Quick Film Update and Question

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Hey Guys,


Well, the film is coming along very good. We are a little bit under budget and a little bit ahead of schedule. The editor and I have spent the last week turning the rough cut into our first Fine cut. That means the film is in a state now where there is nothing really missing and it's in the order we think is the most logical/entertaining.

We have some cool animations and "cutaways"  that were made by local artists up here and really gives the story a lot of humor.

We have 8-bit animation, 3d style diorama sets, and some classic cartoon animation. Also, we have 4 versions of the Sega theme made to put throughout the film (think of the sad version of "America, f**k Ya" in Team America.

My question is a need some footage ripped from NHL 2003. It's some specific shots and I'm wondering if anyone here has the tech to do it. Send me an email if someone can help out. I need only a few seconds of it.

Anyhow, I hope everone is enjoying summer and the playoffs. I'll update more as the film progresses.




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Mikey, thanks for the update bud! Sounds like things are progressing well. Exciting! I'm especially interested to see the cut scenes, animations, and especially the 3d style dioramas.

Were you able to get any help with the NHL 2003? I used to play it all the time on PC, but I don't have it readily available anymore so I don't think I can help you out.


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When will pixelated hero's be available?


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Really enjoyed the premier in LV but just wanted to follow up on when we could expect an official release?  Looking forward to it, Mikey!

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