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    Also, your TV may not be able to accept over 30 Hz. Some "60 Hz" or "120 Hz" TVs don't actually accept high frame rates, they do frame interpolation instead. If you TV is doing that, you should turn that feature off and use 'game mode' since the interpolation creates lag.
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    For the frame rate, you may need to go into the Windows resolution settings and find the refresh rate setting. For the black bars.. Is it mirroring your laptop's screen, or acting like a 2nd monitor? If it's mirroring, then your laptop is probably not HD and so your TV is only showing 1366x768 or whatever your laptop is. In that case, you can either A. use the Zoom or Aspect setting on your TV to zoom in or B. go into the resolution settings in Windows and switch things so the TV is acting as a 2nd monitor, not mirroring the laptop, and then you can set the resolution to the TV's resolution.
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    SNES Playoffs Due to lack of teams that cleared the 20 GP mark, I decided not to deduct points from games not played, and chose to take the top 8 teams in GP and seed them by Win %. 1 - BlackDevil19 (PIT) vs. 8 - schwartz (HFD) 2 - kingraph (CHI) vs. 7 - stheds2000 (WPG) 3 - BobKudelski26 (NJ) vs. 6 - annatar (NYR) 4 - c4outlaws (WSH) vs. 5 - chaos (CGY) Best of 7 series with a 2, 2, 1, 1, 1 format with the higher seed having home ice. You can PM me here or in Discord if there are any questions. Round 1 deadline is Friday, Jan 5th.
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    that's almost a full 30 team rom if you include gold medal czech team and khl team as well as some all star teams
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    nhl94 jagr rom .....all the teams he's ever played on vs each other!
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    and when a 18- or 19-year-old model tried to blackmail him by threatening to release a selfie she took with him assed-out behind her, he was like "your boyfriend wont like it, but I can't seem to care." she released the photo. he didn't care.