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  2. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    I knew I'd get a book out of Plabs on that one!! Seriously, there is a video of Plabs vs someone in some finals using CB and it's obvious the other guy doesn't know WTF is going on. I think it's Frey, but I'm old and my memory is not what it is. Still, one of those titles comes with an asterisk in my book. Online, dudes definitely use any edge to win. I've often enjoyed taunting the kid for it, and shortly after I did, the lag spikes vs him stopped Not sure if he ever did when he was way more competitive/ jonesing for titles or not. Clearly, not at the end. That said, I've never been half as good as him, and he clearly drafted a lower ranked team and also never tried to create a super team. Big kudos for his work on finding CB, big kudos for setting up Plablegs and the non-penalty league. I've never held his jockstrap in this game. He still puts up the WORST WORST WORST arguments on any forum I've read. Horrible logic pattern in that head.
  3. Anything to make solo play more fun is awesome! I would love to see more of this and the stuff a couple of the new guys are doing. My 1980 Olympic Rom is also really fun solo, Try and recreate the Miracle with a bunch of 60 rated American College Kids against the Fully Juiced 120 rated Soviets! Or you Canucks could try for your own. All the other countries are 60 rated as well, except for West Germany who is 40. Go for the ultimate challenge and see if you can win Gold with West Germany. Does your rom use fart noises for the goal music?
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  5. I have another idea for a Story-Mode Vancouver that would start from a save-state 3-1 Rangers series lead - to see if the Canucks could finish them off. (Could go back to the opening round vs Calgary in a 3-1 hole to start as well).
  6. The story would still end the same Rangers sweeping the 1st round (just this time vs Florida instead of the Islanders), and go on to win Lord Stanley!
  7. could you limit the regular season menu to the five teams and still have a full playoff with other teams?
  8. I've set the rom up for game 1(Visitor @ PHI) - you'd have to select your home games for the rest.
  9. how are you forcing the four games? very interested....
  10. Version history: v1 (changed playoff bracket, changed main menu) Things to change in future versions: Splash Screen Scoreboard? Weight-Bug Fix? Rosters (to better reflect the actual team)? NHL94-StoryMode(FLA-v.1).bin
  11. Been thinking about this for a while, and wondered if there would be any interest in it? The premise is to make a special "Story Mode" rom to be played solo. The rom would be upgraded in order to play out the story. My first edition (again, if there is interest) would be the 1993-94 Florida Panthers edition. The Panthers were 2 pts out of a play-off spot in their expansion year, which sounds great for an expansion franchise - but they were in a play-off race with the Islanders until the final days of the season. An 8 game winless streak killed their chances at a play-off berth. In Story Mode, a player would try to win-out the final 4 games of the season (@PHI, vsNJ, vsQUE, vsNYI) and progress into a playoff bracket where they would face the Rangers in the first round. If you like the idea - or better yet decide to give it a go - post your thoughts or results in this thread.
  12. Technical differences (not gameplay)

    schooled? there wasn't a solid fact in any of that. it was implications of personal insults covered in speculation with a side of unsubstantiated claims. yay? read the whole thread again without sucking up the clear bias against me that plagues this place to its own detriment.
  13. Is the sega cd verison anygood?

    that project would be rad.
  14. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Why do you really think he used a lag switch? Thats insane. He hates losing but would never stoop that low
  15. Is the sega cd verison anygood?

    Wish there was an easy way to port over some of the excellent cartridge roms we have here, to CD. And get rid of, or bypass, all of the extraneous CD crap, and get right to the game.
  16. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    You've got great splash screens Coach, each one unique and really well done.
  17. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    1970 Rom has updated ratings for Bobby Orr, and a new Splash Screen. 1975 Rom, Coming Very Soon!
  18. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    I know this is a comedy post, but still. Here is the truth. I beat everyone down with skill. A champion like myself would never resort to dirty play . Take a look at my performance against my peers who live right next to me such as FPB, Zalex and Freydey... Won 80% of the time! Lost one time to Freydey in GDL12 because I handicapped myself and lost one time to Zalex in Classic because of home/away advantages, which is a bigger advantage than a "lag switch" Brutus' claim that I used the CB check without sharing it for over a full season is false. I found the CB check during GDL 11 on February 24, 2014, and I revealed it to the public on February 25, 2014. GDL 11 started on February 23, 2014 and ended June 14, 2014... so clearly not a full season. In fact, everyone played more than 90% of their season knowing what the CB check was! Also, Brutus even commented in the thread, confirming that he knew about the CB check. How many games did I play with the CB check before sharing it? I played three regular season games. Brutus' story of me using it to my advantage against Freydey in the playoffs is also false... Freydey didn't even play in the playoffs that season, lol! I did beat Freydey multiple times without the CB check though.. As for me using all the edges to win, remember that I purposely watered down a lot of my teams to challenge myself. If you look, you'll see that I have never drafted and played with any of the elite superstar players in GDL. I never drafted and played with a fast forward or a player with 5 shot power outside from Wendel Clark. Outside of GDL 10, Blitz 09 and Blitz 10, my teams were purposely built to be worse than what they could have been.
  19. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    hahahaha that's hilarious!
  20. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Don't let the nerd push you around! Also, for those not aware, Plabax used to use a LAG SWITCH, which greatly increased his playoff winning percentages. It was after this was discovered, and his controversial retirement that suddenly, his greatness has been put into question. AND, the guy who FOUND the C/B trick is Plabax, and he used it for over a full season and won a title before sharing it, but part of his "glory" was with a clear advantage I think Frey? didn't know about. I mean, 1 million kudos to the kid to finding a bug in the game 20 years later that noone else had and using it to his advantage. BUT in the debate of straight skill, Plabax was more like Belichick, using all the edges to win, but they become tainted. Can't take away the trophies though, or the lack of class
  21. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    haha ya probably
  22. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    sounds like youre the douche
  23. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    I wasn't joking. What do you suggest I say instead?
  24. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Clearly inferior? Haha maybe you're joking, but maybe you're kind of a douche lol I know I'm new here but it's funny reading your posts
  25. Technical differences (not gameplay)

    schooled. Hard.
  26. Technical differences (not gameplay)

  27. Is the sega cd verison anygood?

    For me, the CD version plays exactly the same as the cartridge. It does not seem harder to score. I do not notice the frame rate differences. The sound is way better and was super cool to play for the first time after playing the cartridge version for 20 odd years. The extra video is hilariously terrible. Ron Barr has a great intro for every game now with cool audio. Was just a little harder to set up on the emulator, but totally worth it! Showed my brother and he wasn't impressed with the difference though, lol
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