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  1. Burntman

    GENS Test Game Requests

    Fudge...just tried to NetPlay with jer_33 and my "Wine Bottled" version of GENS didn't make a connection (HOST OR NOT). I have small hope its a security / firewall setting. Does anyone know if there is a Group Chat on AIM for MAC users? (and use Native MAC Emulator)
  2. Burntman

    GENS Test Game Requests

    Thanks kingraph I got the GENS Buds Group with (hopefully) my temporary AOL handle. AOL support said my problem likely was if the first attempt fails, you are locked out 24 hrs. And if you try again, then 48 hrs...then 72 hrs..... I guess to lock out SPAM bots.... But I HAMMERED it...tied tons...hopefully it caps you at 72hrs...otherwise I'M locked out for weeks!
  3. Burntman

    GENS Test Game Requests

    Doh! Still have trouble creating an AIM account. Emailed AOL support. To setup a Test Game time for me (please) in the mean time: 1. Email: darrin.marr@gmail.com 2. AIM (old account): the_marrs 3. Contact via Discord...though seems like my later-isa nights on the west coast is pretty un-popular! Thanks!
  4. Burntman

    Test Post - New and SOOOOO Excited

    Thanks smozoma. I'll take a look! I would love to try to tweak the game some...was playing Computer today with Line Changes and I think you should be able to switch lines without the puck!
  5. Burntman

    GENS Test Game Requests

    Hi! I am looking for a test game. I've got Gens Running on my MAC via Wine Bottler and it seems to run ok (though graphics seem less smooth than Native Generator Emulator for MAC). I was creating an AIM account to be "Burntman" but it kept crapping out. I have an old account under "the_marrs". I hopefully soon will have an AIM account same as Burntman screen name. I am West Coast Time. Available after 9pm most this week (excluding Wed..have hockey that night). Email: darrin.marr@gmail.com
  6. I've used Wine (WineBottler) in the past for a "must have" PC program on my mac. So I just "bottled" up GENS and it seems to run ok. Should work with Hamachi for MAC...but to be proven. Like someone else mentioned (I think I saw it somewhere)...the graphics only seem to work well in Full Screen...otherwise side by side. Not sure if that is GENS or my "GensBottled".app (i.e. due to the "bottling"). But seems ok in full screen mode (No NetPlay test as yet). Pretty light weight way to get PC GENS running. Will advise on NetPlay.
  7. Burntman

    Test Post - New and SOOOOO Excited

    Hey Guys I'll post a new Topic in the MAC users forum, but it seems like I got GENS running using WineBottler (I used successfully some time ago). Should work with Hamachi for MAC...but to be proven. Like someone else mentioned (I think I saw it somewhere)...the graphics only seem to work well in Full Screen...otherwise side by side. Not sure if that is GENS or my "GensBottled".app (i.e. due to the "bottling"). But seems ok in full screen mode.
  8. Burntman

    Test Post - New and SOOOOO Excited

    Thanks for the help and help offers so far everyone! I'll take a look at some of the info and then if I get stuck will try some individual contacts. Yeah...Manual goalie for sure sounds better for Player vs. Player (crease walk...ha!) I just don't remember doing it much. So I think I need to practice a bit. And Keyboard over controller! Wow! I would have never thought that! My first few games on keyboard has left me "aching" for my old Genesis controller! Looking forward to it! Btw I tried out the modified ROM with 2015 lines. Ha! So awesome. And being a guy with low level programming / FW experience, reading about the ROM editing (like just editing the HEX file) was also awesome! Obviously as well some have gotten the dis-assembly and even modified the code (Checking Hack / Fix!) Wow! I think my next step is Controller Buy and Looking into the play on MAC options. So I may be "dark" for awhile, but then hopefully (soon) will be ready for a test game!
  9. NHL 94 is my favourite sports game of all time! I played the Genesis version for many many many hours as a kid. I don't know what took my so long to search for it online! It's been a looooong time so likely will suck at Netplay at first until I get some practice in (C-Leagues?) Some initial thoughts / comments and some of my (very old) things I used to do on the game! Is "JR" allowed in the leagues? How does Chicago then ever lose? Pretty sure I won the Stanley Cup with EVERY team (with line changes and offsides on...20 min periods often). MAYBE I skipped Anaheim...can't remember. I would pull the goalie for a whole game against the computer. I think I gave the computer a terrible team (Anaheim) and I had to be Boston or Chicago I think. I would normally win...but sometimes could not. I noticed MANUAL GOALIES. Yikes! I don't remember doing manual goalies much / ever! Worried about that. In non-league fun play are the rules / options up to the 2 players? Favorite (NHL94 team): Quebec. But I pretend Sundin is Peter Forsberg! And I put Olan Nolan on the 3rd line. Don't like his work ethic. Looking forward to playing (once I figure out how!)
  10. I re-read the forum above: jackandjose mentioned the "mentor" idea. I think exactly what I would want / wanted / need!
  11. Hey what a GREAT topic for someone (me) who is brand new and just signed up to the forum! As a teenager (in 94 and onwards) I spent HOURS playing NHL 94 (on Genesis). It is (of course) my favourite sports game of all time. The other day I was cleaning my kitchen and somewhere in my brain went "there must be a Hockey 94 online thing....". Man was I excited to find this! But my initial excitement got a little turned down due to some "barriers" which I'll list below. Now some confusion points may be me just not reading instructions correctly, but I'll just relate my experience. Note that I am technical by trade (electrical engineer with coding experience). Barriers: - Sweet there is online play for NHL 94! Doh! I have a Mac. I downloaded and played single player on Generator. And it seems like there are SOME players on MAC gens...but it sounds like it is hard to get anyone for a game as is. I can bring my PC Laptop from home..but that is a pain. There is zero way I am going to bootcamp Windows just for this. Wine bottles is possible option....anyways a Gen that can somehow connect and work across PC and MAC would un-alienate probably a large group of potential users. - OK..I'll figure the MAC thing out or play with MAC users...but the leagues and league system was a bit confusing. I got a hamachi account and remembered my 20 year old AIM password...but then how do you get a test game? I (finally) found the page with active AIM users....Is there a way to add everyone at once? Do I need to join a league? Do I just cold contact someone? Do I post on a forum for a game? The instructions were ok..but I still found it a bit confusing. - I don't have a controller. I think I have my orig. genesis ones and will buy a USB adaptor or will buy a new usb controller or something. Its not a huge barrier for me likely. But I sure don't want to play a "test" game until I have REAL control. My initial games vs computer with keyboard left me yearning for the controller. So maybe there is some "lag" for people while they get a controller - AIM for organizing games? Like said above in posts, coaches REAL status / availability seems to be a problem. Is it working? No experience so far. Just my experience (so far). Looking forward to one day having a controller, hopefully running a popular (I guess PC) emulator, connecting with someone to have a game...but that day seems awhile off still.