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  1. aqualizard

    RetroArch Setup Guide

    I had the no audio issue, but the fix is actually here (at least for me): Main Menu -> Settings -> Driver -> Audio Driver
  2. aqualizard

    Testing RetroArch for Online Play

    Have there been any desyncs? Or is this just a theoretical comment. I am in for testing. Will have to wait a night or two, though. That is awesome news if the same savestates can be used! (Just a small tweak to I was envisioning a whole rewrite of the file parser. Maybe we will just need a checkbox saying GENS or RETROARCH when you upload, or possibly even autodetect based on file data? I certainly hope this works out. If Retroarch is: 1. more stable, and 2. easier to use It is a no brainer to go with it. Especially since some of the big names in the community are pushing it. Count me in as a tester, but I can't do it until Friday or Saturday night. Tied up until then...
  3. aqualizard

    Summer League Trades

    LA Kings drop Gino Odjick and pick up free agent Yuri Khmylev.
  4. aqualizard

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    UPDATED MAY 16 (with Savard trade and Khmylev pickup) LA Kings (no jersey dupes verified again!) LW - Yzerman C - Robitaille RW - Savard LD - Adam Burt RD - Dave Manson Ulf Samuelsson comes in for D Bellows comes in for F injured or serving PIM. Xtra attacker Yuri Khmylev.
  5. aqualizard

    Summer League Trades

    Confirm confirmed!
  6. aqualizard

    Summer League Trades

    LA Kings send Bondra to San Jose for Savard.
  7. aqualizard

    Official Summer Rom

    I like it when you go to Edit Lines and you see the true player attributes. (With the real numbers, after adjusting for Hot and Cold.) I am not sure if this is what you mean, or what SmozROM or 4 or 5 is...
  8. aqualizard

    On the Block

    Dave Manson and Netminder sensation Chris Terreri on block for any D-man and a better netminder. Ja?
  9. aqualizard

    Summer League Trades

    LA Kings trade Iafrate for Ulf Samuelson with Vegas
  10. aqualizard

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    DELETED due to Savard trade
  11. aqualizard

    Summer League Trades

    LA Kings trade Kasatonov for Adam Burt with VGK.
  12. aqualizard

    Summer League Trades

    LA Kings swap every player with the Vegas Golden Knights in what can only be called the trade of the century!!! Jury is still out on who got the short end of the stick. NOT!!!! Woohoo!!!!!
  13. aqualizard

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    DELETED due to Trade of the Century!
  14. aqualizard

    Summer Draft Thread

    8.3 LA Kings take Tommy Sjodin
  15. aqualizard

    Summer Draft Thread

    7.14 LA Kings take Adam Burt