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    Please Read Carefully! Season 4 is the ALL IN Season! We will have been through all 24 NHL 94 Teams. After Season 4 ALL rosters will reset. No one will have the rights to any players. The Draft Pool will consist of: NHL 94 Smythe Division Teams (CGY, EDM, LA, SJ, VAN, WPG) Teams from my 1966 Rom All returning B coaches may keep 2 players from any of their previous seasons. Chef, Flat, Jer, Aqua, and Coach YES, Aqua can bring Mario back or Jer can reclaim Mogs. All returning A coaches (except for those who have won a Bailey Bobble) may keep 1 player from any of their previous seasons. Currently KingRaph would be the only one without a returning player. Lupz, Tex, Ice, Brutus Atomic will be an Expansion Team without any keepers. Expansion is tough in the PRL. But we will help him a little in the draft. (see below) The Draft will have a twist to it. In Round 1 only the order will be determined by LOTTERY! From Round 2 on we will follow an order based on results from Season 1,2, and 3. Atomic will get the first pick in round 2-9. The PRL has been in negotiations with 1966 Bobby Hull. He is one of the greatest pixelated hockey players of all time. 7 WT. 5/5 Shot, 5/5 Skate, 6 Stick and Awareness. In order keep Bobby from jumping directly to the VHL, the PRL has made some concessions. Bobby has made it clear he does not want to play for some yahoo "B" Coach or an "A" Coach who could only win 1 game last season. He would really like to be in Chicago where he has some great memories and more importantly he could party with Brutus. He would also be happy to play for talented coaches in New York and Detroit. Montreal would be OK, if they kept his son Brett, though they don't get along that well and Bobby doesn't speak French. Obviously, the PRL wants all teams to have the opportunity to land Bobby. The agreement that the PRL has come to with Bobby is this: 1. There will be a Drunk Brutus Draft Lottery Video. (Pending Brutus Approval). 2. All 11 teams will be eligible for the first pick. 3. Teams will get 0-4 Balls in the basket. Each Ball cost $5. 4. All proceeds raised by the Draft will go to @chaos for the awesome work he does setting up the stats for us.
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    I knew I'd get a book out of Plabs on that one!! Seriously, there is a video of Plabs vs someone in some finals using CB and it's obvious the other guy doesn't know WTF is going on. I think it's Frey, but I'm old and my memory is not what it is. Still, one of those titles comes with an asterisk in my book. Online, dudes definitely use any edge to win. I've often enjoyed taunting the kid for it, and shortly after I did, the lag spikes vs him stopped Not sure if he ever did when he was way more competitive/ jonesing for titles or not. Clearly, not at the end. That said, I've never been half as good as him, and he clearly drafted a lower ranked team and also never tried to create a super team. Big kudos for his work on finding CB, big kudos for setting up Plablegs and the non-penalty league. I've never held his jockstrap in this game. He still puts up the WORST WORST WORST arguments on any forum I've read. Horrible logic pattern in that head.
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    Anything to make solo play more fun is awesome! I would love to see more of this and the stuff a couple of the new guys are doing. My 1980 Olympic Rom is also really fun solo, Try and recreate the Miracle with a bunch of 60 rated American College Kids against the Fully Juiced 120 rated Soviets! Or you Canucks could try for your own. All the other countries are 60 rated as well, except for West Germany who is 40. Go for the ultimate challenge and see if you can win Gold with West Germany. Does your rom use fart noises for the goal music?
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    You've got great splash screens Coach, each one unique and really well done.
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    When will pixelated hero's be available? sd
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    You had to cheese him as the Kings vs the Sharks smh
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    Why is Shawn Chambers 0 overall in NHL93?
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    I do not know if I count. I live in Indonesia now. I grew up in the USA, and played NHL 94 all the time when I was in HS/ college. I tried to get my Genesis/ NHL 94 set up out here, and fried the AC adaptor. So, I just play EA NHL 16 on PS4, as the AC Adaptor just works without any fire risk. Out here, no one plays NHL 94. I will host some NHL 17 tournaments on occasion at work, but those are just a couple times per year (just started in April/ May last year, and will continue this year).