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NHL93 2009 Rom

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Hey Everyone,

I completed an updated rom for the 2009 season 93nhlpa.

All the teams should be updated with current rosters.

-I made minimum speeds for players of 46 and minimum shots of 60. I believe the new NHL is a lot faster than it was in 1993 where even the tough guys can skate in todays game.

- Also, to make it to the NHL you have to have a decent shot. Most players will have a 66 in the game to have a full slap shot but a lower shot accuracy, so they cant score at will.

- I made the defense a little bit more mobile, so it is a little harder to score.

- I reduced the size of the puck, put tape on most of the sprites hockey sticks, and black eyes for most the sprites that I can find to edit.

Hope you enjoy, if there is anything you think needs to be changed, whether lines, players, or colors, Feel free to do it yourself.

Let me know what you think.

Go Kings


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Its for the genesis

also I have an another 2009 93 rom that I used smozoma's code for the weight bug fix so now weight makes a difference for checking and that small guys cant check as hard. Let me know if you want a copy of this one.

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