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  1. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    Reading is for losers in school.
  2. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    Talked to Scott D over there, he is shipping a console to me today for evaluation. I'll do some streaming and offer some raw opinions on it's overall performance.
  3. Just a heads up I've started uploading individual games on the the Edge of 94 WI Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/gbnhl94/videos/
  4. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    I'm talking about the console listed above. It has NES and SNES ports. One is for NES, one is for SNES. As I understand it their SNES stuff is region free so you can plug the Super Famicom stuff in.
  5. @angryjay93 In the frenzy that followed after the end of the Genesis finals, I regret that we didn't get you in the final picture man. Anybody good with photoshop? I'm talking Michael Scott level.
  6. HDMI TV's

    I ended up with an OSSC, which is a line doubler. Pros, no lag from the scaler at all, not even 1 frame and it only costs about $200. Cons, it looks like a homebrew project because it is, and it's really finicky with capture cards.
  7. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    That's not for Super Famicom, that's for regular NES.
  8. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    So we already used about 6 of the Gamerztek HD SNES consoles during the tournament.(not the combo units listed above) I also bought extra controllers from them, as they were amazing IMO, something you don't typically see from a clone controller. The cable was long, the dpad and button action was great for what we are doing. We had the systems hooked up via composite however. I had played on HDTVs, and while the scaler is good for casual play, the timing difference is noticeable vs a CRT. My only complaint with the console was the audio levels. They were way too high, and it was easy to distort. I had one TV that didn't like any of the clones, only a real console. That might be due to the analog signal strength from the actual console. This was 1 out of about 10 TV's I had hooked up during the tournament, so I wouldn't let that be a concern. I have played using their non HD Genesis clone, and I am not very impressed so far. The controllers are shorter, and I struggled with games like Street Fighter 2 trying to pull off the moves. I was able to play NHL94 ok, but the buttons were stiff. I'm assuming the latency will be a similar concern over the HDMI, but I'm awaiting my HD Genesis test unit from them to confirm.
  9. After contemplated how events unfolded all weekend, I recorded a recap video, real raw off the top off my head. Probably missed something of note, but wanted to do this without emotion behind it.
  10. Thanks for the props @kingraph, I know there were some hiccups, and you guys were really cool about it. I even had a bunch of help from players swapping systems from SNES and GENS to help move things along. Everyone cooperated really well. We won't be making that mistake again. I plan on doing a video recap of my thoughts, the good, the bad, and what we plan to do about it in the future.
  11. It should be mentioned that I will be breaking the vids up into individual games as time permits.
  12. Great work @corbettkb! I combined these with many of the other photos that were taken and created a Facebook album on our King of 94 WI page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/gbnhl94/photos/?tab=album&album_id=581962518809141
  13. Answering the question related to the video take downs. TGFN gave us a ton of sponsorship support in exchange for broadcast rights. It's imperative that the tournament footage not be posted without permission on another platform, or we could lose further support from them. Everything mentioned below was made possible through their financial support.... -Organist -Broadcast Equipment -Advertising Budget -Arda and his contributions to the Raffles
  14. Just an FYI our friendly hosts have requested that we keep our beer consumption limited to bottles or cans, no kegs in the building. Also for you mixer folks, if you can drink from something with a minimal spill impact, vs a red solo cup, that's also preferred. Absolutely no alcohol will be permitted in the room where the VR equipment is held. Please adhere to this so we don't have to slash you.
  15. We went through the SNES groups on the Retro Sports Gamer Podcast yesterday, one correction was made adding Scatterbrainzz.(sorry about that bud) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/159Hb08Bor8prZWR1M5QwpmIQt96SxJeW3wP3v16fbGs/edit?usp=sharing