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  1. Surviving Summer Redux

    No one really played but tex? I played as many series as I could. Only peeps I didnt play were basically AWOL the whole time -flatcrusher
  2. Surviving Summer

    I put that im a B player in my original post not realizing there would be a C level. Obviously I am a C player....just wanted to mention in case. - flatcrusher
  3. Surviving Summer

    In. Free all of June. flatcrusher - B player
  4. I was just joshing. I know its not a realistic request
  5. Nevermind all this. What we really need is an Auto-Goalie league so I can win more than 2 games in a 50 game season. That would be great, thanks.
  6. VHL3 Line Changes

    Winnipeg Jets Line 1: LW - #11 Kopitar C - #8 Ovechkin RW - #55 Scheifele LD - #59 Josi RD - #23 OEL EX - #9 Forsberg G - #1 Elliott Line 2: LW - #55 Scheifele C - #55 Scheifele RW - #9 Forsberg LD - #6 Muzzin RD - #6 Muzzin EX - #27 Ehlers Backup - #30 Hellebuyck
  7. VHL3 Trades

    Add Ristolainen and drop Trouba
  8. VHL3 Draft - Google Doc

    1st pick - Alex Ovechkin
  9. I'll (flatcrusher) be playing too (Brutus is back in). Top 5 are my starters. TEAM : WINNIPEG JETS Theo Fleury (F) Alex Kovalenko (F) Al MacInnis (D) Dallas Drake (F) Cam Russell (D) Kelly Hrudey (G) Mark Howe (D) Mike Ridley (F) Richard Smehlik (D) Doug Weight (F) Guy Carbonneau (F) Jim Hrivnak (G)