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    Player Cards Okay, so here is what I found out about the player cards in '95. First, anyone really interested should read wboy's tutorial on player cards. Now, I found out that there is another "pointer" type of table located at @C4754 through @C47FB that contains single bytes that relate to the player cards. The byte determines how many bytes from the player card pointer table to move to get the correct player card picture. It's almost like a pointer to the pointer. Every 6 bytes (6 cards per team) is for a team, and there were 168 bytes (28 teams). The last 12 bytes were for the all-star teams. I won't get into the 68k Assembly Language details (but trust me, I got deep into this here), but if you increased the teams past 28, you need to extend this table for the player cards to work properly. So to get the player cards to work properly, I extended this new index table by 36 bytes (6 more teams), and I also changed the data for teams 27-28 (ASE/ASW) to their own player cards (they previously had index values to other teams' player cards). Again, without getting into too much more detail, for some reason the game had two "check" functions that caused teams 31, 33, and 34 to not work properly. ' To fix team 31, you have to change the value at @A0A9E from 1E to 22. 1E is team 31 (though the value is 32, the first team is 00) and the game has a specific command that says "if the team is 31", skip the entire player card sequence. So changing to 22 (team 35) ensure this works. To fix teams 33 & 34, change @A0A9A from 1F to 3F. This requires a little more 68k assembly language knowledge, but the function the game uses is an "AND" function. This is a great 68k learning site btw - http://mrjester.hapisan.com/04_MC68/Sect03Part02/Index.html In short, teams 33 and 34 (20 and 21 in hex) that ran through this "AND" command would kick back to team 00 (team 1) and 01 (team 2). Changing it to 3F makes sure that all teams through 30 (team 49 if ever that happened) would "pass" this function. So in short, I have the player cards working properly for all 34 teams. The player text is messed up on the later teams...will investigate that next, but I am pretty stoked about this find/fix. Anyone who is really interested in the guts of this, happy to expand further, but I will likely post everything in a "notes" thread when I finish this project.
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    That a good idea !! The dream game !!