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    I actually could go for this in the PRL, season 4. Did you know until the 1955-56 season scoring a goal on the Power play did not let the guy out of the box, so you could literally score 3-4 goals on a single Power Play. AND, The Canadiens did. The rule was changed and known as the Beliveau Rule.. Maybe in Season 4 we will go penalties off.
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    Please see attached spreadsheet. As you can see there were plenty of groups missing. I'm so mad at myself as I really thought I had grabbed all the scores. Apologies as they are loosely put in there and not in order of when they were played. Kingof94-2-scores.xlsx Sega Playoffs SNES playoffs SEGA - Group A SEGA - Group B SEGA - Group C SEGA - Group D SNES - Group E SNES - Group F SNES - Group G SNES - Group H
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    cant believe you didnt know the pause and flick up and down was to signal nice goal brutus after all this time, thats hilarious. But I can understand, as I remember yearsss ago when i first started i asked raph if theres some sort of a morse code meaning to the pausing and flicking people do, so it wasnt intuitive to me either at first. Im surprised so many people find it annoying. Ive always felt respected when people give me the flick. Occasionally a player will pause and flick out of rage, usually they pause and immediately go into the replay and then immediately spam C and start or just double start to unpause. But interesting ideas about it quieting the crowd, never really thought about that. As much as I like the flick, maybe we should put a soft ban on it for league games or something. This is why we need ingame chat like snes gahhhhh
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    If someone swapped the keys on your keyboard, it would take you a while to adjust to it. You would hit the wrong key many times before finally getting used to it. Now imagine the trouble if you constantly went back and forth between the original keyboard and the modified one.
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    I’m gonna get this system which is handheld. I’m a truck driver so gives me something to do while I’m waiting for loads.
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    I'm with evan...I'd love to know more about this.
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    Indeed, Mikey. I have received this report from the future... US president Donald Trump holds an impromptu summit with all word leaders with the help of holographic Abe Lincoln to determine how to contain Pixelated Heroes pandemonium from causing worldwide hysteria and stampedes. People around the world eagerly wait for the clock to strike 12:00 AM to get their copies of Pixelated Heroes. Everyone at the summit surely feels the tremendous gravity of the situation, and is moved to tears.Suddenly, Kim Jong-un appears on the main-monitor, crying and apologizing profusely for then pain and suffering he has caused. He states that only now, after the release of Pixelated Heroes, has he seen the folly of his ways and the suffering of his people. The room erupts with applause and cheers, and every world leader unanimously agrees that this day be made officially as, 'worldwide NHL'94-Pixelated-Heroes Day'. It's a new festive holiday where everyone is encouraged to play NHL'94 as a sign of world peace and solidarity. The new rules of the holiday are written on a scroll with an ink quill and signed by every world leader. It's put over a candle to give it those burn marks that make it look like an older document than it actually is. Then, it's rolled up and shot through a pneumatic tube, where it is sent directly to replace the constitution at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Meanwhile, broadcasts are interrupted all over the globe, informing all citizens to go home and be with their families to enjoy the new holiday: NHL'94-Pixelated-Heroes Day. Gabe Newell announces Half-Life 3, and in the same breath states that Gordon Freeman will be replaced by Mikey McBryan. Reviews are pouring in as 10's all across the board, it's hailed as a master stroke of pure genius by all media; small and large. Local news to national 24-hour networks are wall-to-wall Pixelated Heroes coverage around the clock. Bill O'reilly renames the 'O'reilly Factor' to the 'McBryan Factor' for NHL'94-Pixelated-Heroes Day. Haters and NHL'95 fans have taken to self-flagellation with controller cables. The Pope offers the papacy to Mikey at the Vatican, but he graciously declines as he addresses the throngs of people who wait for his words. He states, only, "Thank you for making Pixelated Heroes possible. Thank you all." The crowds watching from around the world in stadiums and pubs, in public squares and homes are raucous and jubilant. Mikey hops into his red, F355 Ferrari, but it has no wheels at all. Somehow finding the time while developing Pixelated Heroes, Mikey has created the worlds first, fully modified hover-Ferrari. He winks, puts on his sunglasses, and turns the stereo to the opening theme of NHL'94. Then he turns the key and the car gradually takes flight and soars into the sky. Subsequently, Elon Musk purchases the hover-Ferrari technology from Mikey for his Tesla factories. Mikey uses this massive windfall to purchase EA, using an unlimited budget for an NHL'94 remake.
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    Awesome. My favorite player back in the day!
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    Hell yea I'd love to be interviewed, give my opinion, etc. I have love this whole EA series since 92 came out when I was 9 years old and I am 31 now. I am in my 2nd year on the forum and can't get enough