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    Thanks to @Puck Junk, here's a page from Igor Kuperman's original ratings for the Blackhawks. Interesting that Shot Accuracy isn't specifically listed there, but we know that was a direct link to shooting percentage. I also notice that offensive awareness isn't there (was that also based on a stat?) and fighting is there, futher proving this was originally in the game and taken out at the end. Here's his Tweet:
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    I pulled these 3 beauty's out of the garbage! Flat Screens and a beautiful picture!
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    I took the formula/values you came up with and made these Radar charts using http://mdp.tylingsoft.com/#radar-chart Unfortunately it doesn't capture things like sub-worthy players or handedness, or changes in perception of value based on the CB check and toddling. Just thought it was neat.
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    So well done! Thanks @kingraph @Evan @MikeGartner22 @chaos for running a great tourney and being all around awesome guys. Always love seeing @IAmFleury'sHipCheck and enjoyed making him sweat in Game 1 of our Playoff Series 9vs24. @superfan99 was great to meet and I was impressed with how he improved through the day. @The Sauce was fun to meet and talk editing roms and rating players. Also enjoyed playing some exis with him of my Original 6 roms and the classic rom. @Lupz27 was excellent to meet in person and further demonstrates why the internet sucks. Really good guy! @corbettkb HOW COULD I EVER THANK YOU ENOUGH! Putting me up in your awesome place in Brooklyn (I felt like I was in an episode of Seinfeld), Showing me the town on bicycle, by Subway, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Playing exis, and best of all the Yankees White Sox game on Sunday. Very Fun! As usual I played poorly and seemed destined to be career minor leaguer when it comes to NHL 94. But open invite to all my NYC and Chi-town buds mentioned above to come out and ski, run, bike, hike, kayak, raft, you name it in my mountain paradise home! The X marks my Best run tourney and format, that I have been to since King of 94 #1 in Toronto. The no shows and the 1-0 forfeit victories would be my only complaint, but it was as well done and thought out as anyone could hope for.
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    Call it what you like, but running a draft league using Classic 94 rosters & Rom w/ a few adjustments, depending on how many participants. Classic style ROM with no weight bug fixed, NO C/B fix. No boost to goalies, Classic style for goalie range & control switch controls (no SNES instant switch or shortened B switch controls) Classic Hot/Cold on, except displays of in game ratings will be accurate. 5 minute periods, Offsides Off, Icing ON, Penalties on (league vote for either 2 mins, 1 min or no penalties, with 1 min being default if no consensus) Overtime set for 10 minutes. (Nothing better than an OT battle around the 4 minute mark after a few great saves!) 5 Forwards, 4 defense, 2 Goalies Previously posted in Discord, the following have announced in or tentative. Draft would likely start beginning of next week. Tex - in MikeG- in if we can use RA Dickon - in Atomic In AJ - 50/50 Schmidt - in Aqua - In J&J - in FPB - in Brutus - in
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    https://www.buyfromgroovy.com/listing/257038698/rare-vintage-c-1974-face-off-hockey#reviews-module Picked it up for 5$ at valuevillage ....i could see kingraph going nuts playing this lol also the one i have hasnt even been touched not missing any pieces sweet find
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    How much can I LOVE this! Handwritten notes!!! Super Cool, Thanks for posting. Offensive Awareness is based on Season Point Totals.
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    Not to go on and on about this, but after doing more extensive testing I now have a better idea on how this code works. Testing this code was a little confusing for me and it took a little while to test the limits of it to find out how it works. So for the benefit of anyone testing this code or interested in what all this code does, here's what I learned so far : The 2-byte value at offset 17012 is your vertical barriers The 2-byte value at offset 17014 is your horizontal barriers (the barriers are between the puck and the boards, between the puck and the goal posts, and between the puck and the back of the net) I've discovered that adjusting the 2-byte value at rom offset 17012 (00xx or FFxx) (the vertical barriers) affects both the barrier of the puck with the side boards and adjusts the location of the side posts of the goal. (anotherwords where the posts are located on the ice, where pucks actually clang off the posts in gameplay independent of the goal / goal-post artwork) If you lower the value of 17012 from the default 0005 to 0001, it will make the side boards wider when pucks hit it but it will also make the side posts of the goal be narrower. (resulting in a smaller goal width) If you lower 17012 even more to FFFF or FFFD, it makes the side boards even wider, so a bigger ice surface width in relation to the puck but the side posts on the goal become even narrower (so an even smaller goal, a smaller area to score between the two side posts) It seems that if you go lower than FFFD on your vertical barriers you will have to edit the boards artwork and the goal artwork for it to line up. (since the further you decrease this value, the closer and closer the side posts will be to the center of the goal, and the further inward they will be from the side post artwork) If you increase the value at offset 17012 from the default 0005 to 000D, then the side boards become narrower and the puck will collide "on the ice" about two puck lengths from the yellow line when the puck hits the side boards. At the same time, the goal itself will become much wider and pucks collide with side posts that are well outside the side post artwork. (creating a wider goal and a larger area to score) So anotherwords you can push the side boards out as far out as you want by lowering 17012 (from 0005 down to 0000, then down to FFFF, then down to FFF0, etc) but it will simultaneously move the location of the two side goal posts further inward making the goal target area smaller. If you lower 17012 beyond like FFFB or something it may become impossible to score goals with the side posts being too close to each other but this needs further testing. As for your horizontal barriers, adjusting the 2-byte value at rom offset 17014 affects both the barrier of the puck with the boards behind each goal and is the location of the collision of the back net of the goal posts of the goal with the puck. (it may also be the location of the horizontal cross bar) If you lower the value of 17014 from the default 0005 to 0001, this will make the rink deeper behind it goal, the boards behind the goal pushed back (so the puck can travel further behind each goal) and it will also make the location of where pucks hit the back of the goal closer and closer to the goal-line and further and further from the behind-the-goal boards. (get it?) If you lower this value below FFFF then when you go behind your own goal and take a slap shot it will no longer ricochet off the back of your goal net, instead it'll go right through the back of the goal without hitting it. (and won't trigger an own goal either) FFFF seems to be the lowest value before you lose that back-of-the-net collision so I would stick with FFFF as your horizontal barrier, that's what I'm using now and I think it's an improvement to the default horizontal barriers of 0005. 17014:FFFF makes the behind-the-goal collision tighter, it makes the rink a few pixels deeper behind each goal and it may even affect the position of the horizontal crossbar on the goal. (a win-win, and a huge improvement from default, test it and you'll find out) If you increase 17014 from the default 0005 to 000D it will make pucks going behind the goal hit an invisible barrier on the ice before it hits the behind-the-goal boards artwork and at the same time will push out the collision of the back of each goal net to be closer to the boards. Anotherwords with 17014:000D you have no room to work the puck behind the goal, whereas with 17014:FFFF you have more room than default and you don't get stuck maneuvering around the back net as much which is a huge improvement. (and pucks still ricochet and bounce off the back of the net) So for 17014, your horizontal barriers I suggest FFFF. Anything lower than that you will run into problems and anything higher than FFFF (0000, 0001, etc) decreases the depth and space that you have to work behind each goal while staying in line with default board and goal / net artwork. But for 17012, your vertical barriers, I am still testing values trying to find a sweet spot and to see how wide we can make the rink while still having a functional goal with side posts. Some of the values that produce good collision with default artwork that also give you slightly wider boards with only slightly narrower goal post are : 0001, FFFF, and FFFC. (FFFC has wider side boards and narrower side goal posts compared to 0001, whereas 0001 has wider side boards and narrower side goal posts compared to the default 0005, but you have a little more room to score between the side posts on 0001 than you do with FFFC, get it ?) So what this code does to the goal dimensions may limit how big we can make the rink while still maintaining a big enough goal, but this needs to be tested further. We are also limited by the player / boards barrier which we don't have a code for yet. However the good news is that right now without making any changes to the art we can use values like [17012:0001, 17014:FFFF] , [17012:FFFF, 17014:FFFF] or [17012:FFFC, 17014:FFFF] and have a slightly wider rink with improved goal / side posts / back of net collision with the puck. It's a fantastic code here but a confusing one with how it also affects the goal / post / net collision so I had to explain it. Maybe someone with good code tracing skills can see if they can get around some of the limits to making a much bigger rink, but as of now I'm very happy with my smaller goals, better post / net collision with more room to work behind each goal, and with a slightly wider and deeper rink. I am just thrilled that I found a way to both make the rink slightly wider and improve the goal post collision with just a single 4-byte code which are really two 2-byte codes one for vertical one for horizontal. Honestly pucks warping through goal posts and scoring goals was a big problem I had with NHL 94 on Genesis and this code seems solve that problem by adjusting the goal / net / post barriers as you increase the width of the boards. If you lower offset 17012 your vertical barriers to like FFFD you could edit the goal art at that point to make the side posts a pixel or two narrower but it's still close enough to default artwork. When deciding on a value, it seems to come down to how small of a goal width you can tolerate, how close together you want the side posts to be vs how much wider the rink gets. Oddly enough how the code affects the side goal posts seems to be a limitation to making the rink even wider, but more testing is needed and perhaps through a code trace we can find even more codes that allow us to get around these limits. (I may try hex editing some values near rom offsets 17012 & 17014 and see if I stumble upon any other barrier related codes) This is a code that truly has improved my NHL 94 Genesis experience, it's amazing how in trying to make the rink bigger I stumbled upon a code that not only did that but also allow us to improve the goal / net / post puck collision issues. If you test out these values I think you'll find that pucks warping through posts and side netting aren't as frustrating when they don't count as goals, because you can always adjust the goal artwork to make the goal smaller, but up until now we had no way to actually adjust the goal dimensions itself independent of the artwork. This is a big breakthrough guys, just in terms of what it does to the goal / post barriers. Finding this code and figuring out how this works is a great motivator for me to continue to chip away at modding NHL 94 on Genesis. I mean with every mod like this that makes the game better and more fun to play it only motivates me more to continue down this road of making improvements to NHL 94 on Genesis.
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    Hey all, just doing the usual stuff working on my Dream League ROM, and I'm making a team of NHL94.com members. I have just about everyone from the leaderboards put into the game but I still need 10-15 more players. If you want to be on the roster, just give me some info and stats for your player and I'll put you in there. Thanks guys! Here are some pics of the N94 team so far. (Don't mind the ice logo, haven't put it in yet.)
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    This photo and board game cover are earily similar https://www.amazon.ca/Face-Off-1974-Game-Waddingtons/dp/B018T2J4P2
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    There's so much overlap in SNES. There's like 3-6 excellent teams, then about 15 good or really good teams depending how you use them, and then some crappy teams.
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    Hey everyone! I had posted something on the NHL FB page but didn't know if everyone is on that so I'll add it here as well. I had noticed that through all of the amazing team analysis there wasn't really any graphic representation of the teams "tiers". I designed a visual aid to go along with the number crunching. I know that we all will not agree 100% on which teams belong where, especially in the middle tiers, but I thought it would be fun to share. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! ***P.S.*** These tiers are for the Genesis. I haven't gotten to the SNES rankings.
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    Hey all, I've been doing lots of behind the scenes work on my Dream League ROM, and while I was doing that I finally found a way to run NOSE on a Mac!! First, you're going to have to download NOSE from the link here. https://forum.nhl94.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4289 Next, download the library files that are required for NOSE here. https://forum.nhl94.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5245 Extract both of these packages to your desktop. Now, since you're on a Mac, trying to run .exe files is pointless. This is where WineBottler comes in. Head to https://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ and click the second button (the stable build) to install it. This is 100% safe and will not harm your computer. You should now have the WineBottler Combo .dmg file. Open it up and drag Wine and WineBottler to your Applications folder. Here's where the magic happens... Right click the libraryfiles.exe file and scroll to open with, then click Wine. You should see a dialog box. Check the box that says "run directly in ____" and hit Go. Once the installer opens up, click through it. It will tell you it is installing to windows\system32, which is perfect. It is installing these files into an emulated windows system that Wine uses to run .exe files. You're basically done! All that's left to do is right click NOSE.exe and navigate to Open With -> Wine. NOSE should start up just as it would on Windows!! Happy editing!
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    A lot of these ratings look very close to what they are in the game except for Michel Goulet. His passing is listed at a 4 but in the actual game it's only a 1. Could have been a typo? Also his shot power is written as 3 but it's a 2 in game. Lastly, his stick handling is 4 on the sheet but 3 in game. Not sure if the last two are a typo or late adjustments. I could spend hours looking at these things
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    Here's a video showing how the goal / net collision is affected by changing this code. When you increase the puck / boards barrier by "decreasing" this code, it seems to make the goal smaller and the back of the net barrier farther away from the boards. As you can see from these clips, with values set at FFFF / FFFF, with the goal / net artwork still at default you can see in the first example a puck clanging off the post from "inside the goal" and in the other examples you see pucks missing the physical barrier of the goal but going through the edges of the goal / net artwork and not registering a goal. It turns out that a smaller goal and tighter collision with the back of the net is a lot of fun, and makes scoring goals more satisfying and rewarding. It makes you have to pinpoint your shots or else you will miss scoring a goal, even when there's a wide open net. So it seems that this code not only affects the puck / boards barrier but also the puck / goal / net barrier as setting it to FFFF / FFFF makes the "goal" target area smaller. https://forum.nhl94.com/uploads/monthly_2019_05/FFFFnetcollision.mp4.82a230672c1f09ec1c2ff9a7dd6b3993.mp4
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    Hey everyone, Scatterbrainzz here saying hello from Green Bay, WI! I have really been enjoying the emulator and this community....I've only been practicing against the computer but once I get the courage I'll start playing some online matches.
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    Idea 1: The "Info Table" Somewhere prominent at the venue, have a table that says "Play Online". It will be staffed with a vet (like myself!). Better yet, possibly KG or someone with connections to the underworld can get some hot strippers to (wo)man the booth? Anything to get some traffic going. It will have: a bunch of business cards (I already printed) that have a URL: https://nhl94.com/joinus/ a laptop with an internet connection ideally a big LCD The laptop will be used to: 1. actually walk people through joining online, on the forum 2. demo for people how to play with GENs / RA This idea, or some variation has been proposed before, but now we need to flesh it out. Since the event is in Toronto, I am 100% willing to spearhead it. But I want to make sure we take the best approach, t maximize online recruits. Hence, me seeking advice. Thoughts?
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    @halifax Please excuse my absence as I got in a fight with a giant talking grape over cosmic fruity pebbles. I also had to give my shield away... Long story (like 3 hours long) but I'm back. Hopefully I'll be able to make it in September as I'm relocating back to Philly this summer. Budgeting will be the tricky part for me; buying an house and moving n'all.
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    PS2NHL94.bin This is the version of NHL'94 that came with the Playstation 2 version of NHL'06. EA/Sony used fake player names and logos due to licensing issues (for example, most players were retired so no longer in the NHLPA). Maybe someone could put together a table mapping the fake player names to the real ones, and the various fake logos. Extracted by elfor on Discord - Thanks! The story goes that Brian Provinciano, who made Retro City Rampage (not to be confused with River City Ransom), worked on putting 94 into 06. Here's an interview with him in which he mentions his work on it, at 27m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpAZ8Acwu6A#t=27m If anyone downloads and plays it, please post a few screenshots!
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    How sweet would it be to have all of the TV's the exact same and perfect at a Live Venue!
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    I'm in as long as I can play all my games on the Original Sega Genesis Model 1 on a CRT TV. Against the computer.
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    For the most part they're pretty plain but I remember finding a few winners when I was looking through the rosters, like DAL goalie Red Duel, DET defenseman Vern Chern, and EDM forward Bubba Dee. SJ defenseman Speedy Greene is probably my favorite. Some of the names have to be deliberate, though, like Joey LeBlanc and Chandler Perry of NJ. Not to mention Wayne Bruce. Teemu Selanne was given the fake name Rick Flash. I also noticed Provinciano himself is playing defense for at least three different teams: CGY, FLA, and MTL.
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    Thanks for the offer, might need to find my feet around here first. I did managed to get a copy of NHL 96 what was still factory sealed since 1995 cheap recently so been playing with that recently lol
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    Welcome bud! It's a great day for NHL94, whatever your preferred flavor. This site is a great resource for getting connected to the online leagues, as well as for finding local tournaments, custom roms, rom hacking, and detailed team breakdowns from expert players. Let us know what you're looking for if you can't find it.
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    Hiya, New to the forums I found the site a while back, but a fan NHL games on the megadrive/genesis. how is everyone?
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    Registration will be up June 1st, 2019 Some things that are new for this year's tournament. 1. "Duke of 94" tournament. -> pick any team you want, auto goalie, no penalties. 5 min periods, no offside. 2. Single Elimination wild card playoff - If you do not win the required number of games you get thrown into a "last chance" to qualify for the playoffs. 3. Entire playoffs will be double elimination. 4. NBA JAM T.E. tournament added in at the end of the day. 5. I plan to find @clockwise and bring him there. #BucketListItem.
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    This is gorgeous!
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    Ha, someone extracted all the sounds to mp3 a while back...I just had it handy. It's actually a good question, I'm not sure how it was extracted. My guess is some recorder software, we don't have a good music editing tool.
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    For the foreseeable, we have transitioned our tournament streaming over to the Retro Sports Gamer Youtube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_b9V5HP0eJZyLuhuEmDf_g They do have a Twitch channel as well, but YT is where they seek to grow. I do have a personal Twitch channel that I'll occasionally stream any number of games, including NHL94. And then we do also have our facebook page that we stream from for announcements or other related videos.. https://www.facebook.com/gbnhl94
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    STATS! (reference KO94-1 stats) 119 games played, we missed capturing the teams for 2 of the games, so the team stats will only have 117. Average goals were 3.61, which is lower than online leagues and KO94-1, which is closer to 4. We didn't capture H-A, but here is the team by team breakdown. For matchups, we had 43 unique matchups (37% out of 119). Here they are in order of most selected. I referenced KO94-1 since I had the data, only to illustrate there wasn't really a consistent pattern of matchups picked. The highlighted matchups were ones that were not selected at KO94-1 at all. For reference, KO94-1 had 99 out of 190 unique matchups (52%) 104 of the 117 had matchups according to my sheet where the teams were close or in the same color band. 2 had large variations STL - WPG and DET-PIT. The higher band team won both of those games 9 other matchups were in different color bands and the higher ranked teams went 7-9. Combined that's 9-2. (both lower seed wins came from Chris O., who finished in the quarterfinals losing to MikeGartner22). That is similar to KO94 1, and again shows the importance of team selection. I may try to look at fringe selections (team matchups near the ends of each band) to see if there is any validity to the bands, but not sure of the sample size yet.
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    I think of you demo you should actually do an online game with someone not at the tourney. Have someone from the discord group be waiting to demo online live. Maybe you could even leave a station open for online gaming where players could practice vs someone online when they are not playing their matches.
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    I believe we had solved this after the first tournament. We created round robin groups with a buffer (extra person or two) for no shows. So no matter what happens people will play the amount of games they are guaranteed. I have schedules pre made for any scenario that may arise. So that if I have to move people to another group, I can do so quickly. I would not want to get in to people replacing others for partial fees or free for that matter. When guys sign up they know the fee is non refundable, but it is also transferable. There’s been three instances where players have transferred their entry to someone else.
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    I vote that any/all no-shows are replaced by Halifax(SNES) and Mikey(Sega).
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    - 10-15 minute presentation before tourney play starts to discuss the benefits of playing online, draft leagues, 2v2. - I've thought about this for a while, what about devising a free USB drive with all necessary files that guys could just "plug and play". - What about giving away "bootleg style" DVD copies of the many created roms (with a folder containing links to the NHL94 sites, and files necessary to play online) - Have a laptop handy for guys to sign-up on the site - maybe provide some incentive (free program? cheatsheet?) - Maybe offer a "live draft league" mini-tourney for guys that don't make the bracket play. Just spit-ballin'
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    In, in, in and will bring at least one more.
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    I'm also going to Santiago with kgman. Not really I will be there bud! Going to go 4/4 (attendance wise - not performance obviously! ) Hope the timing and location works for enough people in the community, looking forward to it! Great work as always @halifax!!
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    A shortcoming of Challonge is the lack of triple elimination. They have a Feature Request list, and the triple elimination feature is 26th on the list (which puts it on the 2nd page). Can some buds sign in (using your google or facebook account) to their feedback site and add votes to the triple elimination request? Here's the link: https://feedback.challonge.com/forums/44455-feature-requests/suggestions/7033452-triple-and-quadruple-elimination-options Click the "Vote" button on the left Click the F or G for facebook or google and authorize (use "Edit this" to limit what account info they get access to) Click 3 votes (or 1 or 2 if you want..). Maybe we can get it into the top 20 and on the first page.
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    I opened it. Played it once. Beat the world snes record. Then i smashed it with a hammer bud.
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    Did anyone pick Columbus and ny islanders in round one?
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    It's definitely worth a try. Lots of fun. But like I said, NHL 94 is just way better. But it's way better than most things in life.
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    Seems to be a great project! I wish to have a modern PC once to test it. Thanks for the news!
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    Hi there, beginner modder from Switzerland reporting in. Confession: I never had a SNES or GENESIS as a child but I really love to emulate those systems on my computer nowadays. And as a fan of ice hockey it's a logical thing to play the old NHL games. Then i found out about modding those games and this community and even felt deeper in love with the games. I'm currently working on a Swiss Edition of NHL98 because I like the season game play but I will also create a '94 version of it soon.