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    Congrats Raph. I think he should have to play season 3 with his bobbles..
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    since chaos and Evan are too lazy to make that section ......I nominate myself to hall of along with swos and kingraph for best players sorry AJ u didn't get enough votes ........wboy best builder .........chaos best manager ........and hokkee for best drunk! ps pussies are not eligible plabax
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    Yeah, I like to make up little stories about why they're hot/cold "Zelepukin cold again…. He ought to stop doing blow"
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    I think 6 hours can be crammed in. Mark's and Michael Brook where 4 hours each. Jim was an hour & 45mins. There is a bunch of off stuff that is off the record so I could cut each down to a solid 30-45 mins of continuous interview.
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    add my vote for expand to at least 32 teams season mode is beyond a patch i don't think instant replay length can be increased -- i had trouble finding room to cram the +/- data into in RAM.
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    All those things smoz mentioned and... * display checks per player vs PIM (already done, thanks smoz) * in-game checks only count for checks per game (thanks smoz) * after-whistle checks separate stat (thanks smoz) * fix rosters on teams (no duplicate players in FLA, ANA, etc.) * fix "superspeed" bug after player misses pass/gets checked * Change OT length to period length/make it an option * Fix post whistle penalty shot goal bug * Expand to 32 teams * Add 2on2 mode! * Fatigue rate option for line changes * Add season mode * Increase replay length / make it option * Player card photos for all players * Separate button for poke check and switch player That's all I could think about for now.
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    Ladies and Gentleman I would like to introduce to you Amory Wong!
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    He was the lead programmer for the SNES version