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  1. We play this magnificent game daily at work. The regular season, playoffs and all. Half of the floor participates. So I decided to arrange a tribute to the game, this online community and the theme song we all love. With some drum machines, keys and guitars. Here it is, I hope you like it: Kurt Vogel - NHL94 Theme Tribute.mp3 Thinking of uploading a video of playing it to Youtube and making guitar tabs if someone's interested playing along.
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  2. RBI'64.nes RBI'65.nes RBI'66.nes RBI'67.nes RBI'68.nes The last 5 years of the Great Pennant Race Years. This was before Divisional Play. The AL Champ vs The NL Champ in the World Series was the only Post-Season. The WS was played in early October. Each rom contains the Top 4 AL teams and the Top 6 NL teams. RBI is a very fun and simple game to Edit. I plan to release many more. Contact = Batting AVG. Lower is better. <.175 = 64 .175-.199 = 40 .200-.224 = 30 .225-.249 = 25 .250-.274 = 20 .275-.299 = 15 .300-.324 = 10 >.325 = 5 Power = Home Ru
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