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NHL97 PC Theme songs & intro

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This game was a bit let down. It was nearly impossible to defend certain types of players and a specific move. There was an absurd type of goal that you could score with always, I once scored 24 goals with Probert on all-star vs my friend who was a very competitive player as well. Yes, you just could not take those tanks down when doing a wobbly movement, talk about Blitz^n+1. Just a stupid game, but the intro & menu were ok in this one as well. Few legendary tunes, probably 1, 4 are my favourites from this one, but there were better games. Theme continued the same heavy/industrial type Jeff Van Dyke did in 96. We fell back to play NHL96 sometimes because 97 sucked so much on PC. What 97 did offer for me the first time is the first "online" experiences, well, not really online in terms of internet, but playing against the opponent on a dial up.










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