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    Incredible Series with @aqualizard last night for the Teddy Bear Cup. Easily the most fun I have ever had playing NHL 94. LA (Aqua) took the first 2 games in Minnesota. Both games were tight checking and hard fought and both were 3-2 victories for the Kings. Down 0-2 the scene shifted to LA. Minnesota made a major shake up in their line-up. Dino moved from Center to LW, Shanahan was inserted into the line-up at Center, and Larmer remained at RW. Ruutu went to the bench and Bourque and Moose Vasko switched sides. It paid huge dividends as the NorthStars got a dominating 5-1 victory. Those dividends were short lived as LA responded with 7-3 shellacking in Game 4 and a commanding 3-1 lead. Down 1-3 Dino Ciccarelli took to Discord and posted what was happening and also guaranteed a North Stars Victory in Game 5. (not kidding) Aqua had come back from down 0-3 to Jer in the previous series, so I thought maybe put some pressure on him not to turn around and blow a big lead. And, I am not kidding Dino delivered with a HAT TRICK and a 4-3 victory. I also shifted my line-up again moving Larmer to Center, Shanahan on RW, and Dino still on the Left. Best Game of my life. The only down side was Steve Larmer's GWG came when Aqua and I's connection had gone screwy for like the last 2 minutes of the game. Not really a lag spike, just had been screwy (really fast) for like 1 minute. So now the series is 3-2 LA going back to the Great Western Forum and game 6 and a chance for Aqua to win the Teddy Bear in front of the Home fans. In a huge back and forth game. 1-0 (MIN), 2-1 (LA), 4-2 (MIN), and finally (4-4) at the end of Regulation. Bobby Hull scored with 1:37 to play to tie it for Aqua. Then Steve Larmer wins it at 1:51 of OT. The Crowd went silent in the Forum as the teams were headed back to Minnesota for GAME 7. NEW BEST GAME OF MY LIFE. GAME 7 in Minnesota all the Pressure is on Aqua and LA. I can feel him shaking. He is in his second straight Game 7. After coming back from down 0-3, could he really blow a 3-1 lead? to CoachMac of all people? The Northstars come out buzzing and quickly jump out to 2-0 lead. I can feel it. I've got my sword drawn and i am ready to finish him. I am dominating play. then with 10 seconds left in the first period Brian Bradley scores to make it 2-1. LA score 2 more in the second and leads 3-2 going to third. again I feel like I am dominating play in the third, but Aqua is making great saves with League Cover Boy Johnny Bower. With 1:23 to play Brian Bradley scores again (actually had a Hat trick) to make 4-2. I pull my goalie but just can't finish and Aqua and the Kings prevail for the Teddy Bear Cup. VGG's, Congratulations to Aqualizard! Total GF/GA 25-23 Aqua was 23-21 vs Jer Huge playoff for the Lizard Man to Game 7 Road Wins Total GF/GA 48-44 I am already sorry that we are not starting Season 4 today. This is what I want. We played this entire Playoff in less than a week. The whole season in about 2.5 weeks. 3 Seasons in about 75 days. The format made for a very balanced fun competitive league. Fast, Fun, Lots of drafting, Lots of Playing, Lots of Playoffs, Trophies. 100% completion in 2 Seasons. 1 guy away from 100% in the Final season. Huge Thanks to everyone who played in the PRL and @chaos PRL WILL BE BACK! Read about the Rematch in Classic Playoffs.
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    Seeing how I've grown to become disinterested with the recent NHL outings from EA Sports ("It's Still the Same!"), I had the itch to go back to what I perceive to be the second funnest hockey gaming experience I had next to NHL '94 (on the Sega Genesis of course). I got both NHL '96 and NHL 2002 running on Windows 10, and now I'm in search of any add-ons that may be available for any of the NHL PC games from 1996-2002. Luckily we had an awesome forum member archive a ton of great NHL '95 PC files, so I was hoping that maybe someone out there archived and saved some of the great add-on files that were available to us back in the glory days of hockey gaming on the PC. Funny enough, I actually used to do very detailed NHL rosters dating back to NHL '95 and I eventually wound up with a job in the industry thanks to my attention to detail . If you guys ever had the chance to enjoy the NHL 2K games and appreciated the classic rosters, that was my work You may notice a slight slant in teams that covered the NHL '94 era of teams, and that wasn't any coincidence! I'm hoping there's some underground network of NHL PC gamers who are still lurking out there...
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    So many short seasons lately, a little longer season would be nice.
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    Adding CPU controlled teams for the draft would dilute the talent, but it will take away some players that people want to draft.
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    I actually just found it! Believe it or not, I feel like I accomplished something ! Thank you for your patience and help.