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  2. I'll do the update and repost. My apologies.
  3. Thanks for the update. I tried using Gens. The rosters are still not right, though. I attached pictures of the Devils roster. Those are Sharks players.
  4. Try using GENS emulator. Never had an issue with it.
  5. Hi UltraMagnus, I'm having an issue with the NJ Devils roster with the latest update. I'm not sure if it's something I did wrong or what. The NJ Devils has the Sharks roster. I did get a Checksum error when starting it up. I used the Fusion emulator to play it. I also noticed Detroit has nothing but Kuemper as the roster.
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  7. Next Set of Updates: Team completed - Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans WR: Steelers, Texans, Rams and Saints DB: Giants LB: Chiefs
  8. If you missed the action from last night's NHL94 Hustler Genesis finals between @kingraph and @scribe99, you can catch all the action here: If you prefer the Twitch version with all of the chat replay, you can catch that here: Make sure to like/comment on the video if you haven't. @angryjay93 @chaos and I did our first and only 3 way broadcast of the tournament. It was a long journey, but it was worth it. Thank you to @Toolie for the format love and letting us adapt it to NHL94 Thank you to @Chris
  9. Please join us tonight around 9PM CST(target time) as we complete "The Hustler" NHL94 tournament Finals. This series between @scribe99 and @kingraph will be broadcast on twitch :
  10. My up vs down percentage is better down solely because I inexplicably keep trying to launch blue line bombs with Chris Chelios that NEVER even come close to the net....
  11. Below you will find a bunch of graphs and figures regarding the Chaos Draft League Season 2-C regular season.
  12. Below you will find a bunch of graphs and figures regarding the Chaos Draft League Season 2-A regular season.
  13. New version uploaded to put in Brooks for Vesey on the Leafs.
  14. Last call for SNES players to join us. This is our attempt at pulling the goalie for that extra attacker!The Official signup link is here :
  15. Additional Completions: Kickers/Punters -- Eagles, Steelers, Rams, Seahawks, Saints, Bucs, Vikings, Falcons, Giants, Jets, Bills, Ravens, Titans, Bears, Panthers WR/TE -- Bucs, Bills, Panthers DL -- Falcons All created rookies have been added to drafted teams. Ie - Lawrence, Wilson, Lance, Harris, Jones, etc.
  16. Below you will find a bunch of graphs and figures regarding the Chaos Draft League Season 2-B regular season.
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  18. @smozoma @kingraph Just an FYI-It appears slapshot's videos no longer work as they are flash-driven. Not sure if there are any other NHL 94 tutorial videos out there for TM. I'm trying to follow along with generic YouTube videos.
  19. Ah, thanks for the tip. I actually did put Vesey on the Canucks, but I guess I forgot to delete him from the Leafs. I'll upload a new version in a few days to see if anyone catches anything else.
  20. Great job. I noticed you still have Jimmy Vesey on the Leafs. he was claimed off waviers by Vancouver. Maybe if you get a chance swap him and use the roster spot to add Adam Brooks to the Leafs.
  21. Hey @dethroxit looks like the link is broken for your step by step video. Your videos may have expired on Twitch.
  22. Done. Check first post!
  23. the main problem with using the tsb2000 manager is they drop your kickers attributes to 6-19 in their kicking stats. i know of nearly 20 years of using it.
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