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Yeah, I wouldn't reserve a non-refundable room either, but it's nice to see prices coming down a bit.

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May Prices:

On 2/2/2017 at 2:04 PM, aqualizard said:

Here are current hotel prices on May 17, 2017.  These hotels are close to the Downtown Grand, which is a bit pricey.  This is according to, for Fri and Sat Sept 29 and 30, as of today.

Note: Though they change like the stock market, at this point, most prices have gone up since early Feb:

#            Name                                                                            Price (compared to Feb)
072        Downtown Grand, an Ascend Collection Hotel       $ 145 (cheaper)   
137        Oasis at Gold Spike                                                     $  114 (same)  
104        Fremont Hotel and Casino                                         $  140 (way up)    
085        Golden Nugget Hotel                                                   $   no longer avail
110        Four Queens Hotel and Casino                                  $  99 (cheaper) 
091        The D Casino Hotel Las Vegas                                    $  130 (up)     
106        El Cortez Cabana Suites                                              $  119 (up)   
098        California Hotel & Casino                                           $  no longer avail
056        Main Street Station Hotel & Casino                           $  140 (way up)       
109        Plaza Hotel & Casino                                                   $  114 (cheaper) 

The # is the Rank out of 264 Hotels in the area (according to Trip Advisor).
The $ is USD, and amounts to nightly rate (though Fri and Sat may be different, this is average)

As the event approaches I will update this first post, and save the old prices below.

Useful Links:

1. Hotel Booking Strategy:
2. Hotels Without Resort Fee: (thanks Jack&Jose!) -- ✝ designates no Resort Fee



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