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  1. Plablegs Desyncs

    Hello! I am having desync issues, but only with the Plablegs ROM. Specifically, the other night I tried the RockemSockem Plablegs bin, and had a desync every time with COach (2 tries) and then J&J (2 tries). But, then J&J and I thought let's try Classic, and it worked flawlessly. Well tonight J&J and I had a repeat, but this time with the "PlablegsTWOexi_v3.bin" exi ROM. Instant desync after puck drops. Then we switched to Classic,and had no issue for multiple games. Any thoughts?
  2. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Congrats to @slapshot67! You solved one of the great problems few thought could be done! Like cracking some ancient riddle or mathematical proof. Well done!
  3. Plablegs Desyncs

    Thanks Plabs! Fixed now.
  4. Plablegs Desyncs

    One clue might be I am using a 3 button controller. The old kind from the 90s. In GENs, of course, I am configuring it as such. Perhaps in the Plablegs ROM it wants a 6 button? (I will test this theory soon.)
  5. Plablegs II

    DROP: D - McSorley ADD : D - Tatarinov
  6. Plablegs II Lineups

    LA Kings LW RonningC MogilnyRW GranatoLD LeetchRD D.WIlsonG RanfordX Davydov
  7. Plablegs Questionaire

    Great point. If I had my heart set on some dude, and he got auto-picked by a CPU team, I would be bummed and think WTF?
  8. Plablegs 2

    In. And hoping this happens soon, cuz I need some lg games for December!! Team does not matter to me, but prefer uniforms that stand out (like the yellow LA Kings in PRL)! But not really a big deal to me...
  9. Premium Retro League 4

    Aqualizard In
  10. Keepers and Parity

    I have been thinking about the Keeper situation. Originally, I (and some others) thought that once you have a Keeper, you have him permanently. Coach Mac mentioned that he doesn't want an all star team accumulated, like the Oilers were, and you don't get any permanent keepers. Every year is a new year, with only 1 or 2 carried over from the year before. And the finaists get zero. Well, after pondering this, I have found (what I think is) a flaw in that scenario. I will probably make the playoffs this year. And there is an outside chance I could even make the finals. For hypothetical reasons, to illustrate the flaw I see, let's say I make the finals with King Raph. ---> START OF HYPOTHETICAL (Though entirely possible!) SITUATION For me to make the finals it took me assembling a Dream Team, with two keepers (66 and 88) and a high draft pick (starting with Roy) because I did so poor the year before. For Raph to make the finals, it took... nothing but his insane talent; no keepers and a low pick. I got where I am because of medium skill and a lot of "welfare", Raph got there with no "welfare" and all skill! This is great and makes sense. For THIS year. BUT! As I understand it, the two finalists will then get a low pick, and no keepers next season! Raph will do just fine. But if a weaker player (me!) then loses all of his keepers, and gets no advantage the next season, I will absolutely be starting at the bottom again. Even worse than expansion teams. (Because I will be picking even further down than they did.) This is not good for anyone. We want parity, right? ---> END OF HYPOTHETICAL (Though entirely possible!) SITUATION Here is what I suggest. We take into account how many keepers a person currently has, and factor that into the next season. If someone makes the finals, that team is strong, and they should definitely not get an "extra" keeper. But if they got to the finals because they have "some" keepers, to strip them all away is too drastic. And even though Jer_33 had two keepers this season, he still didn't make playoffs, so I think he should get at least 2 keepers still. After all, his advantage wasn't big enough to boost his team to the playoffs, so why take that advantage away? What I think is fair is something like this: Finish top 2: You are allowed a max of 1 keeper, but if you never had one you get +0 Finish 3-8: You are allowed a max of 2 keepers, but if you never had one you get +1 Finish 9-10: You are allowed a max of 2 keepers, but if you never had one you get +2 Yes, this is more complicated. But it is not *that*complicated. Basically you are never allowed more than 2 keepers. But there is a "legacy" component that allows people that need them to keep 1 or 2. In this scenario, it is possible Raph will never get a keeper. (The dude doesn't appear to need them!) And it is possible a weak player will always have 2 keepers. But I think it would make things much more even, overall. What do you think?
  11. Premium Retro League 3

    For the record, I will likely not be available Friday night. Even tonight or Thursday is iffy. (I will make time if I know someone will be there. But can't commit to "just showing up and hoping for the best".) I will put a feeler out on Discord.
  12. Premium Retro League 3

    Think at season's end, we need to re-confirm what coaches are committed. Also, I have always been an advocate for a week "off" between seasons (after draft or after final's games). Give people a chance to catch there breath. (Not all of us need it, but some do, I think. I know I want to delay playing personally until Chaos has stats site up.) Just thinking out loud.
  13. The truth is I love them. And I am proficient at neither. They have not "ruined the game". They are are the game in its highest form. Among my friends in real life, back in the day, I was one of the better players. (And probably put more time into playing, which is usually related.) Then I started online play, and got my ass kicked. Seriously. I have played online for a year, and am now a mid-level B player. Maybe. I have done zero pass shots in a game, and rarely CB check. Though at least CB is on my radar now! The A level guys, most of whom do pass shots and CB, are the best players in the world. I am glad that pass shooting and CBing exist, and that they are difficult skills to master. That is what gives this 25 year old game so much depth. Both of these "glitches" may be happy accidents that were not intended by design, but they make the game better, because they require real skill. I look forward to the day when I can pull both off like the pros. Note: And I know that neither is required to play well. Lately playing exis with Kingraph I requested he not pass shoot, just to see what happened, and he handed my ass to me all the same.
  14. Keepers and Parity

    Love it! I certainly do not have a problem pitching in for Chaos. How will it be done? We all live so far apart?
  15. Keepers and Parity

    Ok, I don't 100% understand it all yet, so a re-read is in order, but! 1. I like how you keep mixing things up! (This league will never go stale!), and 2. I like that I get 2 keepers!!! Woohoo! Also, more than happy to throw $20 towards Chaos, in whatever fashion that works? One question regarding the randomly determined first round. That round is random for everyone, including Atomic, right? Edit: On re-read I see the answer clearly indicated above: "2. All 11 teams will be eligible for the first pick."
  16. Online Etiquette Guide

    You know, I have never taken note of the music. Or the crowd. On a rare occasion, if a noteworthy goal was scored, I will try and do the "pause / up and down / nice play / flick" thingy, thinking I was being respectful. It makes me cringe to think every time I may have been doing this, instead of it being received as a goodwill gesture, it was received as an a**hole move. Ugggh. I rarely did it. As noteworthy plays rarely occurred. But knowing it may be having the reverse effect means I am going to do away with it completely. ^^^ There you go, Coach, a concession. Now change those numbers back!
  17. Online Etiquette Guide

    Are you replying to me directly? I never said I have any brains. I am saying I have so little brains in fact I cannot disconnect 77 from Bourque and 22 from Dino. Very little brains is my problem here, not too much of them. That aside, I can't be one of the guys that has wrankled you during play because we haven't played yet. When we do play, I will keep in mind your little pet peeves here, and respect them. (Unless you start winning.)
  18. Online Etiquette Guide

    I am not sure what you mean by this? Do you think people are deliberately stopping the music? What if someone is doing the quick "Nice play" flick, where they go to edit screen and quickly flick it up and down and up before returning? Is a comment on lag automatically complaining? Sometimes it is laggier than other times. If there are multiple games occurring, a lag comment seems appropriate because maybe something can be tweaked going forward? Er, how long is a suitable time frame here? This is the real reason I am replying here. This is a legit difference of opinion. I always thought the rule of thumb was "the player most associated with that number keeps it", for the sake of fair play. Of course Bourque should be 77, and Dino should be 22. Even if I looked at your lineup to acquaint myself with the strange # changes, thousands of hours of wiring my brain by playing traditional NHL94 will not be swayed by some strange new numbering. It is simply not possible. On this point, I really do feel that the player most associated with that number keeps it. (I know it is your league, your ROM, your rules, but I am just expressing my opinion.) Really curious who the whiner is here? (I know you will never tell.) All that aside, I love the league and appreciate your work, Coach.
  19. Business Cards (for Tournaments)

    If you are running a tourney and want an easy way to recruit people, I can send you some dead simple business cards to hand out. I just bought 1000 of them, and it will be easy for me to mail them to anyone who wants a stack. They just say: The idea is to funnel potential recruits into a page tailor made for them. There is already info there. See: PM me your address and I will mail a whack of them out! Edit: They will take 2 weeks to be delivered to me, so there is a bit of delay. But I already paid, so this will happen! Edit 2: If you PM me your address, I will delete the PM after I mail them, to protect your identity.
  20. Business Cards (for Tournaments)

    Hey guys, I sent out a whack to: 1. King of 94' WI (Trojan) 2. Tru 3. Coach Trojan received his already. Coach and Tru should get some within a week or so... Anyone else want some?
  21. 2000 GOAL CLUB

    How do you check this? Can you share your link to your own? Congrats!
  22. Premium Retro League 3

    LA KINGS LW - Brian Bradley C - Lindros RW - Bobby Hull LD - Jeff Brown RD - Lidstrom G - Bower X - Sjodin <--- are D-men allowed as extra attackers? There are no duplicated Jersey #s...
  23. Premium Retro League 3

    7.8 F - Keith Primeau
  24. Premium Retro League 3

    6.8 F - Brian Bradley
  25. Premium Retro League 3

    2.9 G - Johnny Bower