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y'all have my apologies for not finding an old thread on this topic, but I am curious about possible updates to or revamps of the main page. the oft updated ROMs link is way outdated (I bet Clockwise would be cool with a link to his, I figure Stefan would be fine with a link to his and I know I'd be okay with a link to mine), the league updates that make up most of the news always seem to be a full season behind, there are so many typos in the text that it degrades the overall validity of what is trying to be communicated. I just finally realized that the community drop-down doesn't actually lack a link to the forums, it just hides it well. I figure it is currently only accessible for editing by Evan (love you, bud) and that he doesn't have the time/desire to give it the work I think it needs. do y'all think it needs such care and upkeep? I remember being admonished for suggesting improvements before, but I am hoping to at least get the opinions of other active community members on the specific issues I mentioned above and the topic of general maintenance for the portal to all that is within the site. what would you want to see added to or changed on the main page? could/would one of the trusted moderators take on slowly adjusting the things that aren't quite right? surely the stuff that is incomplete could be added to and the stuff that is plain wrong (rare, but there) could be fixed. your thoughts?

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This was the last recent thread that dealt with site improvements: http://forum.nhl94.c...owing-the-game/

Some awesome suggestions's a copy of what I summarized there:

I. Revamp the homepage

a. Main focus on leagues/netplay

b. Current/Future League Information/Schedules

- Classic

- Blitz

- Survivor

- 2v2 Summit/Winter Classic



- Misc (Anaheim/SNESOT, etc)

II. Videos to supplement the very useful "Getting Started" section on

a. Downloading GENS Emulator & nhl94 ROM, configuration and playing

b. Downloading ZSNES Emulator ...

c. Using AIM and contacting other members for games

d. Setting up Hamachi

e. How to play online via Hamachi/P2P

f. How to play online via Client/Server

I think the only person who can update the main site is the Grand Poobah himself, Evan. The videos, however, can be done by volunteers. Hypercam, or any other desktop recording device could be used, and a voice-over, if anyone is savvy enough and would like to volunteer. My videos list is just a suggestion off the top of my head...perhaps there's a better way to organize it.

Either way, those videos have to happen. Should be easy, and highly beneficial.

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sorry I couldn't seem to find that other thread. if a moderator wants to, this thread can be deleted, with or without my post being moved over to the old one. good game.

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I have access to modify the homepage, just not direct access (I have to copy the file to a different directory, ftp it, modify it, ftp it back, copy it back to the correct directory, rinse and repeat if the change didn't work or come out well).

If you guys can throw up the links to all the current league sites, I can change it when I get home this weekend.

Also, if you record the videos, I can throw up links for tutorials.

I agree it needs updated, I have been reluctant to do it since I don't have direct access.

A big problem is the Javascript doesn't work on a mobile phone (at least not on the iPhone). Look at the menubar on the main page here and nhl94online. Nothing appears. Don't know why. I've looked at that code and don't see a problem.

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