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  1. So what controller do you use? Not just the stars, but anyone? (I just liked that title.) Tell me and I will add it to the list... tr.controller td { color: #000; border: 1px solid #000; } tr.controllerH td { background-color: #999; } tr.controller1 td {color: #000; border: 1px solid #000; } Name Controller Notes Kingraph MK-1653 - Icestorm MK-1653 - AngryJay MK-1653 (used to use keyboard) Uncle Seth MK-1653 - Sebe MK-1653 (inactive) smozoma MK-1653 (used to use Logitech P880) jer_33 MK-1653 (used to use Hori FC4) Darko MK-1653 - brutus iBuffalo - aqualizard iBuffalo - atomicraven iBuffalo - Zepp iBuffalo - FPB Keyboard - Depch Keyboard - HABS Keyboard - Plabax Keyboard (inactive) Zalex Keyboard (inactive) Freydey Keyboard (inactive) swos Keyboard (inactive) JackVandal Keyboard - Carse Genesis (inactive) BoKnows Genesis (inactive) VC Genesis (inactive) KGMan Genesis (inactive) Jack&Jose Genesis - Tex Logitech F310 - TomKabs93 afterglow ps3 controller (inactive) Clockwise Sega Saturn - pearate Xbox 360 - If I guessed and got it wrong, let me know.
  2. I just bought a plane ticket, so I am in. Hoping Atomic goes, too, but he hasn't jumped in yet. Little worried that a ton of people haven't registered. Unlike hotels, which will get cheaper as the event approaches, I am reading flights get more expensive, meaning last minute hopfefulls will probably not pull the trigger. Anyway, I am in!
  3. Naples, you do great ROMs, and this thread is funny as hell! Keep up the good work! (On a side note, I do appreciate and agree with your approach of having mostly regular joes attribute-wise, so the real superstars stand out. Just like the original ROM did it.)
  4. Raph has a terrific thread ranking teams in the Classic ROM here: NHL94 Team Rankings The top 10, in order, are CHI, DET, BUF, MTL, CGY, VAN, BOS, DAL, WPG, TOR... What would happen to rank using a WBF Classic ROM? I am sure there would be a big change? I have some ideas, but I would love to hear other people speculate what a WBF Team Ranking would be? Pretty sure CHI would drop from #1... PIT and BOS gotta go up... What do you think?
  5. Ok, I updated this list again. Keep in mind there is a special being organized by Mikey to stay at the Grand, so that is probably the place to stay. That aside, back in February there were 3 hotels in the $80 range, now there are zero. People have said that as the event draws closer, the real deals will kick in! I hope that is the case. As it stands, I already booked my backup for $81 back in February...
  6. Here are current hotel prices on May 17, 2017. These hotels are close to the Downtown Grand, which is a bit pricey. This is according to, for Fri and Sat Sept 29 and 30, as of today. Note: Though they change like the stock market, at this point, most prices have gone up since early Feb: # Name Price (compared to Feb) 072 Downtown Grand, an Ascend Collection Hotel $ 145 (cheaper) 137 Oasis at Gold Spike $ 114 (same) 104 ✝Fremont Hotel and Casino $ 140 (way up) 085 Golden Nugget Hotel $ no longer avail 110 ✝Four Queens Hotel and Casino $ 99 (cheaper) 091 The D Casino Hotel Las Vegas $ 130 (up) 106 El Cortez Cabana Suites $ 119 (up) 098 ✝California Hotel & Casino $ no longer avail 056 ✝Main Street Station Hotel & Casino $ 140 (way up) 109 Plaza Hotel & Casino $ 114 (cheaper) The # is the Rank out of 264 Hotels in the area (according to Trip Advisor). The $ is USD, and amounts to nightly rate (though Fri and Sat may be different, this is average) As the event approaches I will update this first post, and save the old prices below. Useful Links: 1. Hotel Booking Strategy: 2. Hotels Without Resort Fee: (thanks Jack&Jose!) -- ✝ designates no Resort Fee
  7. Saving the March prices, updating post #1 with May prices.
  8. Ironically, I am pretty sure Skip had a good connection with him for his 4 regular season games, too. But you and Skip (at least before) are the only two I have heard say that they had a decent connection with him. Was basically unplayable for me, but like others I played through it to get the games in.
  9. The player base isn't growing anymore, so we need to work on attracting and, in particular, keeping new players. Let's come up with some ideas. Are you a new player? We especially want to hear from you about what will keep you playing. Is there anything making it difficult for you? So here are some ideas, and I'll try to link them to the post in the thread about them. "C" Leagues We already have "A" leagues for top players and "B" leagues for guys who haven't hit that level (yet). Maybe we need a "C" league for new guys to play against guys who they have a chance against and make friends with people in the same situation as them. I think it was CoachMac who had the idea of hybrid leagues, where you have A/B/C divisions which mostly play in their division but also play some games outside of it. Bridge Technology Gap Streamline the installation process. Find better software. Make it easier for users to get help. Game Nights Make a couple nights of the week specified as game nights. So those nights tend to be busy and you know you'll have some people to play. Ladder I've been meaning to make a ranked ladder integrated with the site but haven't gotten to it yet. Streams Watching people play is fun... I think a 2on2 stream would be fun. Having a couple "Game Night" would help with this. smozoma says: I have this idea to make a ROM hack that allows kaillera server play with 3 or 4 players but the 3rd and 4th players don't actually play the game, they are just observers. This would allow someone to jump into the games and stream them without being a player. They could do commentary, too. Chat room We used to have live chat integrated into the website, but it was a virus avenue. There may be ways to integrate Discord chat into the site safely. Crack Down on Slackers Shorter seasons / enforce milestones ... More ideas will be added as users contribute ideas....
  10. I think when the doc and the Kof94 II come out -- around the same time! -- we can expect a boost. Especially if we are prepared for it! (MIkey said he would add a URL to the credits, like "Interested in joining? Check out or something, where we can have info...) Will it be thousands? No. But maybe dozens, and if we do it right, possibly over a hundred? (I can dream, right?) Regarding Plabax, I happen to agree with most of his ideas. His delivery often makes me cringe, and I think his trolling interferes with his good ideas, but what can you do? I share his frustrations, honestly... I sure wish he would keep doing his leagues, though! That stood the greatest chance of changing things around here. But he is fed up. I get it. TomKabs is a good guy, and him aligning himself with Plabax doesn't matter to most, I am sure. I know I don't care. (I mean, I align myself with Plabax's ideas, though not his methods.) I do think TK was a bit thin skinned regarding taking offense to Smozoma's critique, but I get where TK is coming from. Think we just gotta focus more here on how to retain guys, and less on the in fighting. (As I said, I can dream, right?)
  11. Thanks, Smoz. BTW I see this post does a similar thing to your : New Instant Messaging & Voice Chat setup - Discord Didn't mean to re-invent the wheel... maybe mine can be considered the abridged version or something...
  12. Hello there! To get playing online, you need to join our Discord group and do a test game. Once you join Discord you can ask a Vet to walk you through setting up and playing your first game. Once you get a game in, you are "verified". Verified people can join our leagues! (Or just keep playing exhibition games, if you like...) Getting Started with Discord™ Use this invite link to join DIscord: <--- this may be all you need! Then once you have joined, if you need it, use this link to see our group... Now: 1. Click the "NHL94" logo in the left column. 2. Next, click "#general" under "TEXT CHANNELS"... 3. Now type "Can someone play me!!", or "Exis"... someone will help out soon enough.... FYI, "Exis" are what we call our pick up games...
  13. I adapted an earlier post I had made cuz I figured this will keep coming up. We can point new guys here to get them connected with Discord...
  14. I can help with this. I made a new thread called: Test Games and Getting Connected! Just for this purpose!
  15. Yup, he hosted a couple games with me no prob... had to tweak firewall and reinstall Hamachi, but all good now.
  16. Geeze guys, "kill a day", "playng on a timer", "takes FOREVER"? Sure, it isn't the same thing as multi-tabling online, and seeing hundreds of hands an hour, but it also is playing poker live, in Vegas, with real people!! It is part of the real Vegas experience! Man, I have encountered some real characters in Niagara Falls at the poker tables. Crazy, interesting, funny people. I imagine this will be 10x moreso in LV. I mean, it's Vegas, baby! Also, online I have played thousands (tens of thousands!) of hands. I have had quads many times, and a straight flush at least twice. None of these hands or winnings are as exciting as winning about $600 with 2 pair against two other guys chasing flushes at Casino Niagara. My adrenaline shot through the roof, like never before. And then to have all of those chips pushed across the tables to me, and having to spend the next 5 minutes stacking them. (Mostly $1 and $5 chips.) To me it felt like winning $60k!! Anyway, online I remember the hands I won and lost. In person, you remember the characters you run into. No doubt the casinos in Las Vegas will be crawling with interesting characters.
  17. My biggest hobby for the last while has been NHL 94. But, I also play NL Texas Holdem. I want to go to Vegas and play in the NHL 94 tourney, and then hit the poker tables! I have only played live in a couple Niagara Falls casinos before, and have never even been to Vegas. I play online poker in spurts, on Pokerstars. I may go 2 months without playing, then play 5 nights in a row. I am nothing special, and tend to lose, but I enjoy playing. Are there other poker players, or gamblers of any sort, that are going?
  18. Here is my advice: Join our Discord group and do a test game. Then you will have a Vet to walk you through it. Once you have been shown how, it will be easier to set it up with your friend. (Discord is a sort of Instant Messaging app that we use to communicate.) Getting Started with Discord™ Use this invite link to join DIscord: <--- this may be all you need! Then once you have joined, if you need it, use this link to see our group... Now: 1. Click the "NHL94" logo in the left column. 2. Next, click "#general" under "TEXT CHANNELS"... 3. Now type "Can someone play me!!", or "Exis"... someone will help out soon enough.... Tip 1: "Exis" are what we call our pick up games... Tip 2: Play some exis with a vet for a few days, get really good, then trounce your friend without telling him how you got so good
  19. Let's do this, guys! Here are my three moves (let's see if I got this right...): 1. [ 2.4 ] Muller for [ 3.1 ] Essensa 2. [ 5.19 ] Barrasso for [ 6.10 ] Uwe Krupe 3. [ 6.11 ] Smehlik for [ 6.19 ] Mommesso In the end, I end up with the correct # of F, D, and G, and in doing so I always trade downward. Ja?
  20. So will the doc be screened in LV during that weekend?
  21. Skip, can u do out playoff series Wed May 3 @ 9pm EST? If not, no worries, we got a week....
  22. Interesting! Any chance of you starting a Plablegs League capped at 17 coaches then? Go for it! Would be cool! (There are probably only 15-17 guys that aren't slackers, so it all adds up!)
  23. That's a good point. And based on your logic, you won me over. I feel the same way now, too! (In fact if it is a draft league maybe I will draft mostly fatties and finally get a handle on CB checking!)
  24. Will take whatever I can get my hands on. Prefer a draft league, and WBF, and the A vs B style of ETB. Come to think of it, I guess I want ETB again! Or ETB physics but Plablegs rules (no rules!)...