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    We (NHL94.com) have partnered with the Mario Lemieux Foundation to put together an online NHL'94 tournament! All proceeds will benefit the Mario Lemieux Foundation for cancer research. Entry Fee: $19.94 donation to the Mario Lemieux Foundation Prizes: The champions for both Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis will receive an NHL'94 plaque signed by Mario Lemieux! There will be other prizes that will be given away as well as part of the tournament. Registration (starts Friday at 12 EST): https://www.nhl94.com/sochel94 When: Registration ends May 30th. Opening rounds start June 6th. Rules: 5 Min Periods, Penalties Off, Offsides Off, Manual Goalie Tournament Style format - Best of 3 series each round Pick one team to use entire tournament Full rules here: https://www.nhl94.com/sochel94/rules.html Entrants: 64 player cap on each system (Genesis & SNES) Can I Play Both?: Yes, with a separate donation for each entry. So if you enter both, donate $19.94 x 2 = $39.88! I hope all of you online veterans play, and set good examples for any new players that play as part of this tournament! Links: Mario Lemieux Foundation Website: https://mariolemieux.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarioLemieuxFdn/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarioLemieuxFdn NHL94.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nhl94dotcom/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarioLemieuxFdn
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    Gonna go with this one before I make a biggie... Just a mock-up.
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    hey! i've been lurking for a while and finally decided to sign up. i'm phil, i'm from quebec city, and you'll get to know me better later on! will try and set up for a test game asap. see y'all around!
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    If ya never heard of a shadow box or diorama: I'm thinking of doing The Rangers and Canucks, with the full rink with the poster size 36" x 24": Thinking about putting the '94 logo from the box at center ice, super imposed in a 3d style, and doing some custom sprites with the cup and the crowd. Appreciate any input / advice. Will def post pics when I'm done with the whole thing in 2033.
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    2020 NCHC.bin I went back in time to 2016 and approved Arizona State's application to join the NCHC - with only one independent I had to find somewhere to put them... One more conference remaining before the Frozen Four with the Top 32 college teams.
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    Finished up with the East Coast teams... 2020 Hockey East.bin
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    I found this method to be pretty useful when trying to find the palette for an image in Genesis. This will use a combination of the GENS Emulator Shell Mod and a Hex Editor program (I use HxD). Let's say you are looking through Tile Molester and you find the "Hot" Image in the Ron Barr screen. It will look like this: This just happens to be 6x2 without any shared tiles, so pretty easy to find when you get to location F5B00. The harder part is locating the palette this image is using. If you open up the ROM using the GENS Emulator, there is a tool called VDP RAM. Open that tool when you are at the screen where the image is displayed. The tool will show you the current palette the game is using (it's always 4 palettes, 16 colors each). You can click each palette and figure out if your image is using 1 or multiple. In this case, it was clear that the "Hot" image was using the 4th palette. You can "dump palette" and it will save a .bin file of the palette that you can open up in Hex. In my case, I knew that I wanted the information on the 4th palette (each 2 bytes is one color -- there are 64 there, I am highlighting the last 16, or the 4th palette) Copy that information and then search for those exact hex values in your ROM (paste into search bar): You should get a result and that is the palette colors that match the one you found. In my instance, this was the only match, so pretty sure this was the palette (Hex B3DC0, which is 736704 in Decimal). I don't know if that will work for every palette, but this was definitely quicker for me than sifting through HivePal or looking through code. Happy hacking!
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    Hello all- here are my edited roms. Some background: My preference is NHLPA '93 (It's what I had growing up, and the one timer and I aren't friends). These were primarily built for my personal entertainment, some things were important to me and other things weren't, so sorry if it doesn't fit your style! I built the roms in the style of season replays from Strat o Matic- meaning end of season injured players are in the lineup, players who missed most of the season on the bench (ala Lemieux in '93-'94 is not in the three lines). This does mean that players are based off how their stats that one season, not how good they really are. I also built it with line changes in mind, using the top three lines according to Strat-o-matic (SOM Lines/Rosters which means the SC1 line isn't always the best line, be careful if you are a NLC person since '93 doesn't allow for that line to be different than SC1). I also edited some colors of jerseys to my preferences. Ratings were based on the original formulas and ROMs for those seasons, and similarly performing players for new players. Fighting ratings for the first couple of Roms came from dropyourgloves.com before it shut down (Win %'s were huge for determining those ratings!, then Hockeyfights for the later ones. I believe these are all WB fixed. I did not remove teams (so SJ/TBY/OTW are all in '90-91), or update/edit banners (Dallas is Minnesota, New Jersey's banner has the wrong colors). Playoff draws are based on the structure of the year and rough probabilities of a given team's finishing position. Enjoy if you'd like, skip them if you wouldn't! Asher413 90-91 replay.bin Asher413 92-93 replay.bin Asher413 93-94 replay.bin
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    I've been playing old games for the longest time, since I never had a console of my own until about 12, so when I got my laptop for middle school, I immediately flocked to a place where I could download and play all the games which had shaped my understanding of the gaming world. The first, was NHL '94. As a hockey fan, this site was nirvana. So many people, so much content, and the best hockey game to ever release: there was nothing that could be better! So I immediately signed up, and started to download and post any and everything. I recently stumbled upon my old account while digging around for some ROMs to upload to my RetroPi set up, and got a chuckle out of how off the wall I was back in the 'ol days (which really were just 7 years ago, but whatever). My confession: my old account was Seano7302. I'm not sure if I've posted about it before, I don't think I have though, and figured some of the ridiculousness that ensued from 11-year old me's unchecked internet access would be a nice laugh during an extraordinarily odd time. Being entirely honest, I probably should've been supervised a bit more on my computer, and never realized I was being annoying until just looking back at the posts now. I do apologize to anyone who was on the receiving end of any of my posts (I wasn't bullying people, but I certainly should've just shut up at a certain point. I screengrabbed some of my favorites, which can be found below. My lack of understanding for weighted attributes, what actually influenced gameplay, and just hockey in general is shown with this conspiracy theory about EA hiding rogue back-up goalies to outshine starters in the game: I never did post anything else, so I apologize to anyone who checked back later and didn't find any information. @Coffey set some crazy record for goals in a game, so I took the opportunity to talk some s**t: I went 0-20 in Classic that year. It was the bottom division. This one is the epitome of "11 year old who needs his computer taken away". I got a cackle out of "I am willing to fork up 20 bucks [at] toys r us" I think the story behind this next one was that I accidentally changed my preferences on the site, and @chaos helped to reset my account after I messaged him on a new one? Or I was just trying to be a brownnoser after pissing everyone off for 3 months. Both are very possible, and I wouldn't doubt it was both. This next one is my favorite. I think I pushed @Brutus and a few others to a breaking point with spam posting, shitty league ideas, and just dumb, redundant, and easily googled questions, so I went full-Karen in a self-defense moment. I don't have any idea where I was going with this, like, at all. After lurking here for 6 years after the peak of my annoyance, I cannot believe I tried taking over Blitz without asking anyone. It's such a big part of the site, and I really didn't get that then (also, I think I threatened to ask the admins to ban Brutus too. There was one line where I said "people with bad attitudes have been banned before, so I would shut it". I don't recall what my intent was, but super sorry to try to pull that card). Lastly, was my retirement post. While the line about the Dagobah system was witty, and I will give my past self that, I don't think anyone quite cared that I was leaving. I'm sure there was a private celebration on AIM, and I can't blame anyone if there was. Anyways, I'm sorry to anyone who I annoyed, deliberately, or by accident. I just was a bit eager, and didn't have a lot to do when hockey season wasn't in full swing. I would go on some tangent blaming my parents divorce or whatever, but reality is I just loved hockey, and this was the easiest place to experience it. I would also like to thank everyone who not only put up with me, but made this site and community so great that I was drawn to it in the first place. I have had a great time with the game, whether it was online or offline, you guys provided access to something I might not have otherwise stumbled upon. I mostly just lurk now, but if anyone wants a game, feel free to hit me up on Discord.
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    Cam Neely: Who's the dead man who made me a 10 weight and now people are putting in Ted F@#kin' Donato in the lineup over me!?!? (Jim Simmons points to Mark Lesser) Neely Fanboys: Kick his a$$, Sea Bass!
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    So since joining the site and participating in all of the draft leagues I've always thought it would be interesting to know which players stack up speed-wise. We know that there are 3 attributes that play into a player's speed: Weight (higher weight reduces acceleration) Speed (top speed) Agility (acceleration) Now, we all know who the speedsters are - but how do the heavier weights stack up? This is an important topic when you get to the later rounds of a draft. I did not test the entire league, and have only tested 3 teams (CGY/VAN/QUE 69 players total) - but think the results are important. My test was simple, how fast could a player go from a dead stop at center-ice to the first set of hash-marks skating in a straight line? I used smoz's hot/cold hack to collect proper agility/speed numbers, and set each player from each team in the shoot-out mode in Retroarch. I had RA display a running frame total, and recorded each player skating. I then marked the starting frame and ending frame for each which gave me a measurement that I could convert to time (# frames divided by 60 = seconds). Now some of these players would not have reached top speed in that short distance - but that is not what I was measuring, this was a sprint - all acceleration. Fastest player in the test was Bure (1.93 seconds), slowest was Smyth (3.00 seconds). So there is more than a full second spread in that dataset. Let's have a look a look at the data: It's important to note that many of these players would have had hot/cold stats, Looking at 7 weight players with 4Agi/4Spd - there is a 0.12 second spread depending on the bonuses. Sundin was neither hot/cold on the highend and Ricci's Spd stat was COLD. Also interesting to see the 3/3 speed players of various weights, all in the 2.30-2.38 range. You've got players ranging from 6 weight all the way up to 10 weights putting up similar times. Lapointe in this group had a max speed bonus, while those putting up the low end of the range were COLD. I kind of threw this post together, just to get the information posted somewhere - before it disappeared on my hard-drive. Hopefully someone will find this handy when drafting a team. I'll make an effort to add another couple teams, and update my findings in the future.
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    ..need that kid on the glass. Could also put the four coloured stars under select players, representing 4-play.
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    This has been asked a bunch, so here it is. This Google Sheet has all of the NHL'94 players, duplicates removed, and their ratings. This is useful for draft leagues or anyone interested in the player attributes. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vr9sVwLbLhpp3baIKDvk-VaA2aom2IonjEB84u5wgqc/edit?usp=sharing I added the ability to customize the player overall scores as compared to the original version. For reference, here is how the overall calculation works in NHL'94 (thanks @smozoma! - original reference) OVERALL CALCULATION Wayne Gretzky is 87 overall! But what does that mean? The default overall calculation that the game uses for Forwards and Defensemen is as follows. Take the attributes values (0-6) and multiply them by the following factors: Agility x 2 Speed x 3 Offensive Awareness x 3 Defensive Awareness x 2 Shot Power x 1 Checking x 2 Stickhandling x 3 Shot Accuracy x 2 Endurance x 1 Passing x 1 Add all of those numbers together to get the “overall” number. There are two caveats: If the total is less than 50, divide the total number by 2 and add 25. the total is above 99, the overall will display 99. So for Wayne Gretzky, his calculation would be as follows. Agility: 6 x 2 = 12 Speed: 4 x 3 = 12 Offensive Awareness: 5 x 3 = 15 Defensive Awareness 4 x 2 = 8 Shot Power: 2 x 1 = 2 Checking: 2 x 2 = 4 Stickhandling: 6 x 3 = 18 Shot Accuracy: 2 x 2 = 4 Endurance: 6 x 1 = 6 Passing: 6 x 1 = 6 12+12+15+8+2+4+18+6+6 = 87! For Goalies Agility x 4.5 (round down) Defensive Awareness x 4.5 (round down) Puck Control x 4.5 (round down) Stick Right x 1 Stick Left x 1 Glove Right x 1 Glove Left x 1 The same two caveats apply. Note that the game has given the most importance to speed, offensive awareness and stickhandling for both forwards and defensemen by weighing those attributes by 3, but this is not likely what you value most in a player. The sheet that I provided allows you to value the attributes to your OWN preference to come up with new calculated ratings: On this page you can change the values in the "custom" ratings and the sheet that says "new ratings" will update automatically. The automatic scale will make sure the top rated F/D/G are the same as the original game so the data makes sense. The sheet is defaulting to be equal to the original. I'll show you an example for forwards. Let's say I value Speed, Shot Power, Stick Handling and Agility a bunch, while I don't really care about Endurance, or the Awareness. And so I put in my new custom attributes as follows: When I go to my Forwards on the "New Ratings" sheet, you can see the updated overall calculations as compared to the original: Mario isn't the top rated player anymore, but Mogilny, Yzerman, Bure, etc. If you want lighter players, put a negative value on weight. Really, you can customize your ratings however you prefer. This is very helpful for draft leagues, or in general. Note that the automatic scale won't work in Excel unless you have the Excel 365 version because it uses the function MAXIFS. If you have an older version of Excel, you'll need to manually adjust the scale.
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    I make a ton of stuff just for my own enjoyment, but with the extra time at home, I thought others might be interested in trying something new. * This ROM uses the weight bug, and I strategically lowered a few players' weights to add more hitters to the game experience. I always thought that hitting with the lighter weight bug guys was just more fun. * Besides that "inaccuracy," the game includes San Jose, Tampa, and Ottawa because I work from the Original ROM. (I believe that other versions won't work on my Everdrive.) * It is made to play with line changes - with some fun hitters and fighters (but bad scorers) added to the checking line. I set up 3 lines with fun in mind. * Try playing solo with a bad team or mid-level team and do not allow yourself to use "the move." I made the game based on my fond memories of my first set of Topps cards and my first Panini sticker album and filled gaps with Hockey Reference.com. I made several tweaks for my what I consider "fun factor over accuracy," but I also pay close attention to stats/history. If anyone wants to know more, I can explain my ideas, but I would say - just try it and enjoy! 89 NHLPA WB.bin 89 NHLPA WB.bin
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    I'm not from somewhere cool like Ireland. Just Pennsylvania.I heard about this place due to the Lemieux tournament. I'm really excited to play more NHL 94. That was our go-to game to play together in college. Shoutout to @lego who helped me test my connection and online play.
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    I just ate a whole box of oreos.
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    When every goal against you is bs except that was a pretty sick play
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    I plan on hosting a live tourney in Philly with like 10 PVMs. Just gotta find the right place / atmosphere. With the way things are going we'd need everyone to bring their own ballistic helmets and body armor; I'll rent a Hummer for transport.
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    Remember the good old days in the 90's, before national stereotypes? When all Americans looked like Guile from Street Fighter. I miss those days. This is also MFW I get cheese-rammed
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    I'm new to this forum and would love to attend a live tournament if life ever returns to somewhat normal. I live in New England so I'd probably only be willing to travel to the NYC or maybe a Montreal tournament(although I've never been to Canada) since they're both within a reasonable driving distance. I don't travel much LOL. Is the NYC tournament strictly for Gens or both? I play mostly SNES but will play Gens if it's the only option. I would agree with having different divisions(A, B, C) so people aren't deterred after getting smoked by an A player in a tournament and never returning due to costs of travel. Having lanyards or name tags with Discord and real names could be helpful and maybe even break the ice for some of the shyer people. It seems like it would be worth the trip for me personally even if I get tossed out of the tournament early so I could meet some new people. Whether it's the first time meeting someone after playing against them online or just meeting them for the first time regardless it would be cool. I'm hoping a tournament eventually comes to Boston but who knows. I'm too disorganized to host one myself. I can barely plan a family BBQ. LOL
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    This is a half baked ROM hack from 10 years ago that I never finished but was considering completing it little by little as my last project ever. The concept is this: the fate of the world depends on winning the Stanley Cup... Plot is a little thin, but it's a work in progress Here are the teams so far: Wu-Tang Clan Predators (invisible skaters) Jeremy Roenick with no goalie Middle Earth Lizard People WWF Marvel Super Heroes DC Super Heroes MemeStars The Warriors Cosa Nostra Tech Support NHL'94 All-Stars Storm Troopers Chicago Gangsters Retirement Home Seniors Hades Undead Skeletons Vaticans San Quentin, Death-Row Fugitives (from old 2on2, league rom) Woodstock Hippies Japan Yakuza Bloods Crips Russian Mafia Shaolin Monks Ninjas Democrats Republicans West Coast Billionaires Pimps B-Listers Phantoms Russian All-Stars Open to any suggestions. The crazier the better. Maybe we can squeeze in a Mutant League Hockey Team. Bolded = confirmed teams
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    So what team you dudes going with to win the Mario?
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    The gangs from The Warriors, led by Luther. Or the warriors themselves. Uniforms can be skin with leather vests.
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    Fun fact - the order in which you find the team logos in the NHL'94 ROM (original, not the 30 team ROM) isn't in order. Two teams are off - Dallas and New York Islanders. The reason, I am guessing, is they lifted these logos straight from NHLPA ("93"). Dallas was Minnesota, which was right after Los Angeles and before Montreal. And New York Islanders was "Long Island", which was after Hartford, but before Los Angeles. If those team names are changed, they end up in the right order. I guess I can reference '93, but I'm pretty sure this is the reason. That's it, just thought that was fun to see.
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    Fun fact, the Flyers traded two 1st-round picks to the Leafs for their backup goalie, Ken Wregget. What a steal for the Leafs? Well.. Ken Wregget would play another 375 NHL games, while Allan Bester (Leafs' starting goalie), #12 draft pick RW Rob Pearson, and #21 draft pick D Steve Bancroft would go on to play 337 career games after that season (62 for Bester, 269 for Pearson, and 6 for Bancroft). The defenseman taken with the pick after Bancrot was Adam Foote.
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    Love that fact that the guy hasn't updated the site layout in 20 years. It's like a neighborhood diner.
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    Ha! I scoured YouTube looking for this really nice feature by Hockey Night in Canada about him, but I can't find it. It shows how he has "Bergeron-Cleary" etched onto the Cup to honour both of his parents, about his dad's heritage tracing back to Belfast, and what it means to the Irish community of Boston (and Bruin fans) to realize that one of their hockey heroes is really one of their own, considering his family tree. I know that there are written articles about it out there.
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    I've been lurking for about 8 years or so for roster updates(thank you) but the SoChel tourney finally pushed me to join. I joined the SNES SoChel tournament and mostly play SNES. However I will play either version of the game. I grew up on Gens NHLPA 93 and SNES NHL 94 as those were the carts my parents bought me and brothers. I quickly dabbled into @chaos roster tool yesterday and swapped out Rick Tocchet from ASE to myself. Obviously I made myself 100 overall. I showed my wife in the game and she just laughed in pity haha. The only thing is if I go into Player Stats mid-game it freezes. I must be missing something and will need to research more when I'm not running around chasing my kid or changing his diapers. I hope to eventually create an all-time Bruins roster and maybe Detroit as a rival because the Habs don't deserve my time. Anyways, this is an incredible community and I've been scouring the forums the past two weeks finding all kinds of stuff. Hopefully I can bring something to the party other than laughs.
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    This was the song I danced to at my wedding....
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    Big Bird was a natural on the ice. You don't want to end up along the boards with Big Bird. Bert running some major interference setting up the one-timer, in True NHL 94 fashion the refs didn't call it.
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    Just saw the ESPN article and realized I last played here 6 years ago, damn. Joe Baker is in. Too bad I'm only good in the regular season.
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    Arda wrote a great short article about it on ESPN https://www.espn.com/esports/story/_/id/29142689/mario-lemieux-foundation-present-charity-nhl-94-tournament
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    Thanks guys! I updated the pictures on the first post of this thread. RECENT UPDATES: * Skate colors on players on the bench match skate colors of players on the ice now * Stick color changed to grey to reflect newer sticks *Updated the "NHL 20" logo on the selection screen * Inserted "Jeep" and "Adidas" sponsors on the pause menu screen Work continues...
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    LMFAO this is my favorite so far!
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    I played SNES a lot more than Sega Genesis. Really only in the last 4 years have I been spending more time playing Sega Genesis and most of it (ducking out of the way of something being thrown at me) it isn't for sports games as much as it is for its large collection of high quality shooters. Now I have NHL '94 on the SNES, Genesis and Sega CD. The Sega CD one is great, but its a pain in the a%% to set up. I don't use emulation, all original physical media. So for me, my first exposure to NHL '94 was on the Super Nintendo and to be honest, I like that controller so much better than the Genesis one, especially the standard 3-button one. Triple Deke is a pretty good move; especially for the SNES version.
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    Great work. UAH is reinstated after raising over $750,000 in private donations. getting this out in social media land! Thanks again!
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    Maybe a team of figure skaters? lol
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    B-List actors? Or movie characters who all die early in the movie? Famous generals from history? The Washington generals? (Or worse on the same thread, the Charlestown Super-Chiefs- it's a train!)
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    JK3 is killin' it with these awesome quarantine-era roms!!! Nice job buddy!
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    Upon rewatch, Simmonds was in the doc for less than 30 seconds, stating that he was thrilled to get the opportunity to "run the project" and work on hockey (this was for the original NHL hockey game). He was also enamored with the Sega Genesis hardware. I seem to recall Mikey saying he'd found out some ground-breaking stuff - but that not all of it would make the final cut. I wonder if he would ever release the full interviews?
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    No Mikey made a documentary called Pixelated Heroes which is(was?) available on this site for $5: https://xotv.me/channels/39-pixelated-heroes Mark Lesser had a lot of screen time, I don't recall Jim Simmons being in it much (if at all?). And deep programming details weren't covered, so @aqualizard I don't think you're stepping on any toes.
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    Hey guys, I actually corresponded with Jim Simmons myself. I did not want to divulge too much at the time, because I didn't want to rain on Mikey's parade. But! A lot of time has passed, and I think I should release an interview I had with Jim Simmons (kind of a fan boy thing where I ask a bunch of questions). I am going to email him and ask if it is ok. The guy is a freaking genius. I wanted to see his story in the documentary, but I am not even sure how to see it, or how much screen time he has...
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    Yeah these are really cool, in spite of the fact I know nothing about NCAA hockey.
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    Welcome my friend to your new addiction. Buy this and you will have a happy NHL94 life.
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    long, tedious and very meticulous... hmmmm.... didn't notice that at all! Its because the mix on the of colors offered within the palette wouldn't suffice for all team logos.... and 12 or so colors within the home strip of a team would probably match their logo colors a lot better when dithered. You can change it if want.... and make it use the loaded palette of your choice (rink pal or banner/stands pal). Not too hard if interested. Personally though I wouldn't do unless you wanted one logo for all teams etc. Shared NHL logo. Rink offsets are the same as the original rom. Swos did a tut on it some time ago now. May try post some goodies later if I can find them that may help. No go... there is too many loaded graphic tiles chewing up the available VDP memory (banners, selected team logos, menu, player cards and text tiles etc) which doesn't allow you to store that image uncompressed (no shared tiles) as I did with the other images. Would of done it other wise.