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  1. Wh-wh-what? Holy crap!! Nice one, Tex! Well HABS, what odds would you have given? I would have given 10 to 1 to Raph, especially cuz he won all 4 regulars, and one was 11-0! What an upset!! Congrats, Tex! (Now I don't feel so bad losing 19 of the last 20 exis against him..)
  2. Good discussion guys, but what about providing your own WBF Team Rankings? If nothing else, then a Top 3, even? DET, BOS, PIT?
  3. Hey Darko, according to Depch, adding any frames to Smoothing, even just a "+1 frames", is a bad idea? For overseas connections we should be adding none. I know I am going to follow this advice in the future. I will also close down all other apps, like Discord, which I have not been doing.
  4. Depch, I really appreciate your posts in this thread. Even if nothing else comes of these discussions, that little tidbit of "do not use added frames for overseas connections" is invaluable! Sometimes, in desperation, I would add frames under "Smoothing" -- likely exacerbating the problem! -- thinking that if some frames were added maybe (a perceived) cushion would allow the frames a chance to "catch up" and not get dropped. Now I know my logic was totally off. On this topic, can you tell me what "Smoothing: If near UB (+4 ms)" means? Someone told me early on to stick with this setting, but I have never known what the "UB" was, and if this is really a good idea? Also, do you see any reason why, for overseas connections, trying the old school "client/server" approach, bypassing Hamachi, might be better? (I saw this mentioned by someone in Discord or possibly another thread...)
  5. When you say you don't feel lag, do you mean literally your games seem 100% fine? It is like playing someone in the same room with you? On my end, the last time we played, I don't think the game slowed down, but it was missing a ton of frames. Say that a forward did a standard crease cut, and it takes 2 seconds. If in 2 seconds he usually moves pixel by pixel so there are 60 frames as he skates across, I would just see frames 20, 40 and 60. It's like 3 snapshots and the puck is in the net, where I don't have enough clues to even respond, and may not have even seen the dude shoot! So if I am getting that little info on my side, I would be really surprised if you don't see anything funny on your side? (Maybe what we are calling "lag" is the wrong word.) When I play Depch, and sometimes guys in the States on the west coast, the game doesn't seem to be missing frames, it just seems "sticky" or "clunky" where the timing is subtly off...
  6. Played some exis tonight! Skip this ROM is excellent, well done. Looks fantastic, feels amazing (light and quick), and you applied some great patches/hacks to make it fun! Sorry I couldn't play in the league, but I look forward to playing some exis with some of the regulars!
  7. I would happily do it! Definitely seems more polished and stable than the GENS/Kaillera angle... Thing is, this community does not like change. Heck, we only got off AIM when it stopped working entirely (outside of the U.S.). Also, even though Kega is closer to the real Genesis in speed, people may have gotten used to (and now prefer) the speed of GENs. But sure, I would switch over to Kega no problem. Or at least try it out to see if there are issues I didn't notice the first time around?
  8. No the KEGA game save files work exactly like GENS ones. I have uploaded them without issue.
  9. Actually, sorry, it is a Plasma TV. Would that have delay, too? And yes, I always feel it is not rock solid like playing on a Genesis, but figured that was the nature of "emulation / internet" and now (I guess?) my TV? Well, if nothing else, I have an excuse for being a career B level guy? But seriously, I play on an LG 50PV400 Plasma TV. Does plasma lag, too? (I am googling now!)
  10. One other idea is, if the connection seems crap with an overseas guy, agree to use KEGA instead of GENs. The last time I played Pearate the connection was horrible; on my end missing frames all over the place. I should have suggessted we used KEGA. Pearate once did a small tourney using KEGA and with a bad connection it was much more playable. When it ran into trouble, it would slow down a lot, but it didn't seem to drop frames. Sometimes it would really grind, and timing was off, but you never found yourself getting scored on and scratching your head "where did that come from?" because half the frames just didn't appear. It actually looked better on my LED TV, too. And full screen worked, so I wasn't getting interrupted with AIM messages and whatnot. So that is a strategy, too, if both sides agree...
  11. Hey Depch, I am glad you replied. You are further away from me than the French guys, yet our connection is better. To be clear, when you say "do not use added frames" you mean that in Kaillera, the host should have the dropdown box that says "Smoothing" set to the first option, which is "None (+0 Frames)"? Is that all you do? May I ask what kind of connection you have? Cable? DSL? What up and down speed? Is there anything else you can think of that makes your connection so much better than the French guys? Thanks!
  12. Hey Clockwise, I like your determination! That said, I *do* think a kickstarter could do this, if it was handled correctly. (A polished presentation, with a solid gameplan.) IMO, the correct route is to get Jim Simmons, the original developer who made this game 99% of what it is, on board. Get him to agree to $100k to make a public domain version of the game (or even freeware or whatever pay-what-you-want is called) and get volunteers to do everything else (pixel art, music, project management, etc.). Then, with Jim S. on board, and a solid plan in place, go to crowd-funding for the 100k or whatever he agrees to. If Jim S doesn't agree. you would have to have some sort of demo contest to establish if someone was good enough to code it. But I do believe the coding can be a 1 person job. (It was when he did it, using assembly language and an empty text file, in only a few months. Using modern languages and IDEs and existing code libraries will greatly speed things up.) That said, few people and possibly no one alive is as good as Jim Simmons would be for this job. Edit: Here is a message where I proposed this originally...
  13. Mssg received. Ok I can do 4pm EST today. Must be done by 5pm, which I think it will be. So if you are on time, let's rock! Thanks!
  14. Darko, I am off work today with an eye issue. I can pop on at 3pm EST today to try for games? (That is 9pm your time, right?) Hopefully we can make this work. If I get you in, I am at 100% completion.
  15. Thanks for the heads up and link, Jer_33. Related to your advice, you can also look at AJ's updated lineup thread, and see his notes with CB checking. Although I am not well versed in rosters, I will give a stab to start things off. These teams will get a big bump up: NYR (with heavyweights Messier and Tikkanen (and Lightweight Gartner)) PIT (with heavyweights 66, Jagr, Francis and Tocchet, plus solid D in Murphy and Ulf) BOS (with heavyweight Neely and Ruzicka, plus #1 heavyweight D-man Bourque) TOR (all of a sudden there is a place for hard shooting Andreychuk and Clark) I will say a new order, from best to worse, as: CHI BOS MTL PIT DET NYR BUF TOR ....still thinking