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  1. Best Setups for NHL94

    Seeking anecdotal evidence of the best OS and internet network for our favorite game. (Results to be added to an online guide.) Feel free to add any other advice on the best computer setup, or internet setup, for this ancient yet beloved game! (For example, I have heard some people say Windows 10 has caused issues, yet I know others are using it without issue?)
  2. Hamachi relayed connection

    Good idea. I will do so. Edit: Added it to Best Connections for Online Play.
  3. Hamachi relayed connection

    Yeah, don't feel stupid. I just hope you are right! If you are, and the problem is fixed, that is what is important. I had a similar situation. I switched to DSL, and was having poor NHL94 connections. After a week of trial and error on my end, I called up my provider, and they mentioned "sometimes gamers prefer to have 'interleaving disabled', which we can set from HQ here". Well, this did the trick. And I had never even heard of "interleaving" before.
  4. Hamachi relayed connection

    Yes, that is too much.. Should be less than Toronto.
  5. Hamachi relayed connection

    Also jwebber is in Taiwan, so that is the main (and possibly only) culprit for bad ping! Where are you at? I am in Toronto and my ping with jw was well over 200.
  6. Hamachi relayed connection

    Definitely do a google. Lots of info on Hamachi out there. When I have Hamachi problems a couple google searches usually sorts it. (Then I forget the answers, and need to search again next time.) Edit: I see you did some searches. I recommend you do more. In my experience of 5 search results, 4 are complicated with 35 steps, and the one that works is an easy 3 stepper. Murphy's Law or something...
  7. Downloadable Offline League/Stat Extractor

    I don't know about, but there is a GENs-only site for uploading series, that extracts the stats for each game and the series as a whole? AtomicRaven and I use it to keep track of our own games (we mostly play each other). Anyone can join and use it, though it doesn't support custom ROMs. Here is an example of a series:
  8. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    This thing is $30? My guess it the controllers are going to be totally crap. No way they will be like the original Sega ones. If you are able to plug your own controllers in, that would be great. (Can't tell if they are old school ports -- my guess is USB. Who knows?) I ordered a "Hyperkin 6-Button Genesis" controller from Amazon, and though it looked similar, it was so light and cheap it was useless. Straight-to- landfill quality.
  9. Vote on season starting date

    I won't personally play games until Chaos has the site up. BUT! The guy does a ton, so don't want to pressure him. So, I said stick to the original plan.
  10. Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

  11. Checking Success and Weight

    I understand the weight bug (light guys are monster checkers) and I understand that CB checking can overcome it, but I am trying to REALLY understand how traditional checking works. Seeking a formula of sorts. So, without using CB, and for open ice C-checks: if a 3 weighter C-Checks a 3-weighter, what is chance of a knock down? If a 3 weighter C-checks a 4 weighter, how does % chance change? do we know (or approximately know) how the % chance of success changes as weight margin increases? (Even if we don't "know", I would love to see some guesses.) I am not new, and I have done research. The rule of thumb seems to be "2 or greater weight margin (with checker being light, receiver being heavy) success very likely. But I am sure there is a nuance here. I feel like a small percentage of the time, anyone can have success against anyone. Is this just in my head? (Or Lindros on Fleury literally *never* succeeds?) Also, does momentum and agility, angles of contact, and some "unknown sauce" play a factor in flattening guys? (I saw Smozoma mention some unknown "magic" in a post). Edit: I will add some related threads here.
  12. Checking Success and Weight

    But really, to keep it suuuuuper simple, can't you say: If you want to C-check: If you are using a light guy, use C only If you are using a fat guy, do CB (Not Sure what to do for in-betweeners, like 7-9 weight... B-check? Pray?) I am not a good CB checker, but the above I can keep straight. It is generally correct, right? (I know I am too old and dumb to do any quick math on the fly...)
  13. This is probably for Raph, but anyone that knows can chime in. I know this is a static ROM. But I want to make sure I understand what that means. In a nutshell, the player attributes are "raw". There are no modifiers (hot and cold, momentum, home and away) so if JR has a 5/5 shot to begin with, it will always be 5/5 Therefore, the Hot and Cold screen is (as always!) useless However, in Edit Screen, the player ratings will be accurate (and unchanging game-to-game) Do I have these things right? Thanks!
  14. Checking Success and Weight

    Actually I thought your original post was awesome, as is! And though I appreciated everyone's replies (greats nuggets across the board) your post was the most in the spirit of what I was asking, with real percentage estimates I can wrap my head around. (Especially that line "Anyone can check anyone, but if the general rule doesn't apply, I'd say it's about a 15% chance.") What you say about stickhandling is interesting, too. But I have to wonder if -- re: C-Checks -- if it is more agility than stickhandling? (They *usually* go together.)
  15. Checking Success and Weight

    Just an approximate is cool. Casual opinions like: "I think Like 3 on 3 wt, I think 10-20% chance." "But 5 weight checking 3 wt, > 75% chance." "No, I do not think momentum or agility plays a role" "Without CB or near boards, Lindros cannot flatten Theo, ever..." That sort of thing... I know a definitive answer is unlikely. (That is even more-so if you in particular don't have one!)
  16. Plablegs III Draft

    10.3 Hamilton takes D - Mikhail Tatarinov
  17. Plablegs III Lineups

    LA Kings LW Ciccarelli C Lebeau RW G.Courtnall LD Brisebois RD Lidstrom G Roy Sub S. Nemchinov on Forwards Sub J. Brown on Defense
  18. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    Edit 2: It has been decided: Vancouver is officially hosting. Edit 1: Oct 19 added Green Bay, Vancouver and Minneapolis, What city should host the next big event? Please choose 2, so people don't just choose their own city! I chose Original 6 cities, and threw in Ottawa for good measure. I do feel that the next big event should be in the Northeast USA area, or close by in Canada. Disclaimer: I have no say in, nor inkling regarding, where the next one will be, and am not sure who would decide? (Maybe Halifax decides?) I do think the next one won't be driven by Mikey or his doc, but I could be wrong there, too. Bottom line, this is just a fun "thought experiment".
  19. Doc Update :)

    Hey Mikey, so is the DVD scrapped? (I was really hoping to have a DVD with several hours of "extras" to see the interviews in full with the programmers...) As for the streaming service, is it a competitor of Netflix? Will it cost $ to join, or is it ad supported, or what? And they will have your full movie, plus little "shorts" (a few minutes long)? Or they are actually going to make a bunch of episodes (like 22 minutes or whatever a half hour show is?) Finally, are they going to edit/make the full length movie with your raw footage, or are you still making that? Thanks for the update! Glad you are recharged now, brother!
  20. Blitz 09 "A" Vegas Odds

    Well as long as we are beating this to death, BTC was worth a little over $600 in July of 2014, so betting 10,000 BTC on the Blitz winner is already ~ $6 million bet. Based on that figure, I am guessing it was hyperbole. (Though I am guessing some of you have heard of the 10,000 BTC Pizzas? That is no joke, but that is the early days...)
  21. NHL94 - Set plays, and how to pull them off.

    This is the "main one" in my book. The best dude at them, IMO, was Jack Vandal. He used a keyboard. Seemed to score on them about 20% of faceoffs near the net, until I started just pressing C like a madman to check right off the faceoff. I myself was getting proficient at them -- say hitting about 5% or so in faceoffs near the net -- with an iBuffalo controller. Switched to the original MK-1650 fatty and am now about 1%. But like I (and others) have said, defending with a C-check usually does the trick.
  22. The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    Welcome, amigo! Better late than never! Test games are easy to come by. Check out: While you are at it, check out this guide for new guys, too:
  23. 91 Solo ROM attached

    Is this the NHL94 ROM with '91 rosters?
  24. Plablegs 3 or ???

    So far I see: Edit: moved list of guys to 2nd message up top ^^^ Have we reached out to Chef? Or some of the new Classic guys?
  25. Plablegs 3 or ???

    Yeah, I am good either way, regarding more games. These short, tight leagues seem to be going well. (Seems like it is the same cast of characters in every league now, pretty well.) I would love more games as well, but am afraid the system would get broken. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Guys that like to play (like me and Tex) can do exis.