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any interest in a 1960 disk?

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I got a wild hair last night, and started creating an 'original 6' 1960 version of NHLPA 93. I've been studying the 50's and 60's of late for a fantasy hockey replay league that I'm in, and I suddenly remembered I had this old NHLPA 93 rom that I haven't used in years. Thought it would be fun to do this, and if people are interested and I have fun with it, I might do a version every 5 NHL years or so (ie, 60, 65, 70, 75).

Is this something anyone is interested in?

PS speaking of fantasy hockey I've got 3 different leagues, 2 of which have openings. If you are interested in fantasy replay hockey (think demo mode or 'simulate' all games with an EA sports game, but you manage a team, make trades, lines, draft, etc). It's totally free. If interested in either a 7374 or current league, please contact me at apbaahl[at]

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