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  1. Hi, I am just reading your post from 2008 on forum about NBA Action 95 which I consider as the best basketball retro game of all time (reminds me of TV Sports Basketball which I played heavily in early 90s), glad someone likes this game too! :-)

  2. Follow Segathon NHL 95 Tourney on Twitter

    I've been following you for a while now. Love it...
  3. NHL 95 music hex address?

    I care.
  4. NHL 2012 (97)

    This is my updated rom, awesome! I'm glad you updated it!
  5. Maaaaaaahty

    Reminds me of this gem... I have no idea why I can't embed this clip
  6. Roster update 2011-2012

    I assume these updates are for the pc version?
  7. I've been on hiatus, sorry.

  8. I have no problem with the ruling, even as a Sabres fan. It should have been addressed on the ice and it wasn't. Just because we couldn't take care of it doesn't mean Shanny had to.
  9. Hey mister and the hack of 95 gens do you stop it or ?

    Thanks buddy !

  10. Worst NHL trades

    Trading players for picks should not even be mentioned. It's ridiculous.
  11. Worst NHL trades

    Oh, so easy... To Chicago: Stephane Beauregard and future considerations To Buffalo: Dominik Hasek
  12. Who have you met from the NHL over the years?

    I hang out with Rob Ray on a regular basis. He is my best friend's next door neighbor.
  13. Philly's goal song in NHL 94

    I married a Greek girl, does that count?
  14. New NHL 97 rom

    Great update, I've been all over this rom! I have tweaked some of the Sabres for accuracy purposes.
  15. Hey Sabre. How's the Little One? Listen I Was Just Wondering What Was The Editor You Used When You Edited The Team Logos On Your Nhl '97/2009 Rom? Let Me Know When You Have A Chance.