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Plablegs 3: Official ROM

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Here is the Plablegs 03 ROM (VERSION 02 IS CORRECT): Plablegs03_final_v2.bin

* 15 sexy teams belonging to 15 sexy coaches
* Player cards for all players on each team!
* B-check enabled with penalties off
* Static Ratings (no hot/cold boosts/decreases each game)
* Home/Away Advantages set to zero
* Boosted Goaltenders (except Roy/Belfour): +1 agility and +1 stick/glove from Classic ratings
* Shortened Delay for Goalie Control
* After whistle checks are not counted
* Joe Sakic Title Screen (Season 02 Art Ross Trophy Winner)

* Sam Rosen calling the action!



* Coors Light (NHL Sponsor) scoreboard logo reminding you to drink a cold one during the game


* Tim Horton's (NHL Canada Sponsor) 3 stars of the game.  Reminding you to eat a donut after each game:

* 06_timhortons.png




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@kingraph Sakic on the cover screen....yes!

Image result for dr. evil tear

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Bumped -- edited original post to fix goalie ratings mistakes and now v2 is the correct ROM.  Thanks for the catch @skip!

Ratings will match Plablegs draft sheet. 

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