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  2. Guys, you won't be selecting teams right now. Once the Season 2 draft is over, then I will announce a C draft where you will pick from the drafted teams.
  3. I'd like to be in the C league. A team like TB, Hartford, NJ or Edmonton would work.
  4. Ok, I am in c league then? Just confirming. I am ok to stay in B as well. What ever works for Chaos
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  6. how tf do i download this potential masterpiece?!
  7. Yeah gonna just use the same rom so team and roster unfortunately
  8. Wasn’t sure if we would be copying just their roster or the entire team and roster.
  9. sounds fun! love the idea of a farm league. good luck to all C players
  10. I'm not sure if you understand, you're gonna have to wait until the Season 2 A/B draft before you can choose a team. Or maybe, I can make this based on Season 1 teams?
  11. CDL Season 2 C League Signups CDL (Chaos Draft League) is a player draft league with the following: boosted Goalie stats (+1 to each Glove/Stick and +1 to Agl to all goalies except Roy and Balfour) shorter Goalie switch time (less time holding the B button to switch) farther Goalie range (can move farther out than vanilla 94 ROM) 1 min Penalties Warm/Cool player bonus (a weaker version of Hot/Cold). No Team Bonuses (Home/Away PP/PK all set to 0) Player Body Checks For/Against counted, as well as a +/- Stat I'd like to start a C
  12. I play an F1-style manager browser game that sounds very similarly set-up to this. So I’m interested to try this out - especially now there’s a completely free version
  13. I was hoping a mod can be done for NHL 96, it was a good game, fast paced.
  14. Hi All! I just posted V3 of this rom (in the OP). I updated the ratings for a good chunk of players and finally got around to updating the team ratings, as well, to reflect how the season is going so far. If anyone catching as mistakes, please feel free to let me know. Cheers!
  15. Ok so .... the dos version of NHL hockey has the timeout icon next to the clock . The 95 dos version does not . This would indicate that there is a way to call time outs in the original PC version for sure .
  16. Hey Sparky thanks so much for this awesome mod. Was really hoping to see the Cowboys as per the picture in there and would have loved to have the Ottawa Nationals and the Racers for sure.( how could you not put the Racers with Gretzky in there ) I understand its a lot of work but any chance we could see an entire WHA team list with all the folded teams just for fantasy league play ??? I may play around with some editing stuff in the near future myself .Thought it was cool that with the NHL teams you didnt crop a WHL team over i was able to play some inter league matches. Again than
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