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Best Guys in SNES Versus GENs

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That thread about the age old "SNES vs GENs" got me wondering: who are the best guys in SNES?  And does skill matter as much?

Most would agree in GENs, JR, Mogs and Yzerman are among the best.  All highly skilled, and all light or very light.  The combination of being light and yet-- because of the weight bug -- being a powerhouse puts those players above all others.  And a highly skilled heavy guy, like Mario, is less desirable, by most. (Yes, I realize CB checking has changed this for some of the pros.)

In SNES, is Mario the #1 guy?  Are other heavy guys that are skilled sought after, instead of shunned? 

Is the relative skill between guys less significant, in SNES? (In GENs, a Mogilny versus a scrub is like God versus some schlubby dude.)



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I think the dual console guys can best answer this one.

But I think the top players are definitely different in SNES because of the lack of weight bug. I guess the SNES player rankings would be similar to GENS Blitz league? 

In SNES, I think top forwards are Mario, Mogilny, Lindros, Neely and Yzerman. Really light guys like Roenick and Bure are not as desirable, but still highly skilled. On D, top players are Bourque, Iafrate, Stevens, Coffey, Zalapaski. So yeah, weight plays a big part in it. 

I don't know enough about GENS to know if the relative skill is less significant in SNES vs. GENS. 


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