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  1. aqualizard

    2018 World Cup Pool

    I bet $10 at 10 to 1 odds back near the end of the Group Stage that Croatia would win it all. (I didn't think they were the best team, but they had the longest odds of teams that had a legit shot on Bodog.) If I had bet before a game was played, I think they were 27 to 1. (But I needed to see some teams play before betting.) Germany had about the best 10 minutes ever in the opening of their 2nd game vs Sweden. Looked unbeatable. Then they lost to South Korea, lol. Can't believe they didn't even make it into knockout stage. Anyway, I rooting for Croatia, but the most exciting player this time around is France's Mbappe, and I do expect France to win.
  2. aqualizard

    2018 World Cup Pool

    The VAR is amazing. I don't know how anyone could complain about it? They get it right > 90% of the time IMO, without slowing the game down (unlike the NFL video reviews, which slow the game down and get things wrong all the time). It is near impossible for a ref to make the right call in the heat of the moment, and soccer has suffered for it. With penalty kicks awarded for dives. That is no longer an issue thanks to VAR.
  3. So who is in the picture? (I am assuming that is the winner?)
  4. LW - Lafontaine, 99, Savard, or Damphouse (great stickhandler and passer to my C) C - Dino or Gilmour (Light guy that can check with great one timer) RW - Not troubled (as long as I have good LW), but the dream would be a speedster like Russ Courtnall or Bondra LD - Not troubled, but light guy with decent agility and passing RD - solid D-man with hard shot, like Ellet or Manson. I like lefties for shots from the blueline G - In this order Belfour on own tier, then Fuhr, Essensa, Ranford, or someone less than 7 weight with 4 agility. Roy though, is dogshit.* * joke
  5. aqualizard

    GENS Kaillera FPS Drop

    I am not sure if it's Atomic. It seems like it is "us". What I mean is, the other night we had trouble together, yet both of us connected with Tex just fine. (Which is worth noting, because connections with Tex have been a bit off lately. FWIW we are in Toronto, and Tex is in NYC.) My own router is: sagemcom f@st 2864 With latest firmware. We do find that port forwarding helps, and during the day we have our best connections, though not perfect. We both have good computers, and high speed internet, and live in the same city, both wired in with wifi off. It is weird. This is an intermittent problem for us, but it seems on the rise. I would say 50% of the time lately, at night, we throw in the towel. And if we don't give up, there are still some lag issues or missing frames. Kind of like playing someone much further away. A couple months ago I seemed to get the worst of it, but now Atomic has been feeling it, too. Honestly, it seems like lately connection problems have been on the rise, and I am wondering if ISPs are messing with stuff. (I am not sure if Smozoma's "Traffic Shaping" link was about routers, or ISPs, or what?) I know I switched from Rogers a few years ago because they were throttling my bittorrent downloads, and claiming they did not. Now I use Bell, but I feel like they are meddling with stuff, too, or maybe at some low level Netflix and Youtube are hanging gamers out to dry.
  6. aqualizard

    GENS Kaillera FPS Drop

    FWIW Atomic and I both do port forwarding, and the problem still persists. (So it is not ham.) Atomic has run a ping log while we play, and our ping will go from 15ms or so, to 200 on occasion. Very frustrating because we both live in Toronto.
  7. aqualizard

    Glitches, Fixes and Hacks that would make NHL94 God Level

    I know exactly what you mean. For whatever reason, it doesn't bother me. To me, it is sort of one of the charms of the game, like the rotten, pixelated graphics. (Not to belittle your own feelings on this. I get where you are coming from -- th goal animation is far from perfect.) As for the shots that hit the post, and even the ones that hover for a split second, and then "warp" to the middle of the net, that doesn't bug me much either. For post shots, I kinda go on the "ding" sound more than the visual, and the ding seems to ring true (pun intended). (Though I have never heard one off the side post, as you mentioned.) In the interest of thoroughness, I will add these items to the list.
  8. aqualizard

    Glitches, Fixes and Hacks that would make NHL94 God Level

    Good idea Raph. I will add a note for the ones "fixed". (Maybe I can even put a link in to the patches?) As for the 0:00 issue. I do see what you are saying. BUT! It is still a glitch, or at least a "usability issue" because if it says "0:00" on the clock, to a human it means time is up. (If I were bug testing the game before the put it out, I would say if a goal or penalty is called > 0:00 but less than 1 second, for the sake of clarity, display 0:01.) Also, technically speaking, if there really was time left, and it wasn't 0:00, wouldn't that mean one more faceoff, and a quick whistle? (I am not sure if they do this in the real NHL or not, when it is less than 1 second, but I feel like they should. I know in the NFL they are real sticklers.)
  9. aqualizard

    Glitches, Fixes and Hacks that would make NHL94 God Level

    Thanks, Brodeur30. We are thinking similarly. But I don't know about the drop passes you described? I have passed backwards, but I have never gotten a puck to just sit there, for a trailing player to scoop up? (You mean passing backwards, right? Not just dropping it softly?) And the "lofted short passes", yeah, I think people call them saucer passes, right? Up and over the stick of defenders. I will add that to the list. As for the goalie forcefield, it is just a bad implementation. Since the goalies are superhuman (as in indestructable) I get why there has to be a limit on them. But a hard edged "force field" is dumb. Very unnatural. I think what should be done is: 1. make goalies get slower and slower the further out they go, but put no limit on them 2. make them less indestructable. You SHOULD be able to C-check them. (And get the PIM if PIMS is on.) And they should be more jostle-able. Like, using B-pokes you might be able to separate them from a puck, especially the further out from the net they roam. (Make it so "close to net" they have confidence: Move fast and hold on to puck well. Further out, less confidence/shakier; they move slower and can lose pucks.)
  10. aqualizard

    Glitches, Fixes and Hacks that would make NHL94 God Level

    Thanks, Plabs! I will add your suggestions to the list.
  11. aqualizard

    Glitches, Fixes and Hacks that would make NHL94 God Level

    Help me add to the list above! I am an old timer, and I remember back in 90s, when me and buddies played NHL93, and then NHL94 with all the improvements. We couldn't wait for NHL95 to come out. We figured if NHL94 added goalie control and one timers, NHL95 might have fake shots, drop passes, and a bunch of fixes. Being a major nerd, I took to compiling a list of fixes and enhancements, with the idea of sending it to EA sports to encourage the direction of the game. I know my list had at least 30 points, but I am also fairly certain after making the list, I did not mail it to EA Sports, and instead forgot all about it. Boy was I disappointed when NHL95 came out, and had a whole new engine and instead of continuing a great thing, they started from scratch and took 500 steps back. Anyway, I would like to compile a new list, hence this thread. I will add to it as I think of things, and people chime in, and prioritize this b*tch according to the "Biggest Bang for the Buck" suggestions.
  12. In the post below I will write the story behind this list. But what are some of the glitches and fixes and improvements that, if added to NHL94, would make an amazing game even better? After I have a few, I will prioritize the list. Glitch - The Infamous "Weight Bug" Glitch - Out of Control Skater (You know, your man is skating 3x faster than normal, and only partially responsive, for a spell) Glitch - One Timer miss instead of speed burst (You know, you try to speed a forward towards the puck, and instead he whiffs on a one timer... irritating) Glitch - Stuck on Manual Goalie (you can't switch players off of goalie for some reason) Glitch - AI Players "Puck Awareness" (sometimes the AI is oblivious to a puck right in front of them) Glitch - Out of Control Puck (Puck goes superspeed into the stands off of a pass. Kinda fun actually; not a huge glitch, but here for thoroughness) Glitch - Goal or PIM at 0:00 when period or game should be over Improvement - Goalie Force Field needs removal or improvement Improvement - Have puck placement for goals more realistic, instead of always "warping" the puck to the middle of the net (I always though it would be cool to have a water bottle that might violently fly off when a slapper is really ripped!) Improvement - Better "post" effects and logic (have it possible to hit side posts, eliminate the "hovering" puck that rings of post and then darts in, better animations for posts hit head on) Enhancement - Drop passes Enhancement - Fake shots Enhancement - Saucer passes Enhancement - Decrease the manual control delay Enhancement - Allow for players to aim their one-timers (like in SNES)
  13. Regarding "one option", what about saying there is an "officially supported player", to be used if two competitors don't agree, but allow whatever to be used. (I say this because I think I might prefer GENs, if it is not wonky. If it is wonky, and as we know it frequently is, I would prefer pretty well anything else, so would personally be agreeable to Retroarch.)
  14. Hey, pretty cool! Looking forward to more installments!
  15. aqualizard

    Waitlist & North Stars

    Cool! We use Discord to set up exis and league games. If you haven't done so already, check out Test Games and Getting Connected.