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King of '94 WEST III, wrap up

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Ola buds,

random thoughts on the weekend

1. First thanks to all the buds that came out from other provinces. The weekend was a ton of fun!

2. Extra special thanks to Smoz for getting the stream set up and basically running it the whole day.

3. congrats to our two champions AJ(Sega) and Oliver (SNES)!

4. I went 3-0 in RBI baseball with 39 runs scored and 8 against. I really felt like I finally had a chance to win some money playing video games, and Annatar snatched it away from me with a dramatic comeback in the final two innings, beating me 6-5. I think that was the first game streamed on the day.

5. AJ lost his first Sega game 4-3 in live tournaments since toronto. I think this during that span he won about 30 games. (saskatoon, wisconsin, New York, saskatoon). quite remarkable I think.

6. The field for SNES was really strong for 12 players. Even one of the new guys Ryan D, was very competitive and played well against everyone going 3-2 in the round robin.

7. I play Stheds2000...I can't remember the teams, but at no point was I ever really in it. He wins 6-4..He's a tough bud.

8. I play Ryan D. in game 2...He's a new bud and he's pretty tough...we trade goals all game. I had made some key saves in out being shorthanded....eked out 6-5 ot win.

9. Annatar and I was 2-2...and then he pulls away in the third and makes it 5-2.

10. I play Matt C, who was the weakest player in the great(but still not a bad player, just hadn't practiced much leading into it). Won 4-1 and qualified for the playoffs. 2 wins got you in the playoffs and thank goodness because....

11. ....I lost to Jesse K in the last game 5-4 OT. I blew a 2 goal lead with less than a minute left. He was very animated. He's a nice guy and I think he enjoyed his time there.

12. I play Jesse in the first game double elim playoff in a rematch. He asks me if there's a team I would take if he could use vancouver. So I take boston and he takes Van. I'm going to put this rule in for future tournaments. I didn't see a problem with it. (and i won 7-2)

13. I play AJ in the next game (AJ seeded number one). I was calgary and he was van. I made it close 4-3 and had a breakaway with 5 seconds left...he made an insane save to preserve the win. I know that it was basically over for me then. There was no way I was winning 6 in a row against everyone there.

14. I play the90jacket in the next game. I think it was buf and his was winnipeg. It was 2-2 heading into the third...and then he just ran away with score was 7-3 and I was doneski.

15. I played tecmo super bowl. we didn't have any sign ups so just 4 of us played. I played AJ in the semi and I knew I was going to get destroyed...but i kept it close 33-7.

16. SNES NBA JAM - I get to play AJ...and I get roasted 78-37.

17. SEGA NBA JAM - FPB is watching and wants someone to use I oblige and then proceed to lose to Sean Y. on a last second basket 48-47 in the quarter final.

18. Congrats to AJ, who was our overall winner of the Retrothon champion. I played in many finals throughout the day (almost all of them). He really was the best retro sports player of the day.

19. My favourite part of the day was commentating the final for SNES NHL94. It was a lot of fun!

I'm going to try and have another tournament before the Saskatoon (or Toronto). I'm looking at having one in Edmonton or Halifax.

The next tournament will also include Ice Hockey (NES) and Blades of Steel (NES)....all day hockey tourney!

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Looked like a very fun time. It was nice following the action on the stream most of the day.

On the note of your next tournament, we are aiming to do another WI one in February at some point. We have also had some talk on adding nes hockey games, or possibly TSB.

Still working out details, but this is probably happening for us. Hopefully our tournaments aren't too close to each other.

Great job guys!

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Sorry I missed it. Sounded like you unlocked the formula for a great event.

You had the right mix of High Stakes/Fun time with playing NHL 94 competitively, and the other games to goof around a bit.

We had an ode to Retrothon at the same time while in Nebraska on a road trip. Played NHL 95, Mutant League Football, General Chaos, NBA Jam on GENS and Baseball Stars, Superspike Vball, Ice Hockey and RC Pro AM on NES.

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