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    this is an always will be a great game glad to see all yall still play . An have worked out the online play an great tutorials an everything. but ya just wanted say thank you for website an everything the admins do here . that an i cant wait to play hit me up im on discord
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    Acknowledging this and I'll write up a new separate thread on player cards (which just walks through wboys tutorial in detail) soon. You'll be able to get 26 (I think) cards for each team.
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    Look at this guy rubbing it in with the screenshot of the winning goal It was a good tough finals, that's for sure. I did beat him 4-1 in Round Robin, just saying
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    do I make your top 10 bud?
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    Congrats Jammer bud! I've been to four live SNES tournaments now: King of 94 (Toronto, Sept. 2015) King of 94 West I (Saskatoon, Jan 2016) King of 94 West II (Saskatoon, Nov 2016) King of 94 II (Vegas, Sept 2017) And Vegas was clearly the strongest field yet. There were three or four guys that I consider in the top 10 guys I've ever played in the last 10 years of online and recent live tournaments. Plus your Vancouver contingent, which was clearly on par with those guys. And You won it. Congrats!