake Wheeler Second Line: LW - (87) Sidney Crosby C - (87) Sidney Crosby RW - (26) Blake Wheeler LD - (59) Roman Josi RD - (59) Roman Josi X - (40) Henrik Zetterberg
  6. VHL5 Draft

    9.1 flat selects Zetterburg
  7. VHL5 Draft

    8.1 flat takes roman josi
  8. VHL5 Draft

    6.1 flat takes zach werenski
  9. VHL5 Draft

    5.1 flat takes carey price
  10. VHL5 Draft

    2.1 Flat selects Brent Burns
  11. Fall'17 GENS Team Selection Draft

    Dallas Flat
  12. VHL 5 - League Registration

    Yep, definitely want Winnipeg. -flat
  13. Premium Retro League 2

    Oakland - LW Ricci C Oates RW Bellows LD Glen Wesley RD Fern Flaman G Dominik Hasek
  14. Premium Retro League 2

    7.7 norm maciver
  15. Premium Retro League 2

    2.7 Oakland takes glenn wesley