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  2. Hey everyone, Scatterbrainzz here saying hello from Green Bay, WI! I have really been enjoying the emulator and this community....I've only been practicing against the computer but once I get the courage I'll start playing some online matches.
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  4. Wow, 2 for 7 so far. Probably my worst bracket ever.
  5. How did you edit these ratings?
  6. Hello, As both a NHL '94 and Atari Jaguar enthusiast, I always wondered what happened to the Atari Jaguar port of Brett Hull Hockey. As it was never finished when Jack Tramiel pulled the plug on Atari Corp in early 1996, the only evidence were some screenshots and a short video clip from "The Cave", an infamous Atari Jaguar infomercial aired in late 1995. The game was to have been released in 1994-5. Many years ago, unreleased and possibly prototype copies started popping up and 1 Atari dealer produced a run of Brett Hull (or "Jaguar League") Hockey. There was also a Jaguar CD version planned, complete with FMV and slow loading times, there's a prototype of it around also. Apparently, from what I've read, Atari Corp and Ringler Studios, who were contracted to make the Jag port, got into some pretty heated disagreements concerning the game. There was an email dump on the Internet which showed how ugly things got. The game also got some homebrew updates as JHL 13, JHL 15, a team/roster editor and a new update being worked on. It's not perfect, and it's not NHL '94 level, but it's fun nonetheless. It is pretty difficult, and I feel that a little more time in the oven would have made it better. Jaguar CD Version (Complete with FMV and long loading times) Jaguar Cartridge Version
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  8. Sup guys? I bumped into the game on a SNES emulator and got the rest of the series. In some of the games, I play as the Quebec Nordiques (Hence my username) and on the others I choose random teams like the Islanders or the Canucks. Hopefully I can join a tournament to try it out and either win it all of fail miserably
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  10. I think of you demo you should actually do an online game with someone not at the tourney. Have someone from the discord group be waiting to demo online live. Maybe you could even leave a station open for online gaming where players could practice vs someone online when they are not playing their matches.
  11. Posted this on social media “Prefer to use your own nhl’94 team? Manual goalie not your strong suit? Then the Duke of 94 tournament is for you! September 21 (Sega) and 22nd (SNES) @waves egaming.”
  12. Glad to know this is sorted! (I still don't understand how it works, but you sound like you know what you are talking about! And by now you have a lot of experience with these things.) Thanks, Halifax!
  13. Head on over to the ROMs section of the website and you can download a variety of different updated versions of the game. Place it in the same place as the nhl94 game file you opened in RA. (ROM = console game file) (Note: no need to update the game, you just download separate versions of the game, so you can have dozens of versions on your computer) Ask if you need more details
  14. Hi there, very very new to this ... I have just downloaded and installed nhl 94 on my pc with retroarch-32. Game plays great!! Just curious how I update it to the newer addition.
  15. Maybe if you offered up an incentive for people to sign up.. win a copy of whatever... maybe that's where you have the USB's with all the different ROM's come in. The experience of online play at the venue sounds really cool.
  16. Very interested. I am planning on attending this as it would be my first event, could possibly bring some friends too. Looking forward to it!
  17. Love this idea. Could even have guys who can’t make the tourney like Skip, Tex, Lupz available to play online also. Have discord set up etc
  18. I believe we had solved this after the first tournament. We created round robin groups with a buffer (extra person or two) for no shows. So no matter what happens people will play the amount of games they are guaranteed. I have schedules pre made for any scenario that may arise. So that if I have to move people to another group, I can do so quickly. I would not want to get in to people replacing others for partial fees or free for that matter. When guys sign up they know the fee is non refundable, but it is also transferable. There’s been three instances where players have transferred their entry to someone else.
  19. I vote that any/all no-shows are replaced by Halifax(SNES) and Mikey(Sega).
  20. Now the Islanders and Columbus have been completed for the latest roster release. Go download at http://PlayNHL.TK
  21. Idea 1: Open up tourney to game day replacements, especially if this is mentioned in a Radio spot or somehow last minute. (On the website, 48 hours before, would be a good place, too.) Since the spots are already paid for, you could let replacements join for half price, or even free? I know the participants that show up just want to play! Missing a game when there are people around sucks, especially in Toronto where anyone over 30 has played this game. Idea 2: Replace "no show" guys on a game-by-game basis with registered participants (a one-game "volunteer"). This means each scheduled game still happens, but we will make it officially a 1-0 win for the legit player. People want to play, so make sure there all scheduled games happen.
  22. Ko94 IV is in Toronto. Just like #1 was. This means: There will be a ton of local people coming Lots of no shows This was the case with the first one. Because many people are casuals -- joining because the event happens to be in their home town -- it is easy to not be bothered the day of the event, and to decide not to go. Edit: I wanted to insert these stats here, from the 1st King of 94 in Toronto: - how many forum guys, vs non forum - how many no shows But after scouring the old threads can't find them, even though I know I have seen them. Bottom line: what can we do about this, and how can we make sure that the impact is minimal, and fun factor still high.
  23. - 10-15 minute presentation before tourney play starts to discuss the benefits of playing online, draft leagues, 2v2. - I've thought about this for a while, what about devising a free USB drive with all necessary files that guys could just "plug and play". - What about giving away "bootleg style" DVD copies of the many created roms (with a folder containing links to the NHL94 sites, and files necessary to play online) - Have a laptop handy for guys to sign-up on the site - maybe provide some incentive (free program? cheatsheet?) - Maybe offer a "live draft league" mini-tourney for guys that don't make the bracket play. Just spit-ballin'
  24. Idea 1: The "Info Table" Somewhere prominent at the venue, have a table that says "Play Online". It will be staffed with a vet (like myself!). Better yet, possibly KG or someone with connections to the underworld can get some hot strippers to (wo)man the booth? Anything to get some traffic going. It will have: a bunch of business cards (I already printed) that have a URL: a laptop with an internet connection ideally a big LCD The laptop will be used to: 1. actually walk people through joining online, on the forum 2. demo for people how to play with GENs / RA This idea, or some variation has been proposed before, but now we need to flesh it out. Since the event is in Toronto, I am 100% willing to spearhead it. But I want to make sure we take the best approach, t maximize online recruits. Hence, me seeking advice. Thoughts?
  25. What are some ways to get some of the people that come out to tourneys -- like Ko94 IV -- to join the online community? Any and all ideas are welcome in this thread. Ko94 IV is in Toronto, and we have months to prepare. How do we get some live guys to play online?
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