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  1. Premium Retro League 2

    1.2 The L.A. Kings select Patrick Roy Edit: Is there a place where I can see only the retro guys? There are 10 of them, right? (I know they are in the Google Doc, but I would like to see them separated to help me strategize.)
  2. Best Connections for Online Play

    Part 1: Wifi Versus Wired The Short Story Plug In! (And disable wifi) The Long Story No matter how great your wifi is, or you think your wifi is, you are always better off wired. Period. The reason why boils down to interference and packet loss. A wired connection has a shielded cable that all but eliminates any local radio interference. A wifi connection, no matter how modern and how close you are to your router, will always be prone to interference. If you live in a city, even your neighbor using their microwave oven could interfere with your wifi signal! Nevermind all of the electronic gadgetry that we use all around us every day ourselves in our own homes. If you have the option, and even if it means buying a 50' cable and running it up the stairs from your basement to plug in, do it! (You don't want to be the guy that everyone dreads playing because you have a spotty connection.) People sometimes convince themselves that wifi is "good enough" because they see their ping rate, and it looks good. Heck, if you can stream Netflix in HD how the heck can't you play this ancient videogame. Why not? Because it is not the same thing. At all. Among many difference, video streams like Netflix get buffered, so there is a lot of "wiggle room" to make sure you get what appears to be a smooth feed. In online games, there is no wiggle room. You want your button presses to register NOW! This is all about ping and latency (which can be disrupted by radio interference), and has nothing to do with bandwidth. When you do a ping test with wifi, you might see your connection is great, and it is: At that very moment, with no interference. But then, at seemingly random times, you will get lag spikes, even though things started off great. These are not really random. They are the microwaves, baby monitors, various electronics and even other people's wifi, interfering and grinding your games to a halt. Ethernet Versus USB Versus WiFi For our purposes, any wired connection -- whether Ethernet or USB (via an Ethernet to USB adapter) -- beats WiFi. Again, because of the interference. Nowadays there seems to be a trend to design laptops with fast USB ports but no Ethernet port. If you are in this situation, do not be tempted to plug in a USB WiFi adapter. Use a USB Ethernet adapter to get that shielded cable plugged directly from your router to your computer, staving off any possible radio interference. Part 2: Overcoming Great Distances The Short Story You can't overcome great distances. The Long Story: If someone in North America plays someone in Europe, you will feel it. There is simply no way to overcome the great distance. While light travels in a vacuum superfast, electricity through (copper) wires is much slower. It is slower in absolute terms, but it is also slower because wires zigzag, and repeaters, switches and routers all grind things down significantly, as well. Because you cannot defeat the physical reality that long distances will slow things down, you need to do everything within your power to help your situation. Here is a helpful thread: Overseas Games and Laggy Connections. ...More to come - tips on how to have better connectivity - minimum speed requirements (anything faster than dialup usually good enough) - hamachi vs client server connection - anything else any networking peeps can think of? See:
  3. Premium Retro League 2

    Ok. Glad I asked, because I had it all wrong.
  4. Welcome New Coaches

    Hey Leif and other new guys! Check out the Guide For New Members I just wrote! Lots of tips for how to take part in the community and join online leagues! Welcome!
  5. Premium Retro League 2

    To be clear, the "keepers" we carry over are permanent, right? (So this coming season, say I finish middle of the pack and get to keep one guy for the season after, I will have 88, 66 plus the new guy I kept, right? All 3 as keepers? It is not like I would get only the one guy total to keep, which would actually be a step backwards, and seeming to me to defeat the purpose of creating parity... right?)
  6. 2017 Fall Classic

    Where is jackandjose? Anyone know how to reach him? I was hoping he would be signing up...
  7. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    Well I want people to vote for 2 (or more) so I will keep your CHI and add a GB.
  8. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    Dayum. Ok, at home tonight I will look through the thread and manually add votes where I see them... No biggie...
  9. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    On October 19 I added three new cities: Green Bay Minneapolis Vancouver I did not add any votes, so if you like, go back and add your vote. (I think that is possible, if not, let me know.) This thing is pretty unscientific, but at least it shows where the "interest" is...
  10. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    Now hold on a sec, haven't we seen this before? Someone posted a a thread with either the same or a very similar looking DIY project? Had lots of photos and an explanation behind it? Someone here even said "how much do you want for it" and they said they weren't selling? Can't remember where that thread is... Regarding price, I think it is worth the $$$. If a craftsman puts their heart and soul into making a masterpiece, they deserve generous compensation.
  11. GDL XVII

    Pretty sure "GDL" is trademarked, and any use of that term, or derivative of "GDL", is illegal. Will have to be called something completely different to avoid prosecution.
  12. GDL XVII

    I am interested. But I feel the way Brutus does, that to be GDL, it has to have a large number of coaches. If there aren't enough coaches, I would rather it be a GDL-like league with a different name.
  13. 2017 Fall Classic

    If you go to > GENERAL INFO > LEAGUE WAITING LIST there you are! #10 is К1ÐЖ-ϾΛ, the artist formerly known as wbgs_radio! Now all you need is to get a test game in, to make sure all is in order.
  14. need help with basic logitech f310 controller

    Update: I think this switch on the bottom might be the key... someone with a F310 use this link to try it out: Below is a paste of the site, in case it goes missing sometime in the future....
  15. Wow, hotels in "Garden City" are a couple or even few hundred bucks!! Do you know any good hotel options on the subway line, or a short(ish) Uber from the venue? (I think the nearest Subway is Jamaica, 10 miles away?) Edit: Here is a link with some transport info: Long Island Rail Road