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    Anyone who can beat me is, for that moment in time, for all intents and purposes, the best in the world. Haha JK of course. Seriously though, given the talent in Vegas, I completely agree Jamil IS best in the world. Yes, he beat me, and he beat Annatar 2-0 in best of three. He also won a tourney that included Dangler, AngryJay, Stheds2000, KingRaph, the90Jacket, tylerdeanhill, Halifax, Chaos (sorry I know I'm forgetting someone). He did it all in a high pressure situation, with the whole NHL 94 community watching.
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    #1 King of 94 is awesome. #2 Very little drinking. #3 The hanging out together is great. #4 It is the Premier Event/Title you can win in 94. #5 It is kinda like a 12 year old birthday party (which is awesome) #6 What format would you propose for people traveling from all over the USA and Canada. #7 I would love to see you come to one as you are obviously one of the best players in the World. (For what that is worth)
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    When it comes to playing NHL 94, there's nothing more "real" than a live tournament with real money and bragging rights at stake.
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    How does winning a corny SNES tournament, beating Bob Kudelski and beating JeffBC make you the best player in the world? I don't believe this guy is the best player in the world.