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    I did not make any quotes that made the teaser, BUT! I just re-watched it and noticed that my Sega and NHL94 cartdrige -- which has a #2 on it and a strawberry sticker (so I would know it was mine when it came time to collect) -- is showcased for over 2 seconds, halfway through, in a closeup. NAILED IT!!! Just showed the wife and my kid and they had no reaction.
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    The Saskatoon Tournament Finished up yesterday. Here was a breakdown of the tournament format and results. 1. It was a Round Robin Swiss Tournament. So each round players were playing against someone with the exact same record. 2. 16 players, 4 games played per player. We had 8 setups so there was no wait time. 3. Those that won 3 or more games played in the A playoffs, those who 2 games played in the B, those who won one game or less played in the C. 4. Players had the option to move up one level if they chose to. Ex. A "C" player could choose to move up to the "B" playoffs or a "B "player could choose to move up to the "A" playoffs. No one could move down a playoffs (one player did ask me that though) :D. In the end, no one exercised this option. 5. There were 5 prizes. $150 cash, $80 Cash, $50 gift certificate from the brewhouse and a couple of NHL jerseys. *Teemu Selanne (Jets) and Ryan Nugent Hopkins (Oilers) 6.The top three players in A got their first picks of the prizes, The B champion got the 4th pick and the C champion got what was left. 7. @stheds2000 (1st place "A") took the $150, @The90Jacket (2nd place "A") to the $80 Cash, I (3rd place "A") told Jared (before we played the third place game) that he would get to pick his prize as I wasn't going to take anything. He took the Selanne Jersey. Steve ("B" Champion) took the $50 Gift Certificate and Jonn ("C" Champion) took the Nugent-Hopkins jersey, which he later sold to my buddy Matt (who's a big oilers fan). 8. The champion for each playoffs got a trophy. Round Robin - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_Round_Robin "A" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_A_Playoffs "B" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_B_Playoffs "C" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_C_Playoffs I think it ended up being a good format. Guys liked that they were playing guys of similar skill in the playoffs and there were a lot of close playoff games. The guy who didn't win any games played 6 games and lost 5 of them by one goal. I think everyone enjoyed it. I'll post pictures soon. I was interviewed by CTV Saskatoon. I haven't seen the video yet but I'll post when I get it. Here's the story. https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/sports-and-video-game-enthusiast-face-off-at-nhl-94-tournament-1.4814607 SASKATOON -- The Canadian Brewhouse in Stonebridge was host to a nostalgic video game tournament on Sunday, playing the classic hockey video game NHL ‘94. Event organizer Darrell Sampson has hosted the event in multiple cities around North America in the past, such as Las Vegas, New York, and Toronto. "The nostalgia from it has grown over many years," Sampson said. "Guys in their 30s and 40s that played as a kid are still playing today." The tournament in Toronto was the first attempt at hosting the video game competition, and Sampson said 128 people were in attendance. But why play a video game that’s more than 25 years old? "It was the first time they had NHL teams and players in the same game. They introduced the one-timer that game, and manual goalie control. It was probably the first time it felt like a real video game for NHL," Samspon said. Several rules were in place to keep the tournament fair. Players had to manual control their goalies, teams were picked after a coin toss and there was a six goal mercy rule in case anyone got carried away with the score. 16 competitors were signed up to face-off against each other in Saskatoon at The Canadian Brewhouse for a cash prize and bragging rights.
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    Here is the TSN final piece! https://www.tsn.ca/tsn-originals/video/tsn-original-the-goat-of-hockey-games~1883180
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    The date was Saturday September 12, 2015. I was still reeling from the pain of losing 2-1 to AJ a few games earlier, after making the mistake of picking Anaheim and giving him Florida. I had clawed my way back to him again after 3 hard fought wins against 3 skilled online players of whose names I shall withhold. I didn't think I'd get another crack at him. A revenge opportunity in the same day, perfect! But why was I even at this point? 2 losses?? This was not how it was supposed to go down. It was all going according to plan until I met kgman earlier, and was shocked to get bested 6-4. And then the next game was my previously mentioned ANH-FLA game with AJ. This all didn't compute. It wasn't supposed to be this difficult. But that's okay! I earned another shot. And this time, I had the opportunity to choose the matchup. This felt like a wonderful example of justice. I was extremely overwhelmed with pressure and commotion and my brain was in a foggy haze. But I still had enough brainpower to know, no way in hell I'm letting this be another bottom-tier grind match. I'm going to hit him with the hardest-hitting matchup I can think of! (that I hadn't picked in a previous game). And so... I gave AJ Chicago at home. And the rest is history. That was my last game of nhl 94 against another human. And my life has been slowly spiraling even more out of control ever since
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    Extremely humbled to receive this in the mail today as a surprise gift.
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    That first event was absolute chaos. First time meeting everyone, a crowded room full of people, the pressure of playing... I can assure you that if you ever decided to try another tournament, it is a lot less hectic and a lot more player-friendly.
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    So it's looking like I'll be making the drive from SK, Canada to Minot, then to Minny. If anyone's on the way and wants to split fuel costs, let me know. Still undetermined whether I'm going with kids or without. Long story short, I had a buddy from USA visit me in Canada and then get deported, so I still have a bunch of his s**t in my closet, so he's taking a flight to Minot and I'm picking him up to help with the drive. Then he can fly his s**t back home with him to Cali haha. But I have a larger vehicle if someone wants a ride. Cheers!
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    MWW I show up at gaming night at my best-bro-from-works-new house and all my squadmates are there and I'm still super sauced from the quarterly-company-event from earlier. But I leave the bag with my controllers in the car. But I probably don't need em because most of these dudes are younger than me so I'll look ridiculous with my old-man-gamer-gear. Then I remember Steve said he got like 50 Genesis games for 20 bucks or something last month and the best one was Revenge of Shinobi. But I'd be trying too hard and no one is expecting me to bring them anyway. Then I remember that no one wears a suit to hang out and I could probably just stop home and put on a t shirt and jeans. But someone notices me and I've been waking back and forth from my car to the house for 5 minutes. The controllers though, they might think it's cool if I bring em. But my boy Mitch is approaching and he's drunker than I am. Then I see all the women are in the front of the house and my anxiety kicks in. I'm not attracted to any of them anyway. There's still a chance I'll have to make eye contact as drunk as I am. If I just walk with Mitch no one will notice how drunk I am because he's so wrecked. He wants us to get more beer before we go downstairs and I can probably just bolt and no one will even know I was here. Then we get down there and Kris and Gus are playing PS4 and Steve is actually playing Pigskin Footbrawl on a god damn Sega Genesis with Chad. But I haven't checked the forum for almost 3 hours and it's my turn to pick. Then I remember I haven't been in a league for like 8 years and I can post tomorrow when I sober up.
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    Teaser released before the segment was shown: https://twitter.com/tsn_sports/status/1220728433308852224?s=21 Full Segment: Youtube: TSN.ca: https://www.tsn.ca/tsn-originals/video/tsn-original-the-goat-of-hockey-games~1883180 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=619580168831461
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    Based on the success of our 2019 tournament, we are coming back in 2020! More details to come... REGISTRATION https://www.nhl94.com/nyctourney/ DATE: Saturday, April 18, 2020 TIME: Tournament starts at 11:00 am, registration 10:30 COST: $25 LOCATION St. Pat's Bar & Grill 22W 46th Street New York, NY, 10036 https://stpatsbar.com RULES & OTHER INFORMATION Sega Genesis Only Original cartridges, systems and CRTs 40 Person Cap 5 Games guaranteed Progressive / Swiss Style Group Play 1st round matchups will be random (drawn at the start of the tournament) Win your game and play against another 1-0 person. Lose and you play against another 0-1. Rounds progress each way such that you play against someone with your same record 24 Players make it to bracket play. Top 8 seeds get 1st round bye Depending on number of players, group play may extend by one game for certain players Bracket play - 24 seeds from group play. Seeds are based on record, then GF - GA. Single elimination, best of 3 each round KO94 style rules Coin flip winner chooses two teams for matchup and is Home Ice Coin flip loser selects which team he wants to use No coin flip needed if two people play against each other again, just reverse previous winner/loser choice. PRIZES $250 for first place (plus trophy!) $100 for 2nd place $50 for 3rd place LOTS of random raffles * 2 Tickets to LI Retro Expo in August (TBD) * Canvas Wall Art * 90's NHL Memorabilia! STREAMING We will announce when we go live: www.twitch.tv/kingraph PLAYERS Will be listed as registrations sign-up. 01. Evan E. ( @Evan )(organizer) 02. John G. ( @chaos ) (organizer) 03. Scott S. ( @MikeGartner22 ) (organizer) 04. Raphael F. ( @kingraph ) (organizer) 05. Kevin B. ( @corbettkb ) 06. John S. ( @JSchmidt ) 07. Bill S. 08. Andrew C. 09. Tom E. ( @aepurniet ) 10. Ron D. 11. Herb W. 12. John K. ( @kuefner ) 13. James M. ( @clockwise ) 14. Matt P. 15. Eric K. ( @eggink444 ) 16. Nick D. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. Waitlist: Tom W. Michael S. Don S. Trevor S.
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    The title kind of makes it sound like a monster movie. Just in case one is interested in a bit more detail, I did do a little write up regarding the games. Game 11: AJ (Fla) vs TomKabs (Anh) Obviously I was able to pick the game here as I had already had planned long ahead of time that I would attempt to drag TomKabs through my torture 101 class. I wasn't concerned with what team I'd get because my strategy was the same regardless. I wanted to drag the speed of this game to the minimal amount and make TomKabs as uncomfortable as possible. It seemed to have worked as Tomkabs played into my strategy as he tried to push the pace of the game as best he could. All I wanted to do was stretch his formation out and then counter when possible. It did take a while but I was able to get out to a 2-0 lead before TomKabs found an answer late in the 2nd period to make it 2-1 heading into the third. I stuck to my guns and never allowed a quality chance in the 3rd as I was able to successfully stymie TK into submission. A tough game indeed as TK fared better than I had expected but I felt I was really finding my groove at this point as any team I picked was playing well. Result: AJ 2 - TK 1 Game 14: AJ (Chi) vs. TomKabs (Buf) To say that TK wanted to give me some pay back would be a bit of an understatement. The guy was out for blood and his team selection showed it. I decided to give Roenick a shot as I felt he would be tougher to deal with than Mogilny considering the supporting cast for each team. I've watched a lot of TK's tape with high skilled players at his disposal and it can get a bit graphic what he does to his opponent. I wasn't going to allow myself to be a victim and I've actually been developing very specific tech to deal with TK and I have to say it worked wonders in this game. I jumped out to a fast lead and never allowed TK to get all that close. I kept him guessing as to what to do on defense and didn't let Mogilny get much open ice to work with. This was the exact kind of game I needed to get me back on track and feel confident going into the top 3. Result: AJ 5 - TK 2
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    Just gotta wait until super bowl and the aftermath is done. Then it’ll air. And we get to hear my favourite @kingraphline again about how the game has the “secret sauce”.
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    ... I guess the leather pants are being shipped separately? That's awesome.
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    You can be clockwise and your beard can be Jesusplaysnhl94. There is enough of you for both bud.
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    Thanks for putting this up bud. Sounds like another well run tournament for you with a good format! I didn't catch you streaming it but saw that game you put on fb. Congrats @stheds2000 on the win and to @The90Jacket on fighting the good fight, if they ever come round these parts anymore.
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    for some reason it can't be clicked on, have to copy/paste :/ for some reason it was pasted as PlayNHL.%20TK
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    Thankfully it's also on Youtube (because sharing tsn.ca and facebook.com links doesn't work well)
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    https://www.paypal.me/kingraph/25 Time: 10AM Check-In, 11AM StartFee $25 via PayPalPayPal Link - PayPalLeave a note with the PayPal payment with your full name, and the email address you used to register. Paying via PayPal secures your spot in the tournament. There is a 40 player cap, but we will be taking names after those spots are taken for a Wait List. Once we reach the 40 player cap, if you still have not paid at that point, we will email you to give you a chance to pay and secure your spot. Pay as soon as you can!
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    This is my promise, to the executives and production teams of the Toronto Sports Network and it's affiliates : I will not eat one, single morsel of food until we know when the King of 94 special is going to air. I'm going on a hunger strike.
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    All we gotta do is find a way to do it every year. I’m signing up.
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    This is way bigger than the Superbowl for me. Seriously.
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    It was Rom Barr was trying to tell you that it’s past your bed time.
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    Time to get back on that horse. There are a lot of tiny duck-sized horses at these things. Just beware the horse-sized ducks.
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    I'd probably buy it but I already spent my tax return that hasn't arrived yet on CRTs.
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    A friendly heads up, tomorrow is the last day you can take advantage of our special hotel rates at the Moxy Uptown! https://www.marriott.com/event-reservations/reservation-link.mi?id=1576270773552&key=GRP&app=resvlink&fbclid=IwAR0C3RL5vaLV-fiarrD9CDbyLv08P-uuWjCorY2v1XsEcytcjjbbMh9nlyY Remember a free drink, and free EXIS gaming, 2v2 and more happen Friday Feb 28th! IT'S IN THE GA
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    I stayed up till 3AM watching TSN on some Russian, free-TV stream.
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    o m g i feel like im back in the 2010s, hello friends
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    Hey, I'm new, love the old games, grew up on the SNES, looking to get some games in and maybe join a league!
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    We here at Edge Of '94 Midwest would like to congratulate Michael Robert Stanton and Raamayan Ananda on their victories in Vancouver this weekend, as well as Ryan Christian Ventura for keeping the #NHL94 dream alive! Both Robert and Raamayan have earned themselves free entry into Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament February 29th in Minneaoplis, should they decide to claim it! Congrats again to these buds!
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    Hey bud, you playing line 2 without a goalie? you have 6 skaters
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    @chaos asked me to post this verified fix here, however follow the warnings in the attached steps: Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Dialog Box. In the Run Dialog Box, type regedit and click OK to open the Registry Editor. In the navigation pane on the left, double click the folders to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender. If you find a registry entry named DisableAntiSpyware, double click it and set its value data to 1. 4b. If you do not see a registry entry named DisableAntiSpyware, right click in the main Registry Editor pane and select New > DWORD (32 bit) Value. 4c. Name this new registry entry DisableAntiSpyware. Double click it and set its value data to 1. *** Keep in mind that doing so leaves you vulnerable to a range of cyberattacks, so it’s critical that you install an effective anti-malware product on your computer before removing Windows Defender. *** I have done this twice successfully for myself on two different computers, and twice with two others that aren't me. To find out if this fix is likely to work for you, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and load up your task manager. Sort by CPU usage. If antimalware service executable is your top CPU hog, and you have framerate issues, killing it and restarting your comp will be likely to fix this. Cheers! And please let me know if this fix worked for you too.
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    STB is the NHL94 of baseball games. The best engine/game play and best graphics. I see people all over the web wanting an editor. Basically just NOSE for this game. Ive tried to open several different STB roms in NOSE but they will not open. If Sports Talk Baseball had a NOSE type editor you could no doubt launch an online community with edits and leagues just like this place. What is involved and exactly how much time and knowledge would be involved in creating such an editor? Just what old school NOSE does is fine. Change player names and attributes and a few minor quirks like the 10 run rule. I found some Genie/Classic Cheat Code patch stuff but thats just kid stuff like "get 10 outs" etc. I'm just shocked this doesnt exist considering how big baseball was/is.
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    Very cool! I especially enjoyed the part about Mark Lesser shooting raccoons and @kingraph's t-shirt. Thanks for sharing. -Evan
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    League ROM: nhl94_rollinglines_01a.bin Classic ROM with 1 minute penalties Lines altered to make substitutions bring in 3/4 line guys. Also, homage updated splash to original:
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    How / where do I pay? There was an error when I signed up - so I'm not sure if that was supposed to redirect to Paypal - but it looks like my registration it went through somehow.
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    hop on the discord channel and get some exis in bud!