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  2. Plablegs II Playoff Format

    We are into Rd 2 for the B playoffs. Not re-seeding because it was supposed to have helped speed things up, which obviously hasn't happened! Seeding was jacked up to start with anyhow given it was a B playoff and we had a substitute coach coming in mid season. Anyhow, here is the Semi-Finals. Best of luck, and get them in soon if you are going to want to have a final series. #1 Jmj vs #5 Flat #3 Jer vs #7 Quetz
  3. Good catch... they aren't even ranked in the IIHF They have 116 hockey players in the country and there is only 1 rink
  4. Is that Portugal that took out Canada? Portugal has a hockey team?
  5. Database of .krec Files

    a krec is a really small file, so you can easily store and transmit them (as long as you also have the ROM used when recording them) whereas a video file will be 1000x larger (but doesn't require the ROM)
  6. Update: we have 6 confirmed and 1 maybe. Looking forward to fill the 8th slot, that'd be good amount for a league I think. @Jwebber64 let's have a exi soon. If the ping is alright and you're willing to dedicate yourself for european timezone, then it's all good.
  7. Database of .krec Files

    What's the benefit of using .krec? Probably explained somewhere within forums.
  8. Plablegs 3 or ???

    I'm going to invest in the upcoming euro classic league. Might be interested to join in as backup if somebody fades. So count me in as a backup.
  9. Just an FYI our friendly hosts have requested that we keep our beer consumption limited to bottles or cans, no kegs in the building. Also for you mixer folks, if you can drink from something with a minimal spill impact, vs a red solo cup, that's also preferred. Absolutely no alcohol will be permitted in the room where the VR equipment is held. Please adhere to this so we don't have to slash you.
  10. Definitely a home advantage in this game. I think like 90% were won at's was kinda crazy how home got all the bounces. We divided up all the teams and played single elimination. I used a mini puck board and @Fiddz superimposed all the flags over the top. It was a fun day all around!
  11. Plablegs 3 or ???

    So, im not necessarily for keepers, as the draft is the most fun part however love the auction idea + this would lead to a viable way to weight it based on the B players having a larger pot to use to acquire players than the A players. huh-huh?
  12. Plablegs 3 or ???

    I really like the 3 games as well.
  13. Plablegs 2: Semi-Finals (Lupz vs kingraph)

    Thank you Raph!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Now that we have an efficient way to record with Windows 10, we can easily make videos from .krec files. Does anyone have any notable .krecs they would be willing to share? Maybe someone out there is willing to upload them to YouTube.. who knows I have .krec files of nearly every single game (exis included) from December 2012 on. So for me, here are my key games (that are not on YouTube): Fall Classic 2012 GENS B - Plabax vs. TomKabs93 GDL 9 - Plabax vs. BoKnowsNHL94 Spring Classic 2013 GENS A - Begley15 vs. Plabax Spring Classic 2013 GENS A - IceStormNHL94 vs. Plabax GDL X - eggink444 vs. Plabax GDL X - Plabax vs. Carse (game 5 desync) GDL X - Plabax vs. IceStormNHL94 GDL XI - Houly vs. Plabax (forfeit after game 2) GDL XI - Plabax vs. FlamingPavelBure GDL XI - Plabax vs. Depch GDL XI - Plabax vs. Zalex Blitz 09 - Depch vs. Plabax Blitz 09 - Plabax vs. IceStormNHL94 Blitz 09 - Plabax vs. Freydey GDL XII - zeppelin55 vs. Plabax GDL XII - Fitzo vs. Plabax (multiple desyncs) GDL XII - Plabax vs. Uncle Seth Blitz 10 - Fitzo vs. Plabax Blitz 10 - Zalex vs. Plabax Blitz 11 - brutus vs. Plabax Blitz 11 - IcestormNHL94 vs. Plabax Blitz 11 - kingraph vs. Plabax GDL XIII - matthurray vs. Plabax GDL XIII - IceStormNHL94 vs. Plabax GDL XIII - Plabax vs. kingraph (forfeit in game 4) GDL XIII - Zalex vs. Plabax Fall Classic 2015 GENS A - kingraph vs. Plabax GDL XIV - FlamingPavelBure vs. Plabax GDL XIV - zeppelin55 vs. Plabax GDL XIV - IceStormNHL94 vs. Plabax Spring Classic 2016 GENS A - Plabax vs. Zalex GDL XVI - matthurray vs. Plabax GDL XVI - Freydey vs. Plabax GDL XVI - Plabax vs. angryjay93 GDL XVI - Uncle Seth vs. Plabax Plabax League - HABS vs. Plabax Plabax League - Plabax vs. Depch Plabax League - Uncle Seth vs. Plabax If anyone wants the files for a specific game or series, let me know. Also, if you've played exis or regular season games against me, and you want to see them to analyze your game, I can provide that too.
  16. Allgood. Always appreciate the effort of putting these on, Thanks.
  17. Plablegs 3 or ???

    THiS! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  18. Sorry about that, in our communication with the sponsor we talked to them about Genesis. They weren't able to attend so when the dropped off the tournament supplies it was SNES. Live and Learn. Won't happen again. - Eliot
  19. Plablegs 3 or ???

    The 2 game series has always been my preference, I think it breeds more activity as guys know that they can get a bunch of games in and nobody is waiting around for too long. 4 gamers are often enough that guys won't stick around and/or enough for some guys that one series is all they'll play in a night.
  20. Plablegs 3 or ???

    I'm in for Plabegs 3.
  21. Plablegs 2: Semi-Finals (Lupz vs kingraph)

    Game 05: Game 06:
  22. Plablegs 2: Semi-Finals (Lupz vs kingraph)

    Game 03: Game 04:
  23. As requested: Game 01: Game 02:
  24. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    Awesome. Thanks. Just a little error. Michal Neuvirth #30 Regarding the Maple Leafs. Just edit in NHL Info. If you don't have it. You can get it here. Put the files in the game folder. As it is part of my Roster Tutorial Page.
  25. Plablegs 3 or ???

    Everyone has been reached out to in some form. Some take longer to check in than others. As for games on schedule, I do believe that IF regular games meant more to stats && playoffs, then I'd be willing to push for more games on schedule. As it stands, we don't reward home/away advantages much && the top guys end up mostly at the top, and stats mean little given the changing coaches/rules/schedules league to league. So putting extra games on schedule seems to stress the league with minimal reward. Also, adding high home/away advantages back into teams code seems to ruin the chemistry of the game/play because it effects checking, shooting & a lot more than guys just player a little better now that they are home, which is why most prefer to remove most of the home/away advantages . But, way more exis happen around the draft/activity/etc, that's why I prefer a longer preseason. Keeps the traders active & gives time to get to know your team before "real games" start for those not trading or on the fence about a trade.
  26. Plablegs 3 or ???

    So far I see: Edit: moved list of guys to 2nd message up top ^^^ Have we reached out to Chef? Or some of the new Classic guys?
  27. Plablegs 3 or ???

    Yeah, I am good either way, regarding more games. These short, tight leagues seem to be going well. (Seems like it is the same cast of characters in every league now, pretty well.) I would love more games as well, but am afraid the system would get broken. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Guys that like to play (like me and Tex) can do exis.
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