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Found 5 results

  1. SNES Online help

    Hey Im new to the site and it will not let me create an aim account but my email is Any help would be appreciated on how to find games and how to make it all work etc thanks
  2. I have gens32. I wanna play some updated versions of NHLPA 93. Where can I find them? Which ones are best? Which are most fun/your fave? Also, I'm curious about the ability to play these games(or any variation) online. Where should I go to learn more/make it happen? P.S. I am willing to work w a diff emu if needed. thank
  3. Hi. Just that I was so desperate to try out online NHL '94 and I have some problems with creating an AIM account. Don't judge me, but I don't have a phone, so I can't make an account. I sort of find this a problem, and was wondering if anyone could be so generous as to help by making one for me or something. Anyone? Please?
  4. Help! - I'm the Ottawa Senators!

    Gents! Hope everything is awesome. I'm taking a stab at the Ottawa Senators for season 4 of our inter-office NHL94 League. If anyone has experience playing as this ragtag gaggle of Junior B bench warmers and jersey fillers and has any hints or tips, please let me know. Very much appreciate any help. Cheers! Gintron
  5. I was very excited to receive my new laptop for my birthday, and was set on making a rom for the hockey league I play in. I downloaded the snes editor but it said that it wasn't working. It says component "TABCTL32.OCX" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing, or invalid. It also said runtime error "339". Help me please!