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  2. Just a reminder I'll be going live on the Edge of 94 Midwest Facebook page with Greg Cundari aka Angryjay93 at 9PM CST this evening to discuss the Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament! We'll be talking prize giveaways, new sponsorships, and recapping some updated details as we get closer to the big day! Please follow us at Edge Of '94 Midwest on Facebook for that notification!
  3. Just wait couple of years and I'll give you the answer! :-D
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  5. hmm how have you done the banners? since they are ten tiles wide looks like you did a patchjob like a typical cowboy, using colour blocks at the bottom of the banners so overlapping designs outside the ten tile limit is OUT doesn't mean i CAN'T do something ..... if that's right? RIGHT?
  6. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
  7. From the gameplay perspective nothing is new (SWOS gameplay is perfect, there is no need to change anything), its the original game released in 1997 (for Amiga system it was released in 1996). But the both PC and Amiga versions are put together and made installable and playable under the emulator without users knowing it, everybody not experienced enough with Amiga or DOS/old Windows system can play the game on the modern machines. Just install and play. Plus its got slightly changed graphics and sounds and you can choose in the menu which ones (crowd chanting, banners behind the goals, pitches and many more, but the Amiga version does not have so many changes like PC version has) you prefer. And rosters are updated of course. Like it was in 2016/7 version. It also hase some fps changes. Its the same original game, polished in many ways and made it playable on modern machines. Some people report bugs, crashes with these total packs but usually its not something serious. Rosters used in the video are from the original 96/97 game, they are now updated and are from 2019 season in the final version.
  8. Goldberg the goalie has finally lost that stubborn belly fat he's been struggling to lose for years.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed this story and accompanying graphics.
  10. MWW I show up at gaming night at my best-bro-from-works-new house and all my squadmates are there and I'm still super sauced from the quarterly-company-event from earlier. But I leave the bag with my controllers in the car. But I probably don't need em because most of these dudes are younger than me so I'll look ridiculous with my old-man-gamer-gear. Then I remember Steve said he got like 50 Genesis games for 20 bucks or something last month and the best one was Revenge of Shinobi. But I'd be trying too hard and no one is expecting me to bring them anyway. Then I remember that no one wears a suit to hang out and I could probably just stop home and put on a t shirt and jeans. But someone notices me and I've been waking back and forth from my car to the house for 5 minutes. The controllers though, they might think it's cool if I bring em. But my boy Mitch is approaching and he's drunker than I am. Then I see all the women are in the front of the house and my anxiety kicks in. I'm not attracted to any of them anyway. There's still a chance I'll have to make eye contact as drunk as I am. If I just walk with Mitch no one will notice how drunk I am because he's so wrecked. He wants us to get more beer before we go downstairs and I can probably just bolt and no one will even know I was here. Then we get down there and Kris and Gus are playing PS4 and Steve is actually playing Pigskin Footbrawl on a god damn Sega Genesis with Chad. But I haven't checked the forum for almost 3 hours and it's my turn to pick. Then I remember I haven't been in a league for like 8 years and I can post tomorrow when I sober up.
  11. Goalie control is just as, if not more, important than one-timers when it comes to upgraded features. 93 leagues I've been in were a mess because the goalies are so stupid.
  12. Boston Bruins: Forwards: Line 1: Heinz -Juneau -Oates Line 2: pantaleyev -Neely- Kvartlnov Line 3: Ruzicka-Douris-Donato Line 4: Leach-CJ Young -Poulin Defence: Line 1:Wesley-Sweeney Line 2: Borque -Murphy Line 3: Featherstone-Shaw line 4: Roberts-Wiemer Reserves: Hughes Reid Kimble Goalies: Moog Blue
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  14. Hello Garblog, I would have appreciate more details on your issue but will give you some info on how to run it for windows 7 as much as I know and can. NHL 2002 might not work on newer windows version unless you use the following adapter 'nglide. I am sending you the link where you can download this wrapper. Then here's the list of the compatibility for nglide. You will see instructions for 'NHL 2002' and follow them. if all fails, please follow the instructions on this page. Really easy straightforward info on how to run nhl 2002 on newer versions. if it is still a no-go, please tell us in details what happens when you try to install it. Warning you I am not very technically inclined to solve entirely the problem but enough to help you troubleshoot for nhl 2002. Good luck with these instructions and keep us posted.
  15. Sorry to bring back old thread. just trying to install an old copy of NHL2k2 on a Win7Pro machine and not having any luck. Anyone able to do this successfully?
  16. You know what, I think I'd rather put the one-timer in the NHLPA93 rom than fighting in the NHL94 rom. I've always liked the fact that there seemed to be more ways to score on '93. It was easier to score blue line slapshots, putting the puck between the legs with standard shots etc. A lot of these goals were kind of balanced ut on '94 probably to make the game a little more challenging and keep the scoring down which made that game a lot about setting up the one-timer and scoring with the deke move. I love both games, '94 is the classic one, but the one-timer and deke (if you avoid the cheap cross crease goal) are the situations you will want to setup since they are so much more effective than other ways to score. If you're up against a good opponent it is important to get quality chances and not give the puck up too easily and taking a good old slapper in NHL94 can pretty much be a wasted opportunity. On '93 this wasn't as much the case.
  17. Awesome. Thanks for the tip, I had completely missed this. We had some good tournaments on this game using the amiga back in the day.
  18. It might be possible to disable WIndows Defender from scanning RA, rather than disabling it completely? You'd select "Process" in step 5 and then find the retroarch executable. Do this step while RA is running.
  19. @chaos asked me to post this verified fix here, however follow the warnings in the attached steps: Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Dialog Box. In the Run Dialog Box, type regedit and click OK to open the Registry Editor. In the navigation pane on the left, double click the folders to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender. If you find a registry entry named DisableAntiSpyware, double click it and set its value data to 1. 4b. If you do not see a registry entry named DisableAntiSpyware, right click in the main Registry Editor pane and select New > DWORD (32 bit) Value. 4c. Name this new registry entry DisableAntiSpyware. Double click it and set its value data to 1. *** Keep in mind that doing so leaves you vulnerable to a range of cyberattacks, so it’s critical that you install an effective anti-malware product on your computer before removing Windows Defender. *** I have done this twice successfully for myself on two different computers, and twice with two others that aren't me. To find out if this fix is likely to work for you, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and load up your task manager. Sort by CPU usage. If antimalware service executable is your top CPU hog, and you have framerate issues, killing it and restarting your comp will be likely to fix this. Cheers! And please let me know if this fix worked for you too.
  20. We're excited to announce at Edge Of '94 Midwest that we've partnered with PopsicArt Shop for a special promotion leading up to our Feb 29th "Modano Mo Problems" NHL94 tournament! We approached them about adding #NHL94 based artwork, and they listened! They even righted a historical wrong by adding a Minnesota North Stars option! Don't worry, if you're a Dallas Stars fan that option is still available! If you use this special listing, you'll enjoy $5 off your purchase, and FREE shipping! Use Discount code NHL94 at checkout! This Discount code expires Feb 29th, so get yours today! Not the most flattering of pictures here, but I got a North Stars one. It had just come in from the cold.
  21. William Nylander from the leafs changed his number from 29 to 88 this year.
  22. for some reason it can't be clicked on, have to copy/paste :/ for some reason it was pasted as PlayNHL.%20TK
  23. I think it should work as long as you play on RA... just PM me on Discord and we can check it. :-D
  24. I know it'll break the space/time continuum but me and jesus have to play at least one together in person.
  25. A post-deadline update is definitely in the works with roster updates, ratings tweaks and bug fixes!
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