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  1. Haha! THat is funny to envision what is happening on the other end hundreds of miles away. Glad you were stoked. On my side I just remember thinking your team was hard to knock down and Messier in particular made my goalie look silly. Kinda sucks that most (or even all?) of the hard to reach guys are in the B conference. Oh well, what can you do?
  2. The term is scientifically sound. 'Tis a fact that during ovulation a woman's sex drive goes up: link
  3. Can you give some examples of "cheap room" websites? (You mean like Priceline or Hotwire?) Yeah, I think you are right, and J&J said they will be cheap in September, as well. My idea is, book early, then cancel when (and if) you find something better.
  4. FEBRUARY PRICES (Now out of date... I am saving the original message below so we have an archive as prices change...) See the first post ^^^ for the latest prices... ---------------- Here are current hotel prices that are close to the Downtown Grand, which is a bit pricey. This is according to, for Fri and Sat Sept 29 and 30, as of today. # Name Price 072 Downtown Grand, an Ascend Collection Hotel $ 169 137 Oasis at Gold Spike $ ?? 104 Fremont Hotel and Casino $ 81 085 Golden Nugget Hotel $ 129 110 Four Queens Hotel and Casino $ 104 091 The D Casino Hotel Las Vegas $ 112 106 El Cortez Cabana Suites $ 92 098 California Hotel & Casino $ 83 056 Main Street Station Hotel & Casino $ 83 109 Plaza Hotel & Casino $ 105 The # is the Rank out of 264 Hotels in the area (according to Trip Advisor). The $ is USD, and amounts to nightly rate (though Fri and Sat may be different, this is average) I could not get a price for Oasis, but will update when I do. (It was giving me $999, which is not right.) Perhaps there will be some sort of package deal for the Downtown Grand if you are a tourney participant, that will lower the price? Maybe?
  5. This is bang on, and I agree with your sentiment about reeling in younger players, too. There should be a landing page, displayed at the end of Pixelated Heroes like "New Players wanted! Check out" At the King of 94 II we should have flyers that have this same URL. Yes, it is hard to attract younger guys, but it *can* be done. Why? Because the game is so effin amazing! Plus it is cool to play a niche game like this. Look at Plabax. He is a young guy -- I don't even think he was born when the original came out? -- but he has been at the top of the food chain for a few years now. He saw the game, and got it. It can happen. It is rare, yes. But some of these whipper snappers will get it. (It is like fresh milk. 99% of the United States wants it in a box from the supermarket, but to some purists, they go to the trouble of getting farm fresh, unpasteurized milk. But the 99% thinks they are crazy, while the 1% purists think the 99% are ignorant.)
  6. I posted in this thread over a year ago saying I think it is fine to retry penalty shots, when a goalie poke checks the puck away. After playing online for a year and a half, I have changed my mind. Seems cheap to me to do more than one attempt. So I haven't for quite some time. I guess I have caved in to the the peer pressure of the community. Which is a good thing.
  7. I have watched more. Still excellent and loving it. Something happens to the audio at 8:40 to 9:30 or so that makes it largely inaudible, for me, anyway. Gonna try it with headphones in a bit.
  8. Holy sh-t! This is the best thing ever! It is like a Masterclass on how to move from B to A. I am heading to work, so only got 2 minutes in, but the very first point about Plabax taking control of the goalie, steering him to the right spot and then controlling a defenseman BEFORE THE SLAPSHOT is a subtle but amazing thing I never would have noticed. And I have watched many replays against the A guys where I am sure it happened, and never noticed this crafty technique. I even remember Raph telling me to sometimes "take goalie control, get him set, then activate someone else" and I still didn't get it until now. I can't wait to watch the rest of this, looking for more gems like this. Awesome stuff, Raph! That post above with the video deserves a million likes!
  9. That thread about the age old "SNES vs GENs" got me wondering: who are the best guys in SNES? And does skill matter as much? Most would agree in GENs, JR, Mogs and Yzerman are among the best. All highly skilled, and all light or very light. The combination of being light and yet-- because of the weight bug -- being a powerhouse puts those players above all others. And a highly skilled heavy guy, like Mario, is less desirable, by most. (Yes, I realize CB checking has changed this for some of the pros.) In SNES, is Mario the #1 guy? Are other heavy guys that are skilled sought after, instead of shunned? Is the relative skill between guys less significant, in SNES? (In GENs, a Mogilny versus a scrub is like God versus some schlubby dude.)
  10. Ahh, my bad. I thought he was one of the top 2 in your list (OTT and TBL). Doh! Disregard all of the conclusions I reached in that post, lol. I was wrong across the board.. Edit: Sorry Coach and others I may have shortchanged in my hasty analysis. Edit 2: The one thing I do think I got right was As did better than Bs.
  11. Oops! Ok, what part did I get wrong? (Or is Depch's breakdown wrong?)
  12. Edit: I am leaving this post as is, but it was pointed out I made some of my conclusions are flat out wrong. ---- Wow, thanks for doing that, Depch! I was going to get around to doing so myself.. maybe... This list is cool, because it still maintains the same top 5. Also, I like it because it show I am the only B with a winning record against As! (I handed Icestorm and FPB there only B losses!!). This breakdown is more what I had in mind when I came up with the idea: how will As and Bs do against each other. I would have to say, though it was not a landslide, As did do better than Bs.
  13. This is a good idea, and I think that is how it should have been done. That said, Depch did some analysis and figured out what you are suggesting: how As did againsts Bs only, and how Bs did against As only: It is at the bottom of this thread: What happens when... ? I do wish I did what you suggest because then I could have only played A guys, which I would have preferred. (Mind you, maybe the A guys wouldn't have liked it as much? I think they take more satisfaction in beating the Skilled guys...)
  14. We are down to the last day -- the Season ends tomorrow (Mar 1). Most of the results are in, which you can see here: Ice and FPB still have 2 games to play, and both are in position to win the whole thing, so it really is coming down to the wire. There are A and B guys near the top, but I think we will have to do some analysis to really determine the outcome of the experiment. Specifically, how did A guys do versus B, and vice versa? (Perhaps some B guys were GIant Killers, and some A guys were Mouse Killers, and couldn't beat guys at their own level? Or the opposite? In my own case I lost 6 games, 3 to B, 3 to A. Even steven.) One thing seems clear, though. A guys didn't dominate, and B guys didn't dominate. The top 4 or 5 will be a mix for sure. The one thing that remains is... Who will be the ultimate winner? For there can be only one true King in "Princes versus Paupers"! Good luck to those still in the hunt. And thanks to all who participated, 'Twas fun.
  15. 1 day left and we are at 95.6%! Nice work guys!