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    I ran through each of the teams again updating the format a bit. No forwards >70 overall, no D >60 overall. Player is benched after a hat trick. Only benched Roy and Belfour this time, but may force myself to use all backup goalies if I do it again. My write up about it here: http://coalm.blogspot.com/2017/11/handicapping-nhl94-take-2.html
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    Thank you Kingraph! I'll read it with care. I'm also working on a Canada Cup rom made by slapshot I think. With the player's photos, it's even better.
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    For the hamachi tunneling problem, I've found that if I go into the services page, stop the Hamachi Tunneling Service, and restart it, it fixes the problem. I actually do this every time I start up Windows. You can get to the services page by Hitting "Windows key + R" to get the "Run" window, then type in "services.msc". Find Hamachi Tunneling Service, STOP it, the START it.
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    So, for people who do not know what fightcade is, here is the google definition of it.. "Fightcade is a matchmaking client that includes an emulator and allows people to play each other online using the very well respected GGPO netcode. ... GGPO used to be a service like Fightcade, but now it is just a great rollback netcode." Its a goto for people who want to play classic arcade games (i.e. street fighter, kof, mvc, metal slug) on their pc. Its not unlike kaillera but has one major advantage, its netcode. Kaillera uses a delay based netcode where as fightcade uses a "rollback" type netcode. I can say from years of experience this "rollback netcode" aka GGPO is a MUCH more favorable experience compared to something like kaillera. This is my opinion of course, but there actually is a great deal of evidence supporting GGPO as a superior netcode. If you wish to learn more about GGPO netcode you can check out the video at the bottom of this post. About this time you may be asking, "what the hell does this have to do with 94?" Perhaps nothing, perhaps a great deal. The Beta for Fightcade2 has just been released and has added Sega Genesis BIOS files to the emulator (final burn alpha). Anybody with a Fightcade account from 2016 or before can check out the fightcade2 beta right now and it has a room available for NHL '94. Now, a lot still remains to be seen on how practical this can be. It doesn't use the standard .bin rom we've always used and the rom it does use I haven't been able to find yet. But I did get the chance to play other genesis games and they all played just fine. In conclusion, I think this is something the NHL '94 community can benefit from. It could make match making for exhibs easier, it could allow players across greater distances to have better connections. It can allow an unlimited amount of spectators on live matches that don't connect to the actual match so has no bearing on ping or lag. And perhaps fightcade's best feature is that it records ALL matches. I want to hear what you guys think. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer. Also, go check out www.fightcade.com EDIT: I did find the nhl94 FBA rom and it plays perfect offline. you can find DL the rom here: http://www.gametronik.com/site/download/FBA_MD/NHL%20%2794/roms/nhl94.zip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9JTIn1SVQ4