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  2. Premium Retro League 3

    Season is 59% complete. Regular Season Ends Friday December 1. Bailey Bobble Playoffs 1 v 3 2 v 4 Teddy Bear Cup Playoffs 5 v 7 6 v 8 Consolation Cup 9 v 10 Huge THANK YOU to @chaos for setting us up for saves, if you have games to upload please do.
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  5. ESportsEarnings page

    whoops...all fixed now i had a couple other errors to fix.
  6. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    WOO HOO!!!! Best news I've heard all day @slapshot67!!!
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  8. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    I took the last cup team before they won again years later, like I said it is due for an update, now that we have a 32 team rom, I will give it an update.
  9. Online Etiquette Guide

    haha yeah i think lots of people have different post-goal against habits. Whenever someones blowing me out and I start feeling defeated, I often stop checking after the whistle and just stand there. Im more of a checking after the whistle guy when im happy, not sad. Whenever i make a dumb manual goalie play i often spam the stick around looking in every direction making the goalie look like hes having a seizure lol
  10. Online Etiquette Guide

    Sometimes when I get a good goal scored on me I do a little spin-around with my guy instead of checking the bejesus out of the other team. If I do something dumb I ram my guy into the boards.
  11. stacking up the carts, we have plenty!
  12. Online Etiquette Guide

    cant believe you didnt know the pause and flick up and down was to signal nice goal brutus after all this time, thats hilarious. But I can understand, as I remember yearsss ago when i first started i asked raph if theres some sort of a morse code meaning to the pausing and flicking people do, so it wasnt intuitive to me either at first. Im surprised so many people find it annoying. Ive always felt respected when people give me the flick. Occasionally a player will pause and flick out of rage, usually they pause and immediately go into the replay and then immediately spam C and start or just double start to unpause. But interesting ideas about it quieting the crowd, never really thought about that. As much as I like the flick, maybe we should put a soft ban on it for league games or something. This is why we need ingame chat like snes gahhhhh

    I have one of these and confirm it does the trick. If you want mobile SNES gaming, this is the way to go. There's also the Supaboy, which I've heard is good as well.
  14. Online Etiquette Guide

    I actually could go for this in the PRL, season 4. Did you know until the 1955-56 season scoring a goal on the Power play did not let the guy out of the box, so you could literally score 3-4 goals on a single Power Play. AND, The Canadiens did. The rule was changed and known as the Beliveau Rule.. Maybe in Season 4 we will go penalties off.
  15. Online Etiquette Guide

    I don't understand why you guys just don't disable penalties. They mostly are just random stoppages in play, and they result in goals more than 50% of the time. So many goals are scored only because it was on a power play. Not only that, but people feel the need to change their lines every single time they get a penalty. It's just a waste of time.
  16. Online Etiquette Guide

    I know this has nothing to do with how changing the number in an actual rom works. I know all players are the same in 2v2. BUT, Whoever made the 2v2 rom knew that Dino was 20 in Minnesota and that is what he is wearing. AND, this makes me happy.
  17. Online Etiquette Guide

    The actual time out is fine. If you don't pause the music will play. There is a hard and fast rule. Now I know it. The PRL will have some exceptions to the rule in regards to retro guys and hockey history, but I will try and respect the rule when possible. Oh and as for the acronyms, I hate names on jersey. So the PRL would say no to acronyms.
  18. Online Etiquette Guide

    Love ya Coach. I wasn't thinking about the pause so much as I might be cutting the music short to get back to the face-off after a goal, because I can't tell when the music ends. As for actual time-outs - I am of the camp that believes a time-out actually resets momentum in a game. If I've just had 2 or 3 goals scored on me in quick succession - I know that for the rest of the period, my guys will be running around full fire-alarm, and that winning a face-off will become an impossible feat. A timeout (beyond giving the coach a reset) more often than not can give you the next face-off, and an opportunity to hold onto the puck for a bit. If I can say anything about changing player numbers - it's that there should be a hard/fast rule, no negotiating. In fact, maybe there should be a way to show that a common player has had his number changed in game. It would be cool if you could add a star, or an x to the players number on screen. s**t, could you ditch numbers for initials - or 3-4 letter acronyms? (Not asking for these roms to be changed, just wondering if it is possible). Great stuff coach.
  19. Online Etiquette Guide

    100% cool with this, annoying but cool. Playing Darko with LA is the worst, but again 100% cool with that.
  20. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    That one of yours is sweet Slapshot. I Love it and had lost it, so thanks for posting. A couple questions on it. Why the 55 Red Wings? 52 and 54 Wings were way better. 55 was also one of Gordie's worst years. No 50's or 60's Canadiens? 67 Leafs? Historic, but not he best team 62, 63, and 64 were all way better. 61 Blackhawks? Won the Cup, so I guess have to get the nod, but not the Best Hawk team from that era.
  21. Online Etiquette Guide

    I'm using Dallas right now for classic, and I always feel bad when I pause game to move courtnall back to RW.
  22. Online Etiquette Guide

    Then why pause the game? You also love your timeout. (Which I am fine with) and your goalie change. I'll try and add fart noises to my next rom and give the Leafs pink uniforms since none of that matters. Actually I will completely remove the music from Maple Leaf Gardens. Harold Ballard would love this as he could have saved money by everyone just bringing their own music. Calling BS here. Yes. This is a good conversation and obviously matters and has different opinions, but I think a Fair Summation is, Don't Pause in Game! Exceptions would be to take your timeout. Change your line-up in classic. (which still gets annoying, but I get it) (example Montreal LW gets a penalty and you don't want Dionne in the game.) The jersey numbers should defer to the better the 94 player's number from 1993 in draft leagues. The Exception would be the Premium Retro League., Where hockey history trumps "the realm of 94" I will take your opinions into consideration, just as i did in Season 1 when KingRaph wanted Leetch to keep 2 instead of Doug Harvey. It pained me greatly, but since Leetch was a HOF guy as well, I let it happen. It is funny as I looked this morning at the NHL 94 players. Dino is about the only guy, that has the situation he does and if I was any team but Minnesota, I would have probably left him as 22 and been fine with that. Ray I will change to 77 moving forward as that is historically correct and makes you guys happy. However, In the PRL retro guys will mostly get their numbers.
  23. Online Etiquette Guide

    This is why I gave you a comment, because you are always an arse. For you to throw your comment at Coach, a guy who does a lot online & actually plays online, compared to a guy who never does but just trolls, it's a full earned... STFU
  24. Online Etiquette Guide

    My concern is that pausing after a goal quietens the crowd, which could be stealing home team advantage if the crowd affects how the team plays And if I scored I earned the music, even if you don't like it ;P
  25. ESportsEarnings page

    I think 2nd was $920.
  26. Online Etiquette Guide

    If I've cut the music short during any online games, it's probably because I have the sound turned off. I like to play to my own music, no offence to those that work so hard changing it. Truth be told, goals could be signalled by fart noises, and the crowd could be chanting "go Coach go", and I wouldn't know it.
  27. Online Etiquette Guide

    it is really almost all "competitive etiquette," so don't let yourself get riled up by my agreeing with you in a thread with the term "online" in it. no need to be a jerk. or maybe there is -- maybe if enough people get worked up and nasty I will be banned from more sections of the site in which I previously enjoyed conversing about the games. is that your goal with that stupid jab? I had better check my account for the demerits you deserve, right? the freaking cool kids club here is awful. this crap is counter to the push for more active members. why don't you report this post so I can have further disciplinary action taken against me for other people's inability to stay civil?
  28. Online Etiquette Guide

    I just picked up on this over the last year from playing 2v2, I'm not a fan of the pause after a goal unless calling time out, goalie change, or necessity because line change after a penalty leads to a PP goal, BUT that's just in league play, in exis with guys I'm comfortable playing with (have exied a lot, and it's more for fun, and practice then actual competition thou f**k you I want to win every single game) I could care less, and enjoy pausing checking out replays of awesome goals for, and against, and funny stupid s**t like slappers off defenders dome piece that saves a goal, or like last night nailing a one timer to only see the goal credited to someone else, and had to replay why the f**k he got credit to find out he was behind the net, and touched the puck through the back of the net after it went in giving him credit for the goal, stuff like that during exis. Real games I will make comments about over Discord chat during, or mostly after game.
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