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1970 Hockey Night

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Music matched to appropriate teams.

I believe this is the first rom to capture the Original Expansion era (1967-70)

It only lasted 3 years until Buffalo and Vancouver came along in 1970 and Slapshot made a rom for every year.

Which by the way I used his roms as the base for all my Original 6 and other historic roms.

Player cards for all starters

Fred Cusick as the Host

PRO SET sponsor of Scoreboard and 3 stars

Mustaches and hair become a thing in the 70's as did cool goalie mask.

Tony Esposito wasn't cold much as he won the Vezina and Calder with 15 shutouts in 63 GP.

Bobby Orr won the Hart, Norris and Smythe as he and Phil Esposito ran away as the top 2 scorers.

Hockey came to California, Pennsylvannia, and the Midwest.

As well as colorful uniforms.

1970 Playoff Brackets

The playoffs expanded to 8 teams.

The NHL used an interesting Handicapping system to drive up interest in the new markets.

The Original 6 were all placed together in the East Division with the Top 4 advancing just as they had in the past.

The Expansion 6 were all placed together in the West Division with the Top 4 advancing which guaranteed an Expansion Club of making the Finals. St. Louis went and lost all 3 years (68, 69,70)

All team and sim data set to reflect 1970.

Team ratings based on season points.

Chicago won the League Championship even though they tied with the Bruins with 99 points based on more wins.

East Division West Division

Chicago 99 St. Louis 86

Boston 99 Pittsburgh 64

Detroit 95 Minnesota 60

New York 92 Oakland 58

Montreal 92 Philadelphia 58

Toronto 71 Los Angeles 38

Montreal missed the playoffs with 92 points while Oakland got in with 58.

The Divisions still played the 1 v 3 and 2 v 4 format.


Pittsburgh beat Oakland 4-0

St. Louis beat Minnesota 4-2

Boston beat New York 4-2

Chicago beat Detroit 4-0


St. Louis beat Pittsburgh 4-2

Boston beat Chicago 4-0


Boston beat St. Louis 4-0

Ending with Bobby Orr's famous cup clinching flying goal in OT.

Regular season rom with no overtime


Stanley Cup rom with 20 minute overtime



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Awesome work, thanks a lot. But the "Stanley Cup" version crashes every time I press any button at the first faceoff... 

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I'll look into that problem.

The Regular Season Version works fine?

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Yeah it seems so :) Thanks!

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