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    Would love some of the new guys to update this thread with how they got their forum names. Update on my name. I originally mentioned Brutus was an old D&D name of mine, but HOW it got combined with Khan went like so... When my ex was pregnant with my oldest son, she had some really odd, queer names she was dead set on, none of which I was going to have my boy wearing. She refused to negotiate and pick a name we both liked. So, in an argument one day, I said, F-it. I want to name my kid Ghenghis Khan. She laughed, not taking my name threat serious. Said it sounded like a venereal disease, even if it once belonged to a ruthless leader. So, I countered with, "Ok, then I want Brutus Khan!" She could instantly see the light in my eyes, and how much I liked this name. Suddenly, agreeing on a name was no longer important to me. I had something to TORMENT her with! (Yeah, I know I'm sick in the head.) Every time for the next 3 months it came up, I would boom out, "BRUTUS KHAN", and leave the room followed by screams of torment. At the end, she ends up having to be put under for a C section, emergency delivery, kid's lucky to come out alive ordeals. She is still out hours later, and I'm holding my son with the mother-in-law sitting across the hospital room. In walks the nurse with the birth certificate, and asks me to fill it out. As I'm putting the ink from the pen onto the paper, I look up across the room with a devilish smile at my mother-in-law, who is all to aware of my arguments with her daughter. She let's out a blood curdling "NOOOOOO!" and flies across the room, only to find out I'm not as sick in the head as I was leading on to be. Needless to say, from that day forward, everything I logged into became Brutus Khan.
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    why do you have to be so... ...cagey, man?