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  1. I had no troubles playing a game with Moe Man. Gonna try a few others. Not sure why the game between Skip and I keep desynching.
  2. Results posted near top of thread.
  3. Here is the bracket. Here are the results of group play. Nick W elected to focus on helping with admin duties, and getting the broadcast ready for us. Alex elected to forfeit the last few of his games and not participate in the bracket. He had a rough outing.
  4. Sign ups are at 17 right now.
  5. Started Setting up last night.
  6. Wait a minute, I have like 11 or 12 genesis consoles, and you guys did all that with just 7?
  7. is where the action will be streamed.
  8. #14 just signed up!
  9. We are currently sitting at 13 commits, with a number of folks in the wings. While we work hard to find local talent to participate, this tournament is setup to be a destination tournament right in the heart of the Midwest, relatively easy to access from all corners of our continent. I had hoped at this point we'd see a larger commitment base from the community at large here, as that's who the tournament was made for. As of right now, the only NHL 94 community icon coming again is Angryjay93 all the way from California, and retro gaming savant Kevin Cabarello is also coming again. Coach will not be attending. There must be at least one person in the neighboring states, or Toronto that could make the trip, but I don't know who you all are yet. If anyone knows someone that you think would be willing to get in the car/plane and make it out, we'd love to have them. We will have a number of new faces at this tournament getting exposed to what NHL94 is all about, or to get re-introduced. Regardless of the final number, we are going to have an amazing time, with great food and friends! Game on!
  10. Gats plays NHL games about as often as I play NHL95.
  11. Just a heads up, due to the short turn around of putting this tournament on, and the shop being very busy where we had Lord Manly's Cup originally created, we are not going to be able to get another one made in time for our tournament. That being said, Angryjay left the current one in our care, and we will proudly display that. The winner will have his/her picture taken with that same epic trophy hoisted in the air, along with all of cash prizes that go along with it.
  12. Tim U, the 2nd place finisher from our first tournament has just signed up! We are up to 13 commits, just a couple shy of last event, with many more on the fence. Let's get those signups going!
  13. Let her know at best it will be another year before this happens again. Baby is on the way in August.
  14. Recent update provided me puts Coachmac at 90% going, that would be our 3rd out of state player. Who else is going to make the trip?
  15. BTW you should really be at our tournament, missing the boat my friend!