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    Fightcade is basically a match-making program, a lobby for fight game enthusiasts. On the backend it uses an emulator called FBA, which was designed to run MAME games (actual ports of arcade games). It also uses a different technology to play P2P (GGPO), one that is supposed to be easier to set-up (no issues with routers, and no need to port forward). Recently it has been updated/upgraded to Fightcade 2, which promises many enhancements, specifically the addition of Sega Genesis emulation. On the reddit page for this project (it is in BETA as of Oct 27), I found a copy of the supported roms. NHLPA93, NHL 94-98 were all there, not to mention NBA Jam, Madden etc.. As it is in beta, it can only be tested by folks with older accounts (you need to register to play on Fightcade). Anyone here a member of Fightcade since 2014? We need a tester!
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    I'm curious of a few things. 1. Obviously, how easy the set-up is. 2. How good the emulator is (based on it's popularity for fight games, I'm guessing it has to play well). 3. If it is better than Kaillera for lag/inputs etc... 4. For fights games, I think the site will track wins/losses.. I'm assuming it would do the same for sports titles. lots to think about...
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    Probably keeps the false bug reports, repeated bug reports, and other noise to a minimum, by only allowing a smaller set of users (who already know how to use it). Hopefully this emu doesn't block saving during netplay like Gens and Kega used to
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    I know some of you saw this on already but I thought I'd share here. This was from Facebook this morning. I was at my gate at the airport, sitting down for a couple minutes. I then hear over the PA system "There is a Super Nintendo at security, if this is yours please pick it up.., that's a SUPER NINTENDO!" Lady across from me says, with general concern, "I sure hope the kid gets their Nintendo back" I sigh, stand up and say "yes. It actually belongs to a 40 year old kid." This draws some laughs from the people around me as I walk back to security. I get back to security and the security staffer recognizes me and says"man you can't forget this. I loved the Super Nintendo!" Again this draws smiles and chuckles from people near by. Glad I was able to make people smile this morning.
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    We are DONE! 100% Completion for the second season in a row. You guys are AMAZING! September 15...I proposed this league September 17...Season 1 Draft October 9...Season 1 Regular Season ended October 22...Season 1 Champion Crowned October 22...Season 2 Draft November 5...Season 2 Regular Season ended Season 2 Bailey Bobble Playoffs #1 New York Rangers (KingRaph) vs #3 Montreal Canadiens (corbettkb) #2 Los Angeles Kings (Aqua) vs #4 Detroit Red Wings (Icestorm) Winners meet in the Final Consolation Playoffs Teddy Bear Cup (will not affect Draft position) #5 Toronto Maple Leafs (jer33) vs #7 Chicago Blackhawks (Brutus) #6 St. Louis Blues (Lupz27) vs #8 Minnesota NorthStars (CoachMac) Winners meet in the Final Consolation Series #9 Oakland Seals (Flatcrusher) vs #10 Philadelphia Flyers (Chefstar88) Thats It! All series are Best of 7 (2-2-1-1-1) Playoff Rom PRL2playoffs.bin These should be done by Sunday November 12 if not sooner.