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    Hey everyone, Now that the tournament in Vegas is over, (and hopefully the hangovers too) I wanted to announce that I am working on the details of our next Green Bay WI NHL94 event. We are aiming for one of the later weekends in February 2018, and the venue is looking to be different. Some good friends are going to be opening up a Virtual Reality and retro arcade in Green Bay, and that is looking to be our tournament home. I don't have much more details than this, other than if this works out, attendees will be able to take advantage of the venue's arcade experience, while at the same time getting their fill of NHL94 and other games in. There has been lots of interest after every tournament, and we hope to continue this pattern for 2018. Stay tuned! Trojan
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    Plus Side Games went fast and smooth. Brackets were well organized. Settle it on the Screen Set-up and announcers was great and fun. ARDA OCAL!!! Awesome Dude! Great Announcer. Competition was outstanding. I went 3-3 in Toronto and 2-4 in LV. In Toronto all games were blow-outs win or lose. Except one good game with JER33. In Vegas every game was a 1 or 2 goal game. Except my game with KingRaph. I could have easily been 5-1 or 0-6. Seeing Mikey's Movie. Hauling my CRT TV to and from the room, gaming site, lobby, pool, across the street etc... PIZZA ROCK Pizza and Mexican Cokes. WEDNESDAY. Playing 10 Games against AngryJay in my 94 Game Room. THURSDAY. Vegas Knights Game. Beating KingRaph in Air Hockey. FRIDAY. Playing all-day LIVE in the Hotel Rooms with AngryJay, Evan, Smoz, EA, KingRaph, Backhand Floater. SATURDAY. Playing Kevin from Columbus and Aqualizard many games after we were all eliminated and between playoff games. Live 2v2 in the Hotel Lobby until late into the night. Meeting Tex, JackandJose, and Aqualizard. The SNES guys celebration was awesome. Minus No T-shirts, Hats, Jersey, Swag, etc.. of any kind. No Trophies for winners. No name tags. No Screen poster or whatever showing brackets and results. No signs, posters, or banners, promotion of any kind. No Vegas Knights or NHL presence. No NHL94.com promotional area. Aqualizard was pushing it some and I tried to set up something after being eliminated but no real effort to promote.. I got lots of guys asking questions about roms, online play etc.., but we really dropped the ball here again. NO CRT's for Genesis sucked especially when i got 6 at my house I could have brought, plus a side trip to Vegas thrift shop could have scored all we needed for the price of a few drinks. I would be happy to hel;p/do much of this if/when we have KO943. Missing to many of the top guys (KG, Brutus, Ice, to name a few).
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    Great Job on stream with Settleitonscreen and twingalaxies. Watched HOURS of it. really felt like I was there besides being sober and having 3 kids telling me to make them a sandwich.
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    The tournament was extremely well run. Thanks Darrell and the team for an amazing life experience. Everyone was awesome! Congrats to top 3!
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    Thanks man, we have been checking in with everyone on our Discord channel. Mikey and Arda Ocal were actually at the Mandalay Bay at the time of the incident, which is just crazy, and a few of us were delayed at the airport (which is like 2 miles away) during the lockdown. Glad to say everyone is safe and okay so far as people are all checking in. Very tragic, makes me so sad and angry at the same time. https://discord.gg/kvYSWWC