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Plablegs II Playoff Format

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Playoffs will start February 5th, as season ends basically, the previous night.

Format will go:

7th seed vs 10th seed has a playin series.
8th seed vs 9th seed has a playin series.

These will be labeled Rd 1.

Winners of those 2 series will then be re-seeded to form the #7 & the 8th seed.

#1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5 for Rd 2.

Re-seeding after Rd 2, so it then Rd 3 is:
#1 vs #4, #2 vs #3, and then re-seed for home ice

Rd 4:
#1 vs #2 for finals champ.


WE ALSO will have a B formatted playoffs.  Anyone finishing the season sub .500, will be given the chance to enter.  I realize this means we might have a team in both brackets, but we don't have enough teams to run A & B playoffs without some teams doubling up.

I'll update this part when all teams have played 28 games.


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Play-In series:

#10 Hartford (Chaos) vs #7 NYR (Lupz)
#9 Toronto (Jer) vs #8 Anaheim (JMJ)

#1 #7 re-seeded ( lowest ranked to win from 2 play-in series) vs #1 Pittsburgh (Raph)
#2 #8 re-seeded (highest ranked to win from 2 play-in series) vs #2 St Louis (Brutus)

#6 Quebec (Skip) vs #3 Chicago(Dicicion)
#5 Tampa Bay (J&J) vs #4 Dallas (Tex)

Best of 7, 2-2-1-1-1 format.

RE-SEED after each round.

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We are into Rd 2 for the B playoffs.  Not re-seeding because it was supposed to have helped speed things up, which obviously hasn't happened!
Seeding was jacked up to start with anyhow given it was a B playoff and we had a substitute coach coming in mid season.


Anyhow,  here is the Semi-Finals.
Best of luck, and get them in soon if you are going to want to have a final series.

#1 Jmj vs #5 Flat
#3 Jer vs #7 Quetz

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