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  1. Hello, and welcome! Fastest way to get started is here: Test Games and Getting Connected!
  2. My Greatest Strength

    I gave you a "Like", please stay!
  3. Meet the DCB99

    Dude, if you want to play online with people that share your love of the game, give online play a chance. Don't know who peed in Premium's Corn Flakes, but it is hella fun playing online. (It is worth nothing, in fact, he played online for years!) One ROM hack allows 2 versus 2, so it is nonstop action. You can play in leagues, or you can just play pickup games for fun. Join our Chat Group here: Test Games and Getting Connected
  4. Meet the DCB99

    Welcome, DCB! This is the place to be for NHL94. You should try some online games while you are here!
  5. Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

    May Prices:
  6. Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

    Thanks for posting those deals, J&J. Yeah, the prices I am indicating are from and I check the "Free Cancellation" box... IMO it is too risky and restrictive to book without being able to cancel. (You will be kicking yourself if you get locked in, and then the week of the event see rooms at the same spot for $30 or something similar! Or if there is a medical or family emergency and you end up paying (even partially) for something you don't use.)
  7. Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

    You know, I plan on staying at a place that has no resort fee. Resort fees are a total scam. I have indicated in the original post the No Resort Fees with a ✝ to make it easy to see... There are 4 in the area: ✝Fremont Hotel and Casino ✝Four Queens Hotel and Casino ✝California Hotel & Casino ✝Main Street Station Hotel & Casino Of course, ideally The Grand will waive the fee... not sure if the special rate ever came through? Their Resort Fee is $23. (Why on earth does and similar sites not include this fee in the final rates that they show?)
  8. The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    The off season? Ha, truth be told I am not a hockey fan. I just like playing NHL94. I haven't watched an NHL game in years, which is ironic, cuz I live in Toronto, a true hotbed of hockey.
  9. Test Games and Getting Connected!

    There is a write up here, halfway down. But you are right, it is out of date: NHL94online Hamachi Setup The Hamachi part is good, but the "Playing The Genesis Version Online Using P2P" is past the expiry date. (It uses an old version of Kaillera.) That said, it is waaaaay easier just to go to the DIscord #general group and say "exis", and get a Vet to walk you through it. One walk through and you should be good-to-go. In a couple days you will have it down pat.
  10. The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    Welcome Turcos and Oliver, to get games in see here: Test Games and Getting Connected As for Turcos's question about SNES hacks, you should start a thread in the Hacking subforum to get answers... people are less likely to see your query buried in this I'm New thread.
  11. My Greatest Strength

  12. Offline due to idiot neighbor

    Ok I am back online. Played some games, things seemed to work ok. (Got some spikes with Kingraph.) One concern is that I did a speed test, and it came out: 25 mbps DL, 2.5 mbps UL. That is, my upload is literally 10x slower than my download. I have DSL, and it is (was?) a decent package. I am pretty sure it is supposed to be 25/10... not sure if my current slow upload will cause problems for me?
  13. NHL'94 speed runs

    The arguments about how fast you can do something using saved gamestates is silly... it factors out skill and focuses on having the time (and OCD?) to do something absurd. Legitimate entries should not allow this. (Short of video taping the event in real time to be reviewed, I am not sure how to prevent saving gamestates though?) Now, how long would it take someone to score 10 goals on a Gens without saving gamestates? With the user choosing teams (like DET vs ANH)? I would say anything less then 3 minutes is good, and less than 2:30 is amazing! 2:30 would average out to 15 seconds per goal. Pretty good. I imagine if you got extremely lucky, and had weeks to kill, had OCD (among other mental issues), and won pretty well every face off, you might even crack 2 minutes (12 sec per goal). Now, for 10 sec/goal average, that is 1:40, and I do not think this would be statistically possible even with all the luck and weeks of attempts. Edit: I just can't let this go... I think to crack 1:40 you really would have to win every face off. If faceoffs are assumed to be 50/50, you will win 10 in a row roughly 1 in a thousand attempts (where each "attempt" is a set of 10 tries). I don't think any non Rain man human would have the patience to restart over and over every time the lost a faceoff... but if they did, I think it would take many months or years to crack 1:40...
  14. Offline due to idiot neighbor

    The Bell guys have left. They restored everything for 2 other houses, and all of the apartments in the house I live in, but not my apartment! They are sending a (supposedly) "senior" guy out tomorrow, and I will be missing work for this now. I am a contractor and get paid by the hour. I asked the tech guys if they ever heard of a neighbor cutting cables like this, and they said "Nope". Sometimes vandals cut cables, but this is the first time a "friendly neighbor" saw fit to do something like this. Apparently there were 6 juicy, live cables on his property, all tied together very orderly, and he cut away a 15' swatch from a utility pole all the way to the house beside his. He made sure his own property was completely "cable free", and didn't think how this might impact his neighbors. Unbelievable.
  15. Offline due to idiot neighbor

    Yesterday morning, my Bell telephone (land line), internet (Teksavvy) and Cable TV (Rogers) all went dead. As if a tree fell and took them all out. I went outside to see if there was anything amiss. Nope. I called Bell, and made an appointment for a technician to come by the next day. Now it is the next day. The tech came by an hour ago, and found the problem quickly: My idiot neighbor severed 15 feet of cables that crossed his property. He didn't like them for whatever reason, so away they went. After the fact he thought to ask another neighbor if they were using them. Er, Yes!! Now 3 houses do not have phones, internet or cable TV. WHAT AN EFFIN MORON!!! I know the guy, and he is a nice guy. But I can't get over "What the hell was he thinking?" Who chops cables that cross their property? In this case, they were buried a foot in the ground, well out of the way. WTF?!? Who does that? This poor guy was diagnosed with stomach cancer last summer. I can't help but think he is stressed out and not thinking straight. But still? Bell is trying to put a temporary cable up, which will restore my DSL, but there are no guarantees for a quick turnaround. Until my internet is back, no NHL94 for me.