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Edge of 94' WI

Travel/Lodging sharing thread for Pucks Out 4 Harambe

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I wanted to make a thread for buds to post where they'd be coming from.  I know a number of you may be on the fence based on travel expenses or time.  If you can share expenses, it makes the burden lighter.  Let's put out where buds are coming from, and see if we can consolidate some costs.

While we feel growth will continue locally as reputation grows, we truly feel the competitive spirit will be kindled by the traveling buds out there.

For the would be flyers, it seems that it's a better value to fly into MKE rather than GRB Airports, leaving some opportunities for sharing a rental car.

It also sounds like there are some players in the great state of IL.  If you are near the northern part, the drive isn't horrible.  Let's see if you can take advantage of a park and ride situation with some friends and make the journey up.

Here are hotels near Howard, WI.


Let's get this going buds!

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