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    Hello everybody, I edited a version called "NHL 1990", based on the 1989-90 deadline rosters. Why 1990? Because it's the season of an underestimated acomplishment in my opinion. Edmonton winning without Gretzky, I mean, wow, that was something. And also because there was always a gap between some awesome productions, like these of clockwise, NHL 1991, and these of slapshot, from 1970 till 1989. UPDATE: new rom, some improvements on the rosters and photos, BOS vs EDM as main teams in the menu, player cards for starters from clockwise's NHL 1991. 2ND UPDATE: corrected introducting screen, thanks to @Jkline3. NHL1990.bin
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    i understand where you are coming from, but I think tru makes a good point. The runner-up list excludes people that aren't a part of a select list. Look how halifax deliberately didn't put me on the list (again). With AJ and kingraph having bud of the year awards, I would definitely have one too if my reputation weren't tainted.
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    kingraph - I know I'm late to the party, but this is incredible! Very strong work. My buddies and I have been waiting for a long time for a '95 ROM. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work! As Tyson would say, NICE!!! JJ
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    Hey BK, Ya, I bought both Nibbler and Nintendo Quest the days they came out seen each a few times. Also "Atari Game Over", "Indie Game" "Indie Game Afterlife" and even the 6 hour Smash Bros online doc lol (There are a handful of others as well). The Hockey Docs are amazing as well "The Last Gladiators", "Red Army" and "Boys on the Bus". Also, side note check out "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake" LOVED IT. By far the best is King of Kong, having two awesome characters and interaction between Billy and Steve was priceless. The reason I believe King of Kong was so good is because it was more than a video game movie it was a story of an underdog trying to prove himself and that's why it had a broader audience. Donkey Kong was more of a plot device than the topic. I will be going in a little bit of another direction with PH then the above movies but I'll use the elements I enjoyed from each.
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    Or just leave it out entirely.
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    Flat trades Brian Bradley and Ray Bourque to Brutus for Sir-Gay Federov and Dave Manson. Yes I realize I just put the best shot into Sir Slapper's hands. I am sorry. **confirmed by Brutus**
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    i tried copying the hex code from 93 and put it in 94 to see what would happen, but i dont know how to correct the checksum