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    First and foremost, THANK YOU to @Evan, @chaos and @MikeGartner22 for putting together a successful tournament! In case you didn't know, these buds are awesome and everyone contributed to the success of this tournament in different ways! Special thanks to @corbettkb, who took the time to show @CoachMac around NYC, help out in any way he could, and just being completely selfless all the time. He even picked up the food tab Friday! An amazing asset to the '94 community and amazing competitor as well! Glad we were able to hang out for a couple days! Speaking of Coach, I am a fan and was very happy that he could make it to the tournament. I hope you had a great time, and that your trip was worthwhile. I promise to do the trip out to Nevada one day to hang out in your neck of the woods (mountains?) when I can score some cheap flights! As I reflect upon the weekend, it always comes down to the same thing -- enjoying spending time with the 94 community, both known and all the new buds I got to meet! So happy that @IAmFleury'sHipCheck was able to make it from Chicago and @kylewat took the Amtrack from Baltimore! I haven't seen Zep since Toronto; it was great to hang out and for him to show how strong of a '94 player he truly is! IMO, he is usually underrated because of his play style. EA, as usual, is great to talk to all day and I thought he played better than I have seen in some time! So appreciative that you come down and I cherish the signed '94 box that has become your calling card. Many many thanks! Great to see @skoolyardpuck again, great to hang/chat and play '94 with this guy. Hope to continue to see you around! @eggink444 and @da94wookiee came back from the '94 graveyard, and also hopped on for some great color commentary on the stream! Cheers to you guys! @aepurniet was a pleasure to meet you in person, and I think you officially ordered the first drink! Hope you had a great time bud! @Sdogg made the trip into the city and he brought the great energy, and was close to convincing his lovely wife to play! @crazygoalie33 hasn't missed any tournaments and seems to get some rough draws, this one included, playing wookie, Tex and eggink in the RR, only to meet eggink in the opening bracket losing a close 3 game set! @Bad Moon Rison , always appreciate the kind words and insights. You have run many Tecmo tournaments, from which we have taken ideas from, and love to see you continue to enter and play '94 tournies! (sorry to have knocked you out of the tourney bud). @banditra101801 (George) - happy you were able to make the tournament and even play in place of a no-show! Hope you had a great time! Finally, all the buds like @superfan99, Chris O. Matt, Ron D, and anyone who made the tournament that I may have missed, I hope you all had a great time! I encourage any/all feedback. At the end of the day we (whether us who ran NYC, or others like @halifax and @Edge of 94' WI) just want to make sure we're doing the best we can to make it enjoyable for all. Other thoughts LOVED * Random starting order vs pre-ranking * Modified swiss style round robin format, followed by elimination game. The swiss style led to some amazing round 3,4,5 games! * Buds who jumped on for streaming commentary. I will be making a highlight reel from the day to share in the near future! * Overall community, everyone is so cool, which makes running a tournament much smoother than I think. I'm constantly worried about things and I shouldn't underestimate you guys (all of you). CONSIDERATIONS * Handling of no-shows. Expected 1-2, did not expect 4. Also expected more guests. * Streaming set up. In short, I think a longer RCA cable will allow me to have the streaming/commentators a little further from the players. I also want the output to be broadcast for a larger crowd to see. * Add team and home/away to data capture for future analytics. While I fear over-complicating score entry, this has run very smooth for us in the past few tournies. Small tweaks to the scoresheets. Finally, on my own personal play, I am happy to have come out on top this tournament. My final opponents were Lupz, Tex and Zep, who, I feel, each could have won this tournament themselves. I got Lupz in game 01 early, and I knew he was not playing up to speed. It's almost like a sucker punch to the gut to start a fight, I was lucky to get one so quick. Game 02 went down to the wire, and 8-7 OT victory for me. Given our history, that was more of what we should have expected. Lupz played well and had about 2 instances when his player didn't shoot the puck! Easily could have been a game 03. Tex had just beat EA in two close ones, and I knew EA was playing well. Tex also beat me in the RR with an amazing comeback during our 4-0 vs 4-0 match. I picked VAN-DET and Tex was nice enough to give me Vancouver, a team he knew l liked (Detroit isn't bad either, lol). Second game was another speed session with DAL and WPG. Looking back, I was locked in, holding Tex to 1 goal for both games, not an easy task with those teams and his caliber of play. Finally, Zep was busting people all day, I had called his earlier matches against MikeGartner22. Game 01 was a disaster for me, Zep kept putting on the pressure and I couldn't get my Rangers to shape up. Game 02 was the opposite, where I was able to go up quick with Philly over Zep's Blues. So both of us had lopsided games to start, leaving a game 03. It was my turn to pick teams, and I went with Chicago / Buffalo, a high powered matchup that I like either way. In hindsight, that may have been a mistake since both teams have amazing home ice and Zep was home. Zep chose Buffalo and I had Chicago. If I lost this tournament with JR & Belfour, I had no excuses! Well, the game unfolded with JR on a mission! He single handily took over the game, scoring all my goals. I felt in control of the entire game and having Eddie in net was the ultimate security blanket. Proud of the victory, and though I felt like a boob for winning a tournament that I helped organize, everyone I played told me otherwise, so I feel better, Until next time (LI Retro Expo Aug 10-11th!)
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    I opened it. Played it once. Beat the world snes record. Then i smashed it with a hammer bud.
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    It's that time of year again.. think you can pick the winners in each round? Think you know which series will be an upset? Who's going to win it all?!? Now's your chance to prove it! Link: https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/jers-2019-playoff-bracket-challenge Password: stanley Join now, or wait until the playoff seeds are finalized and the NHL brackets go live. Good Luck!
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    It's definitely worth a try. Lots of fun. But like I said, NHL 94 is just way better. But it's way better than most things in life.
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    A few years ago, a few forum members talked about an unreleased hockey video game called Road to the Cup Hockey '94. This inspired me to seek out two of the game's programmers and find out what could have been: http://puckjunk.com/2019/03/28/road-to-the-cup-hockey-94-an-unreleased-hockey-video-game/ The game was being developed by Park Place Productions, who handled development of NHL Hockey and NHLPA Hockey '93, and was even intended to look and feel like the "NHL" game series. Anyway, I hope you find this article about "NHL '94's long-lost cousin" interesting and informative. Sal
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    Thanks for the kind words, it was a pleasure to run this and of course play in as well. There was certainly plenty of ‘94 talent present which makes all the games tougher. This was also the most prizes/swag we’ve ever had at a tournament so glad most went home with something. We did notice a lot of similar matchups being picked throughout the day with our new team rating/tier sheets but seemed to keep matchups fair. Congrats to Raph on a well deserved championship! He was locked in. Included a few pictures below though realized we never got a full group shot. Thanks to all who helped and participated! -Evan
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    I just wanted to echo the sentiments expressed by others that this was a tip-top tournament and a good time. Thanks Evan, John, Raph, and Scott for the work they did on making it a fun day. The raffle prizes were great and I am happy to be going home with at least one prize. The late games were very exciitng and I'm glad I stuck around! Congrats to Raph on winning it all. It was a lot of fun to talk strategy with the different teams with everyone. That's just as much fun as playing the games themselves. Got to get a few practice games in, too, with Robin and Brian. All-in-all, a good day of fun. As for my games, I'm pretty new to playing 94 competitively and haven't played Genesis much outside of the tournaments at the LI Retro Expo, so this was definitely a rude awakening to the level that most guys play. I went 2-3 in the early games, with my two wins coming by forfeit. I lost my first matchup to Paul, a close 4-3 contest (TOR vs NYR), who made me sweat a lot. My next contest was against Brad, who beat me pretty handily 5-1 with WPG (I was CGY) and thankfully he told me he's won a couple of tournies, so I didn't feel too bad about my effort. The last game was against Scott S., who beat me 3-2 with NYI vs. NJD, a game which we both described as a slog (definitely felt slow after the WPG/CGY game). All three guys were stand-up guys and a blast to play against. I hope to see them at a few more. I needed a play-in game to advance and drew George from LI Retro Expo, who I've known for a few years and lets us host Tecmo at the expo. It was good to finally play against him competitively after all he's done for the NY Retro community. It was all PA matchup and I was happy to have my Pens win against Philly 4-1. Then I got to play Aaron in the Best 2-out-of-3 bracket. Well, that was certainly an eye-opener. He called HFD vs WAS and I took the Capitals. Little did I know he likes to use the Whalers and I got down 4-0 right away. I didn't know there was a mercy rule in the bracket. Tack on a couple of slapshots from the blue line that went in and I lost 9-0. For game 2, I knew I had to get defensive. I called PIT vs. EDM and thankfully using PIT just a couple of games ago, I was able to come away with a 2-1 victory. Game 3, Aaron called HFD/WAS again (!) and knew there was no way that I should give him the Whalers again. Game was tied at 1 late when Geoff Sanderson got his own rebound and lightly flicked it in the net for the go-ahead goal and the game winner. Aaron was a good sport about it (especially about me muttering loudly at the first game) and I knew that either of our roads were likely going to end in the next round vs. Raph. I was able to get about 1.5 periods in for both games before the mercy rule took effect, but I am happy that I got as far as I did given the high level of competition on display yesterday. I hope to be just a little bit better by the next one. See y'all at the LI Retro Expo and hopefully many more!
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    Thanks guys it was a lot of fun. This was my first tourney so it was cool to see all the different styles of play each player has. I got lucky to make it to the final 8. Won a game in OT against Chaos with L.A. after he stormed back. Also lucky against DaWookie, he definitely would have tied up the game we had but Roenick was knocked out of the game with less than a minute left which would deflate anyone. Before that he was storming back. Finally got beat by Zepp but I hung in there with him both games until the end. Felt good about that since he is definitely one of the top players. I was down 1 the 2nd game with less than a minute left when the refs decided to put my entire team in the penalty box LOL but even if I somehow tied it I feel he would have beaten me for sure in OT. He outplayed me both games for sure. I tried to make a pass 5 seconds into the game right up the middle to Bure but Zepp picked it off and scored right out of the gate. You can't make mistakes like that against players of that caliber! Thanks again guys! Cool to meet everyone.
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    Kudos and great job to @Evan @chaos @MikeGartner22 & @kingraph for organizing this great NYC tourney! This was my first NHL94 event and it was great meeting folks who now have a face (and real name) to go with their screen name. It was a good turn out today and everyone was having fun. For me, as primarily a spectator, it was fun talking custom roms and settings with @CoachMac. I'm sorry that I couldn't stay longer but I owed my wife a day in the city. I did get a couple of exis in so next time, I'll be brave enough to jump into a tourney when it's near home again. I was impressed by how respectful everyone is when playing exis as well as bracket play. There was a lot of good sportsmanship. Anywho... Congrats to Raph on another big win and congrats on great event! Cheers!
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    Hello all, I have to say it's been a battle to say the least finding a place. With Vegas, we find a location, and have solid interaction with the venue. Vancouver, one email to the canadian brewhouse and they're on board and are happy to have us there. New york has been a different beast altogether. I've contacted about 30 places so far...most don't even acknowledge or return an email or call. I don't get it. Is this how business works there? It makes no sense to me. I finally found a venue, guy seems to be on board. I ask for a specific day and he agrees only to realize that I picked the wrong day. Since that time(about 3 weeks ago I've asked to confirm the correct day via email, fb messaging and phone calls, all of which haven't been returned.) If he replies, then awesome, but I can't wait and hope he replies. I could use some help (and shout out to @MikeGartner22 who's been a great help so far) trying to help find some places. I've even expanded my reach to new jersey. This is the preference for a venue -can support 80-100 people -serves food and booze -solid internet connection for streaming as well enough space for station set ups. -they are willing to let us be there for free(trade off is the business they will get our sales) Please post anything and everything you can think of and I will reach out to them. The sooner I can get a venue the sooner we can get a "save the date" in place for those out of towners wanting to travel. Thanks guys!
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    Idea 1: The "Info Table" Somewhere prominent at the venue, have a table that says "Play Online". It will be staffed with a vet (like myself!). Better yet, possibly KG or someone with connections to the underworld can get some hot strippers to (wo)man the booth? Anything to get some traffic going. It will have: a bunch of business cards (I already printed) that have a URL: https://nhl94.com/joinus/ a laptop with an internet connection ideally a big LCD The laptop will be used to: 1. actually walk people through joining online, on the forum 2. demo for people how to play with GENs / RA This idea, or some variation has been proposed before, but now we need to flesh it out. Since the event is in Toronto, I am 100% willing to spearhead it. But I want to make sure we take the best approach, t maximize online recruits. Hence, me seeking advice. Thoughts?
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    A shortcoming of Challonge is the lack of triple elimination. They have a Feature Request list, and the triple elimination feature is 26th on the list (which puts it on the 2nd page). Can some buds sign in (using your google or facebook account) to their feedback site and add votes to the triple elimination request? Here's the link: https://feedback.challonge.com/forums/44455-feature-requests/suggestions/7033452-triple-and-quadruple-elimination-options Click the "Vote" button on the left Click the F or G for facebook or google and authorize (use "Edit this" to limit what account info they get access to) Click 3 votes (or 1 or 2 if you want..). Maybe we can get it into the top 20 and on the first page.
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    Round Robin Results - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSLtsA5SPXzZzFy9dg9PtKTIbu-zrv4dwRGPBHFmgypWYByqksceO-G3rWzkW76lElde1G-DFmleuAL/pubhtml# It looks better in the sheet than published, but you should be able to follow. I did not fully think through the "bye" situation for no-shows as it deals with Goals For and Goals against. We used GF-GA as the tiebreaker within same records. So for those who got a bye victory (myself included), it was 1-0 and just a 1 goal victory. The round robin format was really set for 32, so I'll noodle on that some more for the future. I also have most of the score sheets with the team data. I'll try to add that sometime this week for analysis purposes. Same for the bracket play. I didn't initially build it into the model as it's overwhelming to track if you don't have dedicated admin people. All the organizers were also participating. More thoughts to come, but wanted to post this first.
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    Hey man thanks so much for the kind words. Some of the moves I learned just by watching some vids on youtube from members who post their games on there, and others I just kinda did on my own, but then later I found out other people came up with the same moves I was doing too. It was so much fun to be with so many top level players in the same room together. Maybe I'll join the online league but I have WIFI which might be a problem. I'll see if I can get a direct connection going instead. I think the best part about going to this was how cool and easy to talk to everyone was. Loved the entire setup with the CRT TV's everywhere. And playing the 2 on 2 hack afterwards was really fun. Good stuff.
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    @superfan99 you had a knowledge of the game I found utterly surprising! I don’t know how he amassed this knowledge but he had lots of tricks up his sleeve. He even did the @IceStorm70/ @HABS special cross crease pass shot.
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    I found a very interesting code that I'd like to share. I converted it to a ROM code to make it easy to apply to your NHL 94 Genesis roms. What this code does is that it adjusts the physical barrier that exists between the puck and the boards all the way around the rink. So if you apply this code, when the puck hits the boards, now it'll actually appear to hit the boards flush instead of bouncing off that invisible barrier. This is particularly noticeable when the puck collides with the side boards, as the puck just didn't come close to actually hitting the yellow line. The collision just wasn't accurate, pucks were bouncing off the edge of that grey shadow of the side board which is several pixels off the yellow line. Now with this code adjustment, pucks will actually hit the side board in line with the artwork and it looks fantastic. I hope you test this so you can experience it for yourself. It may seem like a small detail, but it greatly enhances NHL 94 Genesis visually and it affects gameplay, you'll see. Without this code, when the puck hit or wrapped around the boards behind each goal. . . well, at the top of the rink, it looked OK but the puck didn't appear to fully collide with the yellow line. And when the puck hit the bottom edge of the rink, it clearly was hitting an invisible barrier well off the board. But now, with this code, all those invisible barriers are gone and the puck will actually appear to hit the board, which gives the puck more space to travel along the ice before colliding with the barrier. So with this extra space for the puck to travel, you get new angles when you send the puck off the boards. Note that this code doesn't affect the collision of the players with the boards, only the collision between the puck and the boards. This code essentially allows you to have a bigger rink as far as the puck is concerned. Finding this code has me now looking for a code to adjust the barrier between the players and the boards, which I haven't been able to locate yet. But as it stands, if we were to edit the artwork of the boards to move them back a few pixels, we now have a code that would allow us to adjust the physical barrier of the puck to be inline with that. To apply this, you need to hex edit a rom at the following offsets : Change 017012:0005 to 017012:0000 Change 017014:0005 to 017014:0000 The default value of 05 is what causes the puck to bounce off that invisible barrier when it gets close to the boards. Lowering the value to 00, well it gives the puck more space to travel before colliding with the barrier. Please provide your feedback if you test this for yourself. Bonus : In case you were wondering, you can adjust this code further and increase the barrier of the puck and the boards to go well beyond the artwork of the boards. If you want the puck to travel even farther like into the crowd before hitting the barrier, here's what you do : Change 017012:0000 to 017012:FFxx Change 017014:0000 to 017014:FFxx with xx starting with FF and reducing the value further to allow the puck to travel farther beyond the boards before hitting the barrier. So like 017012:FFFC and 017014:FFFC allows the puck to travel further before hitting the boards, 017012:FFF8 / 017014:FFF8 allows the puck to travel even further, and by 017012:FFF0 and 017014:FFF0 the puck travels all the way to the feet of the spectators before colliding with the barrier, and the puck is barely still reachable by players. If you go beyond that like into FFEx the puck is hitting the spectators and at that point is too far away for players to retrieve the puck at that point, due to the player / boards barrier. With normal artwork it's best to just leave the codes at 0000 but the fact that you can adjust it further is very encouraging. In finding this code, it really has me thinking about editing some of the artwork to make the NHL 94 Genesis rink bigger.
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    Good news/bad news The bad news first -- unfortunately @IceStorm70 now has a work conflict and will not be able to attend the tournament. Gotta pay the bills first! The good news -- @IAmFleury'sHipCheck a.k.a EA WILL be attending the tournament as his paying job will conveniently place him in NYC next week! Yay! We are coming closer to the actual tournament day, can't wait, I'm excited. This week I'll post a more about the structure, prizes and such. Also, if you're in the NYC area and enjoy doing broadcast commentary, feel free to join us! I'll be participating in the tournament and our resident celebrity broadcaster Arda Ocal (Emmy nominated!) will be in Milwaukee for another retro event. Soooooo, open mic!
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    Darik and I have been practicing at work today.
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    I seem to recall reading on the forums in the past that original game has a bug where it only pulls the goalie when down 2 goals, not 1. (That's probably a pretty easy bug to fix actually...)
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    I cannot believe Teemu defeated Yzerman. It's like a bad Wrestlemania from the 80's.
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    That feature was not necessarily taken away, but may not work properly and which is why the original creator of the expanded ROM, @wboy, changed the text to "LEAVE OFF". You can see his comments about it here and some of the issues it was causing: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/2653-do-not-turn-on-in-nhl-07/&do=findComment&comment=11229 Nobody has since looked into that issue or updated for a fix. Every single mod since has basically been a byproduct of @wboy's work.
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    Any chance that code is still around somewhere?
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    Hello Here is a rom I made in collaboration with @Jkline3, who made the opening title screen for me. I took the 2000-2004 rom made by @naples39 as a base. It's based on the 2002-2003 opening night rosters. Player cards for all starters. NHL2003.bin
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    I believe we had solved this after the first tournament. We created round robin groups with a buffer (extra person or two) for no shows. So no matter what happens people will play the amount of games they are guaranteed. I have schedules pre made for any scenario that may arise. So that if I have to move people to another group, I can do so quickly. I would not want to get in to people replacing others for partial fees or free for that matter. When guys sign up they know the fee is non refundable, but it is also transferable. There’s been three instances where players have transferred their entry to someone else.
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    I vote that any/all no-shows are replaced by Halifax(SNES) and Mikey(Sega).
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    - 10-15 minute presentation before tourney play starts to discuss the benefits of playing online, draft leagues, 2v2. - I've thought about this for a while, what about devising a free USB drive with all necessary files that guys could just "plug and play". - What about giving away "bootleg style" DVD copies of the many created roms (with a folder containing links to the NHL94 sites, and files necessary to play online) - Have a laptop handy for guys to sign-up on the site - maybe provide some incentive (free program? cheatsheet?) - Maybe offer a "live draft league" mini-tourney for guys that don't make the bracket play. Just spit-ballin'
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    Halifax tactic #1:Get them all right. Halifax tactic #2: Pick the Canadian teams as far as they can go!
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    Did anyone pick Columbus and ny islanders in round one?
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    It’s a travesty indeed. The game and those guys should be in the hall of fame. Also im thinking we change the name of this thread to “ JeffBC’s awesome Super Nintendo thoughts.”
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    Playoff version is available now into the first post. Enjoy it.
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    each to their own. Bob.
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    Wow thanks kingraph ! Thanks you !
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    There have been many rankings done for tournaments where we group teams into tiers, but something always felt off. It was either too many tiers, not enough tiers, or the personal preferences around which teams on the fringe make it or not into a particular tier. I am trying an updated method that doesn't group teams into tiers so rigidly, but rather offers a scale based on team. Here's my first pass: The idea is that you find a team and then a reasonable matchup will be any other team that shares the color tier. UPDATE V02 AS OF 04/09/19 You can also assume the top teams in a band are stronger than the bottom. So St. Louis vs New York Islanders, STL would be stronger, but that is still a reasonable matchup. However, STL vs TOR, TOR would be the stronger matchup, but still reasonable. TOR can't play NYI though. I found this to be a pretty good exercise in that it will also give you a general team ranking. Some teams are interchangeable that are only in one band (NYI/NJ/HFD/WSH), but it's really the fringe teams that make you think. I included the rosters of main players, bolded the top 50ish, and added home/away advantages. I think this can be printed as a good reference. Having said all that, I've messed around with this enough and came to the point where my mind started turning into mush. So I'm sharing it now with the group to get your input, see if it makes sense, see if I'm missing something, etc. Thanks for taking the time to review.
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    Love the Montréal suggestion !!! We got 30 players to play our last tournament on a 3 week notice
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    Live stream right now (Mar 29) 2019-Mar-29 - Montreal, QC - 29 players SNES https://www.facebook.com/ArcadeMTL/videos/401280007324236/ (en Français!)
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    Yes, I ship Worldwide for $20.
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    la robbie reappears just as soon kingraph wrapping scandal hits the press ........damage control and distraction imho....what's next Dr pizza comes back to run gdl please .....u guys are just sheep....this is coming from a goat.
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    Hey all. These Facebook polls have sucked me back in. Gonna try to dig out my controller tonight wherever it might be and read up on how to do online gaming again. Would mean giving up an extremely unhealthy Pro Evolution Soccer addiction on xbox but we'll see what happens. Still have it on my bucket list to make it the US at some point for a King of 94 tournament. Hi to all the guys who were around a few years back....must be about 5 since I last played now?!
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    I have a silly/ugly suggestion.. edit the WPG logo to add text that says "hurry or crash" or something like that.
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    I purchased the game. Campaign was fun, but rather quick. It would've been nice if they had a GM mode.
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    If you turn it on, use one of the last two (added teams) being VAN or WSH, play a game, then check the win loss ratios of the teams you will see that VAN or WSH percentages etc. will be wrong. This is because the game only ever made the battery backup expecting only 28 teams. The above is a simple example of potential corruption to the battery backup data. There may be more corruption when it goes to save player data for these teams? Over extended use, this could completely stuff your games save. It might work. It might not. I wasn't going to test it until the cows came home because the the team win/lose ratio stuff up was enough for me to work out it might not best to leave on the User Records.... that why you "Leave Off!" and no, I don't think I'll ever work out how to make the battery allocation bigger to support 30 teams properly...