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Hi guys, I have been playing hockey games since the NES and have logged sick hours in nhl 94,95. To put my hockey fandom into perspective... Iused to create players as they joined teams and add them to keep rosters current and realistic in 95. I have broken all scoring and points records in nhl 95, 2k6-11, NHL 10 on PC, genesis, dreamcast, xbox and xbox 360.

When i sit down to play nhl, i usually target Wayne and his single season scoring records. Then his career totals.

As for modding I have modded NHL and Need for speed pc cames for fun. Used to know a guy Mike Henderson who ran a few modding sites for Need for speed and Nhl. I worked on some stuff for Omnem and and created a custom draft league for them before it closed.

So I am aprogrammer and designer who works in IT and would love to create a NHL 95/96/97 rom with 2016 rosters and teams. I do not think 94 will work for me as iwant trades and seasons.

Anyone care to direct me to anyone that might be working on some of this so i can offer my help.

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I think I may of just made a new NHL 95 best friend.....


If you are an NHL 95er check out our site which is all about NHL 95.

Love it when a hear people with big brains working on these games, I have put in a lot of time but my expertise ends with MS Paint....

Welcome to the boards!

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damn. I was hoping you were a SNES guy. well, welcome and have fun!

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